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18-year-old Girl Wins BBC Hausa Writing Contest With Story On S*xual Violence

by Busytape
18-year-old Girl Wins BBC Hausa Writing Contest With Story On S*xual Violence

Aishatu Musa Dalil, a young Nigerian girl, has won the British Broadcasting Corporation Hausa short story contest for women with a story about a girl who was a victim of family s#xual violence.

According to a BBC Hausa Service statement, Aishatu, an 18-year-old first-year university student of English and French, won the competition with her story “Hakkina,” which translates to “My Right.”

“Hakkina depicts the story of Fatima, a young woman who is r*ped by her stepfather and is threatened by her mother to keep quiet about it.
Despite the fact that Fatima was injured during the assault, she is locked in a room.
Silencing Fatima’s daughter “not only covers for her husband, but also ‘protects’ her daughter from the stigma incurred by r*pe victims in Hausa society,” according to the BBC.

“A narrative written by Nana Aicha Hamissou Abdoulaye is the first runner-up.
It’s called ‘Butulci’ (Betrayal) and it’s about a young couple whose fresh marriage and pregnancy news are ruined by the unexpected terror of kidnapping.
The story’s title comes from the events leading up to the kidnapping and the unexpected reveal of the perpetrator.


“The second runner-up is Zulaihat Alhassan’s ‘Ramat.’
‘Ramat,’ named after the protagonist, is a respected policewoman whose spouse is also a cop.
She is embroiled in a family controversy and must choose between her lone son and her profession,” the contest’s organizers noted.

The BBC Hausa women’s short story competition was created to provide a forum for female writers to tell and share their stories.

“As the competition approaches its sixth year, it is pleasing to know that women have adopted it as an avenue to stir dialogues in the region through their writing,” Aliyu Tanko, the Hausa Service’s Editor, stated.
We’ve seen a slew of incredible writers emerge through the Hikayata competition, and this is exactly what we’ve aimed for.”


“This year, we’ve noticed a significant shift in the thematic focus of these pieces.
It is clear that women writers in northern Nigeria are becoming increasingly aware of the region’s most serious challenges.
r*pe, domestic abuse, kidnappings, and career choices are among the themes.
“This year’s characters were intended to reflect strong, assertive women,” said Dr. Hauwa Bugaje, the head judge.

In her remarks, the winner, Aishatu, said she didn’t expect to win because she was a new writer and the competition was known to draw famous writers.

On Friday, November 26, 2021, the winner and runners-up received their rewards.

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