5 Career Options With A Psychology Degree

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph July 9, 2023
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5 Career Options With A Psychology Degree

After completing a psychology degree, there are numerous career options to consider. Whether your main focus is on achieving a specific salary, having a flexible schedule, or enjoying other job benefits, there are various employment opportunities that align with your goals and personal preferences.

If earning a particular salary is your primary concern, there are plenty of psychology-related jobs that offer high wages. While certain positions may necessitate a master’s or doctoral degree or require certification, there are also opportunities available to individuals who hold only a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Due to the diverse range of psychology-related occupations, the salary figures can fluctuate depending on the level of specialization within each position. To account for this variability, we have provided some salary ranges where applicable.

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5 Career Options With A Psychology Degree


Average national hourly earnings amount to $28.12.

The role of a therapist involves aiding clients in navigating their thoughts, emotions, and choices to enhance their mental well-being and overall happiness. Although each therapist follows their unique approach, the general practice includes evaluating clients and engaging in ongoing discussions to gain deeper insights.

Therapists can specialize in various fields, including social work or marriage and family therapy.

Head Of The Psychology Program:

Various private and public institutions offer behavioural and mental health programs, which are overseen and operated by program directors. These individuals are tasked with making important decisions, recruiting staff, and developing the program’s framework. On average, program directors in this field earn approximately $61,632 annually at a national level.

Psychological Expert Also Known As Behaviour Analyst:

Behaviour analysts analyze and devise strategies to enhance or modify specific elements of human conduct. They may be employed in various settings such as hospitals, schools, correctional facilities, government agencies, and other similar institutions. They attend to a diverse range of individuals or groups, which can include individuals with brain injuries, psychiatric patients, children, and veterans. The average annual salary for behaviour analysts across the nation is approximately $72,056.


Conduct research and experiment with scientific hypotheses in order to advance our knowledge of mental health, human behaviour, and other fields within psychology. Individuals interested in this field can pursue research positions in various settings such as private companies, laboratories, or government organizations.

Aspiring researchers may start their careers as lab assistants or research aides to gain practical experience. On average, the national salary for this profession is $72,505 annually.


Psychology professors are employed in higher-level and graduate educational institutions, where their primary role involves instructing students on various aspects of psychology, such as terms, methods, and theories. They design and implement course syllabi, conduct regular classes, and oversee the distribution of assignments and projects. Additionally, they evaluate dissertations, grade papers, and design examinations. On a national level, their average annual salary ranges from $51,316 to $75,555.

Industrial Therapist:

Industrial or organizational psychologists apply their expertise in group and organizational behaviour to enhance business operations by creating training programs, optimizing processes, and enhancing various work-related aspects. The typical salary range for professionals in this field across the country is between $52,006 and $92,458 annually.

Armed Forces Psychologist:

The average salary across the country for military psychologists ranges from $31,348 to $95,635 per year. These professionals specialize in providing mental health support to veterans and current members of the military. Their responsibilities include addressing conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder and providing assessment and treatment for mental and behavioural health issues among military families.

Psychological Counseling:

A counselling psychologist conducts consultations with individuals who are in need of psychological guidance. Individuals can independently seek the assistance of counsellors or receive referrals from doctors.

Some counselling psychologists manage their own practices and determine their own working hours, while others may be employed by another practice or work in a hospital setting. The national average salary for this profession ranges from $50,178 to $95,635 per year.

Criminal Justice Psychologist:

A correctional psychologist specializes in assisting individuals who have been found guilty of a crime and their relatives. Although their primary place of work is correctional institutions such as jails and prisons, they may also provide support to individuals who have been released and are transitioning back into society. The average annual salary for this profession across the country ranges from $64,947 to $95,635.

Athletic Psychology:

Sports psychologists collaborate with athletes to tackle mental and behavioural challenges in order to optimize their performance. Their responsibilities encompass devising strategies to overcome obstacles such as low confidence or inadequate leadership skills, while also addressing more profound psychological concerns. On a national level, their annual salary typically ranges from $64,947 to $95,635.

Clinical Psychologists:

Clinical psychologists examine, diagnose, and create treatment strategies for individuals facing mental health difficulties. While they often operate in hospital environments, some may offer their services directly to families within their residences or at private establishments such as nursing homes. On average, they earn $95,635 annually across the country.

Criminal Psychologist:

Criminal psychologists analyze the actions of individuals who engage in criminal activities in order to address inquiries related to specific cases and record their discoveries for future cases with comparable characteristics. They frequently collaborate with both local and federal law enforcement agencies and are occasionally hired by police department initiatives. The average annual salary for this profession ranges from $50,178 to $210,798 on a national level.


Neuropsychiatrists are medical professionals who examine, diagnose, and provide treatment for disorders affecting the brain and nervous system. They can be found working in various settings such as hospitals, mental health organizations, or assisted living facilities. On average, they earn a yearly salary of $210,798.


Here are some examples of numerous job opportunities that are relevant to your psychology degree. Whether your aspirations involve working directly with clients or patients or assisting organizations in improving their practices, there is a wide range of positions that align with your objectives and areas of interest. Although some of these roles may demand considerable experience and education, you can initiate your career in psychology by seeking entry-level or assistant positions.

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