Mastering Your Smartphone’s Battery Life: 12 Hacks to prolong your smartphone’s battery

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph July 22, 2023
Updated 2023/07/26 at 8:40 AM
increasing your battery life
increasing your battery life

In our technology-driven world, smartphones have become indispensable tools for communication, productivity, and entertainment.

However, a common challenge faced by smartphone users is the limited battery life.

increasing your battery life

This article unveils a collection of expert tech hacks to optimize your smartphone’s battery performance, empowering users to stay connected and productive throughout the day.

By implementing these efficient strategies, individuals can make the most of their smartphones while conserving battery life for essential tasks.


What makes smartphone’s battery get weak

Use of software and apps

Phones have applications that might drain the battery as well, which is why they occasionally appear on your phone to optimize the battery as well as list the apps that drain the power. You may easily uninstall those applications if they’re not necessary in order to extend the life of your battery.

Some improperly configured background tasks and programs can significantly drain the battery, necessitating more frequent recharges and hastening battery aging.


As a phone becomes older, its battery life decreases. Phone age, yes. So when you have a phone, utilize it wisely and for as long as possible.

Even with regular maintenance and usage, cellphones’ batteries inherently lose capacity over time.


Even while you may believe you are attempting to assist your phone if you use it while it is charging or keep it topped off, you are really shortening its lifespan.
Even after the battery level on your smartphone reaches 100%, continuing to charge it might strain the battery and cause it to degrade over time.

Quick Charging

Fast charging is practical, but it can also produce more heat and put the battery under more stress, thus hastening its deterioration.

Battery Cycles

The battery in your smartphone goes through a charge cycle each time you charge and drain it. The battery’s capacity to keep a charge rapidly declines as the number of charge cycles rises.


Keep your battery away from heat since doing so might weaken it.
An iPhone battery might degrade faster when exposed to extreme temperatures, whether from the outdoors or through heavy use. The capacity of the battery may be permanently damaged as a result of heat-induced chemical processes that happen more quickly.

Degradation Chemical

Naturally, you shouldn’t expect your batteries to last longer than 7 years and continue to function as they did on the day you originally purchased the phone.
Smartphones frequently employ lithium-ion batteries, which naturally deteriorate over time as a result of chemical processes that take place inside the battery during charge and discharge cycles.

The battery’s total capacity and performance are decreased by this deterioration.


12 Hacks to prolong your smartphone’s battery

Managing Background Apps and Notifications

Disabling unnecessary background apps and restricting notifications can significantly reduce battery drain. This hack ensures that only essential apps run in the background, preserving battery power for crucial functions.

In our smartphones, we notice that they are applications that unnecessarily pop up at the background as well as series of notification we didn’t subscribe for even subscribe for without knowing, all you have to do is to check and disable all those notifications and apps as this will help your batteries life to be extended.


Adjusting Screen Brightness and Timeout

Dimming the screen brightness and setting a shorter screen timeout length extend battery life by reducing power consumption during screen usage.

Do you notice that the more you increase your phone brightness, the more it becomes hot. It shows the battery is doing as much as it can to hold it and with this, the battery life gets reduces and start reducing the percentage of your battery faster.

It is best you dim the brightness as this will help your battery stay longer and even stronger.


Utilizing Battery Saver Mode

Utilizing battery saver is very necessary and helpful. You notice that the phone won’t hang as it used to.

Enabling battery saver mode automatically adjusts phone settings to conserve power. This feature limits background activity, reduces screen brightness, and optimizes performance when the battery is running low.


Turn off wifi and location

With each new ping you get from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data, your battery life is depleted. Open the pull-down shade on your phone, then hit the Airplane mode button to quickly save some power. Your phone will immediately be disconnected from all of these services and some juice will be saved.

While location services may let you to use Google Maps for navigation, the constant background GPS pings can quickly drain a battery. To prevent Google from tracking you, go to Settings > Location and switch off all location services.


Using Dark Mode

If you check your phone, the is a place you can turn on dark mode to help you sustain your battery life.

For devices with OLED or AMOLED screens, utilizing dark mode can reduce power consumption as dark pixels consume less energy compared to bright ones.


Clearing Cache and Unnecessary Data

Try as much as you can to always clear some data, old video, things you no more need to create space in your phone as this will help your phone breath well without hanging and it will maximize your battery life as well.

Regularly clearing app cache and unnecessary data helps optimize smartphone performance and extends battery life.


Updating Apps and Operating System

In phones, they are cases where you are asked to update some apps, when you see this notification, please do well to adhere to it. This will help your devices get to date, reduces lots of old junks and help maximize your battery life.

Keeping apps and the operating system up to date ensures optimal performance and may include battery-saving optimizations.


Reducing Screen Resolution

Lowering the screen resolution can reduce the strain on the GPU, leading to improved battery efficiency.


Keep your smartphone cool

Have you noticed that constant use of your phone throughout a whole day, make it hot, thereby reducing the battery span of your phone. Try reducing the amount of time you spend with your phone.

Batteries also function better in a reasonably cool environment, so don’t leave your smartphones under direct sunlight or in any place that is hot.


Force quitting some apps

They are people who are not patient enough to wait for their phones to load a particular app, so they try to quit the app forcefully.

Your battery life is not increased by forcing applications to close. To reopen and load previously closed apps, your phone really uses more battery life. Really, you should only force-quit an app if it crashes or becomes unresponsive.


Don’t let your phone drain till zero

They are people who use their phone even when the phone shows a notification that it is low. Avoid letting your phone’s battery run all the way down to zero percent.

Most smartphones use lithium-based batteries, which are designed to be charged early and often, and letting them get too low can actually damage the longevity of the battery.

Constant letting it off by its own reduces the span life of your battery.


Embrace your ringtones

For some reason, keeping your phone on vibrate is cool, especially if you are at work, in church or a meeting and you wouldn’t want to disturb other when your phone rings, but that function uses additional battery power.

Opt for a ringtone and just keep it at a low volume. This will maximize your battery and extend it life span.


Buy a Portable Battery or Case

If you know you use your phone more especially for business or other things, you can opt for buying a portable power bank to help you charge your phone when it low, with this, your phone will not go off on it on. This will extend the battery span of your phone.



Optimizing battery life is essential for ongoing work and smooth communication as smartphones continue to play a significant part in our everyday lives. Users may strike a balance between keeping connected and conserving battery life by implementing these professional tech tricks. Smartphone users may improve battery efficiency while utilizing the full capabilities of their devices by adopting efficient habits, including controlling background apps, turning on battery saver mode, and setting app refresh intervals.

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