10 Productivity Hacks For Work-From-Home Professionals

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph July 21, 2023
Updated 2023/07/23 at 10:21 AM
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When you choose to work remotely, the major advantage is the added flexibility. However, if not managed properly, this advantage can often become a missed chance. Bearing this in mind, we present you with a few crucial tips for working from home that you can readily implement.

According to popular belief, working from home can serve as a litmus test for your productivity, as many individuals think that efficiency may decline due to the comfort that remote work offers.

Here are 10 suggestions to assist employees who work remotely in maintaining productivity despite the simultaneous responsibilities of their work and personal lives.

These tips will help you effectively manage your tasks, meet deadlines, and maintain a work-life balance while operating from the comfort of your home.

10 Productivity Hacks For Work-From-Home Professionals

Establish A Routine With Your Family:

There might be occasions when your school-aged children are present at home during the weekdays. For parents who have to work while their children are around, it can be even more challenging to maintain productivity.

If you find yourself in this situation, it is crucial to establish a well-defined schedule for the entire family. Think about how you can coordinate your routines to accommodate the need for child care.

For instance, one spouse could work in the morning while the other takes on a later shift, ensuring someone is available to look after the kids. Alternatively, you may consider waking up an hour earlier to capitalize on the quiet atmosphere at home and use that time to accomplish more work.

This approach could alleviate some of your workload later in the day.

Choose A Personal Workspace:

While it may be tempting to work from the comfort of your bed or couch, it is advisable to establish a more formal setup. Consider creating a makeshift workspace in your dining room or utilizing a designated desk or office space within your home. It is preferable for your workspace to have a door, allowing you to eliminate distractions.

Additionally, ensure that it is well-equipped with necessary supplies and equipment such as a computer, printer, paper, headphones, and so on, within easy reach. By avoiding the need to repeatedly get up and retrieve items, you can maximize your productivity.

Enjoy Breaks:

To maximize productivity, it’s essential to recognize that your work endurance has limits. To enhance efficiency, it’s advisable to incorporate regular breaks into your routine, allowing your mind and body to replenish their energy. Take a few moments every hour or so to stand up, replenish your water, or engage in activities like petting your dog.

Additionally, it’s beneficial to take extended breaks throughout the day to socialize with others. Dedicate around 20 minutes to play with your children, take a stroll with your partner or pet, or have conversations with your parents to inquire about their well-being. By temporarily shifting your focus away from work, you can effectively recharge yourself.

Get Rid Of The Electronic Distractions:

You likely don’t frequently check social media while at work, but it’s more acceptable to do so when you’re at home. Unfortunately, it’s effortless to get engrossed and waste a significant amount of work time by simply glancing at the comments on a post.

To prevent these digital distractions from overpowering you, take measures to eliminate them completely. Remove social media platforms from your bookmarked websites and log out of all your accounts.

Disable any alerts or notifications and keep your phone in a different room while you’re focusing on work. Reserve social media apps for the evening, once you’ve finished your work for the day.

Schedule Email Checking Times:

If your job doesn’t demand constant access to email, set specific intervals for checking it. Having your inbox constantly open and visible can be distracting, pulling you away from your current task, disrupting your concentration, and prolonging the time needed to complete your tasks. Handling emails in designated periods might be a more effective way to manage them.

Create A Daily To-Do List:

Ensure personal responsibility by maintaining a daily list of tasks. When concluding your workday, make a note of the tasks you need to accomplish the following day, specifying the required completion time. Additionally, include any scheduled meetings or phone calls.

The objective is to refer to this list promptly when you start your work the next morning, aiding you in commencing on a positive note.

Multitask As Much As You Can:

When working from home, you will have additional responsibilities to handle during the day. These may include tasks like taking care of your dog, doing the dishes, and doing laundry. To efficiently manage these tasks, look for opportunities to multitask whenever possible.

For example, if you need to get up and get more coffee, you can activate the automatic vacuum cleaner on your way. When you go to the kitchen, start a load of laundry before you return to work. It’s beneficial to tackle smaller tasks whenever you have the chance.

Try Prepping Meals:

There are no longer any vending machines conveniently located nearby, and the option of simply stepping out for a quick lunch with colleagues is no longer available. When working remotely, the responsibility of mealtime may fall on your shoulders, as well as those of your children and spouse.

A practical solution to prevent cooking from becoming burdensome is to engage in meal prepping. On Sundays, prepare a few meals in large quantities and divide them into food storage containers. This approach eliminates the need to interrupt your work and cook meals on demand throughout the week.

It is particularly beneficial when multiple individuals reside in the same household, as every one may not feel hungry at the same time. By doing this, individuals have the flexibility to eat when they are ready, offering a range of options.

Ideally, Have Office Hours:

If your employer permits, establish dedicated time slots during which you will be accessible via phone, email, or online while working. It is crucial to prioritize completing your professional tasks, but it is equally important to allocate time for unwinding, spending quality moments with loved ones, and simply relaxing. Ensure that you establish sensible limits in both your professional and personal life.


Although there are difficulties associated with remote work, implementing a structured timetable, communicating clear boundaries with your family members, and minimizing diversions can alleviate the strain.

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