14 Reasons To Use Travel Agents

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph April 19, 2023
Updated 2023/04/19 at 5:55 PM
14 Reason to use A travel agents

In today’s era of online travel booking websites, the idea of seeking assistance from a travel agent might seem outdated.

However, travel agents offer more than just selling packages to popular destinations like Disney World and cruises.

They possess the expertise and provide various services that are not available online.

Furthermore, during emergencies, working with a human agent is often more advantageous.

Travel agents have a deep understanding of the industry and, provided they pay attention to your requirements, can offer you a superior travel experience compared to what you can discover online.

Travel Agents are as old as the idea of traveling itself, it will never go out of style especially if you are looking forward to having a fun and memorable trip or family vacation.

Despite the rise in online booking sites and technology-driven airlines, we have thoroughly researched the top fourteen reasons you may still want to consider using a travel agent for your next trip:

 Top Fourteen Reasons To Use A Travel Agent


Travel agents possess a range of tools that are either unknown or unavailable to the regular traveler.

With these tools, they can secure more comfortable seats on flights, obtain additional amenities at hotels, arrange for room upgrades, provide access to event tickets, and even plan activities on your behalf.

Travel agents have established connections with holiday providers globally.

They possess knowledge of ideal destinations, appropriate communication channels, mistakes to avoid, and the right time to act. Suppliers are currently investing considerable time in training travel agents, and this is because having the right contacts is as crucial as having knowledge.

Cost Effective:

A popular misunderstanding regarding travel agents is that they charge higher prices than if you were to book your trips independently.

However, despite not typically competing on price, using a travel agent can often be an economical choice.

They can assist in finding affordable airfares, offer savings on adventurous excursions, and obtain better hotel rates than those available on booking.com.

Top-notch travel agents have exclusive privileges that can help you save a substantial amount of money and offer a superior travel experience.

Some of these benefits include complimentary room upgrades, spa vouchers, and food and beverage credits, among others.

Additionally, travel agents can assist with securing difficult-to-obtain restaurant reservations and provide exclusive or priority access to popular tourist attractions, as well as add extra perks, which will help you get more out of your travel budget.

Did you ever wonder why the couple staying in the cabin next to yours received champagne, while you didn’t? The answer might be that they utilized a travel agent.

Save Time:

Rather than spending countless hours, days, or even weeks aimlessly browsing the internet, you can enlist the help of a professional who will conduct personalized research for you to cater to your specific travel requirements.

These experts will handle all aspects of your trip and may even provide their services free of charge.

Searching for amazing discounts on airfares, lodging, and activities for your dream vacation can be an enjoyable task, but it can also consume a lot of time.

 Although there’s no harm in conducting your own research, certain individuals may prefer to rely on professionals to assist them with some of the groundwork.

 By utilizing the services of a knowledgeable travel agent, they can frequently obtain exceptional options more efficiently.

Guaranteed Security:

In case of any mishap during your journey, you can trust the travel agent to provide assistance.

They can recommend and organize alternative travel plans, aid you in handling travel-related emergencies, and connect you with appropriate locals to fulfill your requirements.

Each vacation reserved via travel agents is completely secured by ATOL/ABTA and includes round-the-clock access to an exclusive emergency helpline.

If an unexpected situation arises during your trip, a competent travel agent will advocate for you regardless of responsibility and make an effort to get your vacation back on course.

Mutually Beneficial Relationship:

A reliable agent is comparable to a skilled mechanic; once you discover one, you’ll be unwilling to part ways with them.

Since travel expenses and time are often your most significant discretionary costs, it’s crucial to ensure they are managed appropriately.

When an agent achieves this for you, you’ll desire to keep them close as a trusted advisor for future endeavors.

By building a rapport with your travel agent, they become adept at identifying suitable travel options for you without the need for extensive communication.

 Ideally, a quick phone call or email could lead to your next vacation being planned in advance.

Dependable, Flexible Vacation Alternatives:

Amidst the uncertainty caused by the Covid pandemic, it is crucial to take into account that many airlines and accommodation providers are currently providing fully flexible options to encourage people to book.

Travel agents are also aware of this new trend and can help in securing good flexible options.

Superior Locations:

A travel agent has access to exclusive information regarding the optimal periods to visit popular places, and on occasion, they may also be aware of upcoming trendy destinations before the general public.

To be among the first visitors to such places, it is recommended to utilize the services of a travel agent.

Travel agents can utilize paid services to obtain up-to-date travel guidance, enabling them to be notified of any bookings that may be affected by changes in a country’s regulations.

Travel agents have advanced knowledge of travel bargains and can inform you promptly as soon as they become available, so you don’t have to constantly monitor them yourself. If you inform your travel agent about your future travel preferences, they can keep a watchful eye and notify you when a suitable deal arises.

Enjoy Individualized Service:

Travel agents are individuals who you may need to interact with for an extended period of time, possibly even throughout your life.

 This is because you rely on them to provide advice on how to invest a significant amount of your time and money over the years. As with any profession, there are both competent and incompetent travel agents.

However, there are still outstanding agents who provide excellent services, so it’s worthwhile to seek recommendations.

Travel agents have been a valuable resource over time, and many of them have a similar travel style, which means they can recommend trips and activities that align with your preferences.

Get Assistance Obtaining Refunds:

If you have a competent travel agent, they can assist you in receiving any refunds that you are entitled to under the law.

This has been a positive outcome for travelers who have had to deal with trip or flight cancellations, as well as unexpected issues with various aspects of their travel arrangements.

Travel agents have access to the latest information about new resorts, cruise ships, and tours, making them the pioneers of new trends in the travel industry.

By building strong relationships with their top travel partners, agents are always informed about the latest and greatest offerings available.

Therefore, if you desire to experience the most recent and exceptional travel options, agents are the ideal choice.

In the current unpredictable situation, travel restrictions are constantly changing.

If you’re prepared to travel, your travel agents can assist you in determining the necessary steps before, during, and after your journey. Your travel agent can provide you with information on acceptable mask types and whether you require a pre-travel COVID-19 test.

Additionally, your travel agent can advise you on the appropriate mask and testing times.

Same Hotel Fare:

Almost all hotels have pricing parity, which implies that whether you reserve a room yourself or through a travel agent, the cost will remain the same.

A few travel agents have websites that exhibit an identical range of hotel rooms that can be reserved in real-time.

 Customers are provided with the best of both worlds, with cutting-edge technology in a personalized environment.

This pricing parity policy is applicable to almost all travel products.

Unique Access:

Certain tours and activities can solely be accessed via a travel agent. Various businesses provide a plethora of options and want to ensure that their clients are the appropriate fit for their exclusive offerings such as unconventional tours, hiking expeditions, and private aviation services.

They Are Versatile:

Travel agents are individuals who possess a diverse range of skills and characteristics such as being humorous, approachable, and knowledgeable.

Their backgrounds are vast and varied, including professions such as professors, hotel owners, tour guides, and bus drivers.

However, they all share the same enthusiasm for providing you with valuable insights about the world. It is recommended that you make use of their services.


Using a travel agent can be highly advantageous, particularly in light of the uncertainties brought about by Covid, as it can help mitigate the increased risks and difficulties involved in travel arrangements. Choosing a travel agent seems like an obvious choice to me, given the advantages outlined above. Even if you are planning to visit friends abroad, a travel agent can still provide additional protection by creating a customized package.

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