5 Inspiring Ways To Slay Your High Waisted Jeans

admin June 3, 2018
Updated 2019/11/24 at 8:04 PM
high waisted jeans

The Fashion World is a never ending trail of circles, at first we had jeans above our waist line, then we had jeans below our waist line(which you probably won’t find in my closet)  and now we have it back and so high up that we are loving it and its got a whole new dimension!!. We have lots a varieties to pick from in all shapes, cuts and sizes and what’s not to love about it- when we have our booty all sensually caressed and assessed to make out tummy’s look trimmer and our butts larger. Therefore with all love from my heart, here are 5 new inspirations you should try on how to rock your high waisted jeans.

  1. Crop tops

We all love our crop tops so much and at some point , we wore it on a low waisted jeans, but when we got to pair it atop a high waited jeans, Sister you can quite agree it’s to die for and how can we not to love a pair of Cropped Sweaters with your favourite jeans.


  1. Paired with Tank Tops

That awesome timeless classic we have in our wardrobes at all seasons can quite be slayed with it. Tank tops are highly functional and you can quite kick it off with a nice pair of leather jackets and high boots to finish off your radiant formular.


  1. Off Shoulders chiffon shirt

Another timeless, beauty is the shiffon shirt, with an added advantage is the off shoulders chiffon shirt.  You can never go wrong by this look, and it is quite great especially for the Plus side, because you get an Hourglass figure in return for your efforts with a deceptive looking trimmer waistline, broader shoulders and bigger butt.

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  1. Layer it on

On that great windy day or right into the Winter, you can still slay your High waisted jeans without having to show off skin. You can pair your high waisted jeans with a nice big oversized sweater tilled to look untidy at the shoulders; and finish off with a great pair of high heels (and the higher the better)


  1. Paired to the White Tee shirt

A simple white tee shirt tucked beneath denim High waisted jeans can be quite a catch. One great fixture about this look is that you do not have to look good anywhere else such as your makeup; you can still slay that radiant mix and look quite glamarous.

Three Button High Waist Skinny Jean


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