12 Makeup Essentials Every Woman Should Have: A Guide to Building a Versatile Collection

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph July 17, 2023
Updated 2023/07/26 at 9:24 PM
makeup essential for every woman
makeup essential for every woman

Creating a well-rounded makeup collection is an essential step for any woman who wants to enhance her natural beauty and express her personal style.

makeup essential for every woman

In this guide, we will explore the must-have makeup essentials that form the foundation of a versatile and functional collection.

From complexion basics to eye-enhancing products and finishing touches, these essentials will help you achieve a variety of looks, from natural and every day to glamorous and special occasions.


12 Makeup Essentials Every Woman Should Have


A true must for cosmetics. You may instantly appear more alert and youthful by using mascara and a decent lash curler. It helps to brighten your lashes and open up those eyes. I would recommend you go for Essence lash princess mascara. It cost about #3, 882 on CaretoBeauty.


Defining Eye Shadow

Choose a medium neutral tone like warm brown or charcoal gray for a somewhat more defined shadow. To enhance depth, sweep the shadow in the area directly below the brow bone in the crease of the eye. I would recommend you go for W7 Makeup metro rose and it cost about #12, 550 on CaretoBeauty.



It makes you look relaxed.

It should be used very sparingly on the high planes of your face, where the sun would naturally hit you. This will make it look the most realistic. I recommend you go for Rimmel powder natural bronzer. It cost about $3.97 on Amazon.


Eye Liner

Use a dark brown or black pencil to draw a thin line that defines and accentuates your eyes, or use your deeper eye shadow colour as a liner along the lashes. I would recommend you go for Revlon color stay pencil eyeliner and it cost about $11.38 on Amazon.


Blush Brush

This brush is a bit smaller than your big powder brush and is the right size for dabbing the cheeks with color and blending along the cheekbones. You can opt for E.L.F Flawless face brush, it is one of the best and it cost about $4.19 on Amazon.


Eye Shadow Brush

A basic beginner’s makeup kit should include an all-over eye shadow brush that gets your entire lid covered in one swipe. I would recommend you go for MSQ Eye makeup brushes and it cost about $8.99 on Amazon.


Eye Liner Brush

A small, flat, angled brush can be used to line the eyes or add a bit of brow powder to lackluster eyebrows. You can opt for Jassins ultra-thin eyeliner, and it cost about $4.99 on Amazon.



To remove any stray hairs around your brows that appear in-between brow visits, keep tweezers in your cosmetics bag. You can opt for Pefei tweezers. It cost about $9.99 on Amazon.


Face Primer

This is necessary in makeup routine.

The primary function of a face primer is to maintain flawless skin and long-lasting makeup.

There is a primer for every skin type, whether you’re looking for something to hydrate, even out uneven texture, regulate oil and/or acne, or color correct. I recommend you go for e.l.f face primer and it cost about $7.49 on Amazon.



It will hide dark circles and the occasional blemish.  The Maybeline concealer is one of the best ones on the market.  It is smooth, looks natural and brightens your under eye area. It also works great on blemishes. I recommend you go for one of the best which is the Maybeline concealer. It cost about $8.80 on Amazon.


Lip Gloss

Use lip gloss when you’re in a rush, don’t have access to a mirror, or when the rest of your look is more dramatic and calls for a subtler lip. It keeps the lips shiny. You can opt for Ellen Tracy lip gloss. It cost about $11.99 on Amazon.



There is undoubtedly a lipstick out there that will suit your preferences, whether you like a liquid or bullet formula or a glossy, satin, or matte finish.

Beginners should start with a lip color that is similar to their natural lip color since it is the simplest to apply and remove. I recommend you go for Bestland matte lipstick and it cost about $11.99 on Amazon.

The Reason why every lady must have some essential makeup

Enhanced Confidence: Using makeup to emphasize a woman’s greatest feature and give her a professional appearance may increase confidence. Self-esteem and general self-confidence may both be positively impacted by feeling good about one’s looks.

Even minimal makeup is plenty for many women, many of whom do acknowledge that wearing makeup makes them feel more confident.


Versatility for Different circumstances: Essential makeup items are versatile enough to produce a range of looks appropriate for different circumstances, from everyday and natural to glam and special events.


Professional and Polished Appearance: When used in professional situations, cosmetics may help create a polished and well-groomed appearance that will make a good impression on clients and coworkers.


Expression of Uniqueness: Makeup provides a creative outlet for individuality. Women are given the freedom to experiment with various hues, fashions, and trends to express their individual personalities and tastes.


Concealment and Camouflage: Makeup may successfully conceal dark circles, blemishes, and other flaws to produce a complexion that is more even and faultless.


Highlighting Best Features: Women may attract emphasis to their inherent beauty by using cosmetics to call focus to their best features, such as their eyes, cheekbones, or lips. Makeup can’t actually alter the way your face looks in its entirety or change who you are totally. It could only be effective for highlighting your features.


Age-Defying Effects: I think we can all agree that cosmetics may alter your appearance to some extent, and some individuals use it for this very purpose. Makeup is a common way for teenage girls or girls with baby faces to appear more mature and older.

Certain cosmetic methods, such as applying highlighter to impart a faint glow or lip color to enhance lip fullness, can give the look of young.

Just as makeup may make you seem older, it also has the remarkable potential to make you look younger. This is especially true if you are aware of the beauty tips and tactics that can help you look younger.


Artistic Expression: For those with a creative streak, cosmetics may be an artistic medium that allows for experimentation with hues, textures, and application methods.
Applying necessary makeup as part of a woman’s self-care routine might make her feel more put together and prepared to face the day.


Relaxation and Enjoyment: Makeup is a type of art, and like many other forms of art, it is a lot of fun. Using makeup, you may experiment with different appearances, become someone entirely different, or even just look significantly different from the day before.

Many women find applying cosmetics to be a joyful and soothing hobby that provides opportunities for pampering and time for personal delight.

Social and Bonding Potential: A common interest in beauty may lead to chances for friendship, product testing, and makeup advice sharing.


Photogenic Appearance: When used for special occasions or photos, cosmetics may draw attention to certain traits and provide the wearer a more photogenic appearance, ensuring that lovely memories are captured.


Part of Cultural and Social Norms: In certain cultures or social contexts, wearing makeup is seen as a regular practice, which helps members of the community feel like they fit in and conform.



Women are empowered to accentuate their inherent beauty and express their own style by amassing a collection of cosmetic items. They may create a variety of appearances for every occasion by adding these essentials into their daily practice. Remember that makeup should be a means of enhancing your self-expression and self-assurance, so feel free to explore and try out various items and applications to see what suits you the best.

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