700,000 children in Kwara state have been vaccinated against measles.

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Busy Bee November 29, 2023
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Kwara State has undertaken a significant initiative to protect the health of its young population by vaccinating an impressive cohort of 700,000 children against the highly contagious measles virus. This commendable effort is part of the state’s proactive strategy to enhance public health and prevent the spread of preventable diseases among its youth.

Recognizing the importance of immunization in safeguarding children from potentially devastating illnesses, Kwara State has demonstrated a commitment to the well-being of its citizens. The mass vaccination campaign, targeting such a substantial number of children, is a testament to the state’s dedication to promoting community health and preventing the resurgence of measles.

Measles, a highly contagious viral infection, poses a significant threat to children, and its prevention is crucial in reducing morbidity and mortality rates. Through the administration of vaccines to such a large number of children, Kwara State has not only prioritized their health but has also taken a proactive stance in achieving broader public health goals.

This milestone accomplishment reflects the collaborative efforts of healthcare professionals, government agencies, and community stakeholders working together to ensure the success of the vaccination campaign. By reaching such a substantial number of children, Kwara State has made a substantial stride towards achieving herd immunity and creating a protective shield against the spread of measles within the community.

The vaccination of 700,000 children in Kwara State serves as a commendable example of effective public health management and underscores the importance of proactive measures in preventing the outbreak and transmission of infectious diseases. This achievement is likely to have a lasting impact on the overall health and well-being of the community, setting a positive precedent for future public health initiatives in the region.

During the extensive measles vaccination campaign of 2023, a remarkable achievement was recorded as 700,000 children received immunization across all 16 local government areas of Kwara State. Dr. Nusirat Elelu, the Executive Secretary of the Kwara State Primary Health Care Development Agency, unveiled this significant milestone during the 40th Media Parliament of the state council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Ilorin, the capital city of Kwara State, held just yesterday.

The comprehensive effort highlights the commitment of the state in prioritizing the health and well-being of its young population, a crucial step in preventing the spread of measles and ensuring a healthier future for the community.

During the event with the theme “Transforming Primary Health Care Beyond Lip Service,” Elelu highlighted the impactful outcomes of the vaccination efforts, particularly in bolstering the immune systems of numerous children against measles. She underscored the absence of any reported outbreaks of the circulating variant polio virus (cVPV) in the state for nearly 24 months, a significant milestone considering the state’s previous status as having the highest cVPV report in 2019.

Elelu proudly announced that the state has undergone substantial advancements in its vaccination initiatives, positioning it as a frontrunner among its counterparts in the North Central geopolitical zone. The progress is reflected in the state’s positive trajectory, with a vaccination coverage rate of 66.5 percent, ranking it among the top three in the North Central region.

This achievement marks a remarkable improvement from the 2016 statistics, where the coverage of under one-year-olds vaccinated stood at 33.9 percent. The state’s commitment to enhancing vaccination coverage demonstrates its dedication to the well-being of its youngest population and serves as a testament to the positive impact of sustained public health efforts.

The state of Kwara has successfully transitioned from being categorized as a zero-dose state in terms of immunization, marking a significant milestone in enhancing routine immunization coverage. This achievement is poised to have a positive impact on the overall health landscape of the region.

According to statements made by [Speaker/Official’s Name], the progress in immunization is a testament to the concerted efforts and strategic measures implemented by health authorities and stakeholders in Kwara State. The elevation from a zero-dose state underscores the commitment to safeguarding the health of the populace through comprehensive vaccination programs.

Furthermore, [Speaker/Official’s Name] highlighted the commendable strides made by Kwara State in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. The state has garnered recognition for its outstanding performance in vaccination efforts, securing the top position nationwide. Additionally, Kwara has been acknowledged as one of the five states to achieve an impressive vaccination coverage rate of over 80 percent, showcasing the effectiveness of the vaccination campaign in the region.

These accomplishments reflect the dedication and resilience of the healthcare system in Kwara State, as well as the collaborative spirit of the community in embracing and participating in vaccination initiatives. The state’s success in both routine immunization and COVID-19 vaccination is a noteworthy achievement that contributes significantly to the overall public health goals of the region.

“In our innovative approach to public health amidst the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, we took proactive measures by establishing mass vaccination sites not only within the premises of the state Ministry of Health but also in marketplaces. This strategic decision was made well before it was officially recommended by the National Primary Health Care Development Agency

. The foresight and swift action resulted in remarkable success for Kwara State, with the vaccination rate soaring from 42 percent to an impressive 82 percent within a span of six months. This accomplishment positioned the state among the top five performers nationwide,” stated Elelu.

Highlighting further achievements, Elelu revealed that the state government went beyond vaccination efforts. In the same year, they distributed free tablets of haematinic and anti-malaria drugs to 300,000 pregnant women across all 16 local government areas. This initiative not only exceeded the ANRiN 2023 target but also contributed significantly to a substantial reduction in the number of pregnant women suffering from severe anaemia. The reported cases dropped from 1,508 to a commendable 570, reflecting a positive impact on maternal health.

Prior to Elelu’s statement, Abdullateef Ahmed, the chairman of the state council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), emphasized the critical role of primary health in the overall health sector. He underscored the importance of providing adequate funding to ensure the success and sustainability of initiatives aimed at improving public health at the grassroots level.

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