8 Best Pet Affiliate Programs

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Pet Affiliate Programs

Searching for the best pet affiliate programs to sign up for? We offer you a list of the best affiliate programs which you can earn from.

Affiliate marketing is a field of marketing where people advertise other people’s products or a company’s products for a certain amount of commission.

This marketing strategy is one of the best as you are simply a middleman whose work is to drive traffic to and get people to patronize a particular company or brand.

It is worth noting that an affiliate marketer does not sell products, nor is he not responsible for the products or sales. His only job is to advertise the product and get a customer to make a purchase through his affiliate link.

In recent times, pets have grown to become an integral part of human life. In some instances, pets are more adored than humans and are even considered part of the family.

Pets are helpful even to humans. They bring happiness which helps in the longevity of life. They positively influence the health of elderly people, reducing stress and joint pain, as older people tend to move around a lot with their pets.

As a result of this, pet websites are starting to garner lots of traffic as many people now want to own a dog or a cat. These websites sell pets, pet food, toys, accessories, and other pet-related items.

In case you’re wondering about the relationship between affiliate marketing and pets, there are several pet websites that support affiliate marketing and have made provisions for affiliate marketing programs.

Due to the new craving for owning a pet, affiliate marketing in the pet niche is becoming very lucrative. Hence, the profit from pet affiliate programs cannot be over-exaggerated.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best pet affiliate programs which you can sign up with. Let’s delve in!

Best Pet Affiliate Programs

There are numerous pet affiliate programs that are hot selling with good commissions. Let’s review some of them.

Hepper Affiliate Program

Hepper provides quality cat and kitten products. This is an innovative company that is after your cat’s comfort. They provide beds, scratchers, pods, and lots more for felines. They ensure quality at affordable prices.

The company revises its products regularly to keep up with the required standard. Their move of partnering with veterinarians ensures that their products are safe. It portrays them as health conscious, endears customers to them, and builds trust.

Hepper also runs a pet affiliate program where affiliates are given 8% to 10% commission on every sale made. New affiliates also get guidance from the affiliate marketing pro in the company

Paw.com Affiliate Program

Pet affiliate programs

Paw.com offers the best pet beds which bring comfort to pets. They provide unique and comfortable beds with additional throwaway rugs for ultimate pets’ comfort.

They make their beds from memory foam which is quite soft and bouncy. These foams also come with replaceable covers which have resistance to odor and are absolutely amazing for younger pets.

Paw.com runs a pet affiliate program that offers a 20% commission to its affiliates. Although the commission is not high, they offer a decent amount of EPC and 30 days cookie duration.

PetPlate Affiliate Program

petplate logo

PetPlate deals with pet foods. It is a food subscription service based on human quality but is beginning to gain control in the pet food industry. The company uses USDA meat, vegetables, and fruits.

These meals are created and supervised by a pet nutritionist and prepared by a capable team of chefs. This is to ensure that pets get the best quality of food.

The company is based in the U.S. Their food packages are well wrapped, and they have home delivery options. This makes it convenient to order a food pack for your pets at any time and from anywhere.

PetPlate has a pet affiliate program that is very functional in the US. Affiliates on this program are offered a 25% to 50% commission per sale. They have one of the best pet affiliate programs as their commission is on the high side. They also give their affiliates 30 days cookie duration.

Muttropolis Affiliate Program

Muttropolis is a seasoned supplier of pet products ranging from pet foods and treats to apparel, cat feeders, toys, bedding fittings, and lots more. They supply quality products that are designed for your pet’s comfort.

Muttropolis has a pet affiliate program with a 12% commission per sale for the affiliates per sales made through them. They have one of the longest cookie durations which is 120 days. They also have tools that help affiliates enhance their sales rate.

Just like a few others, this pet food company stands strongly against the killing of animals. And so, they donate to and support the no-kill animal shelter. One of their objectives is the preservation of the lives of animals.

Live Pee Free Affiliate Program 

Every pet owner also desires a home with a fresh fragrance but pet odor can be very strong especially if the pet has lived in the home for a while.

Live Pee Free gives you the opportunity to make your house smell fresh and nice while living comfortably with your pet.

It extracts the odor from carpets, fabrics, and wooden surfaces to give them a fresh smell. It is stronger than the regular odor remover.

Live Pee Free has affiliates who promote their products and they are paid a commission for it.

The affiliates are given a 30% commission per sale made. They are given a 30 days cookie duration which is the standard duration for affiliates.

As one of the best pet affiliate programs in the market, being an affiliate for Live Pee Free is very lucrative. This is because the market competition is low and the product demand is high.

Petcube Affiliate Program 

Petcube logo

Most working-class pet owners worry about their pet’s activities while they are away. Some of them hire a pet sitter to stay with their pets.

Petcube‘s goal is to relieve owners of such anxiety. They achieve this by selling cameras that allow pet owners to monitor their pet’s movements around the house.

They also have other features like Petcube Bite and Petcube Play. Petcube Bite allows owners to dispense pet treats to their pets. Petcube Play, on the other hand, allows you to remotely watch, talk to, and play with your pets using a built-in laser pointer toy. This helps reduce separation anxiety.

The Petcube pet affiliate program makes it easy for their affiliates to promote their products by giving the newbies set guidelines to follow.

Their affiliate commission rate is 10% per sale and the cookie duration is 60days. This means affiliates can make lots of money even when the customers have not made payment.

These products are not common in the market and competition is low, hence, making sales as an affiliate will not be tedious.

Petplan Affiliate Program 

Pet affiliate programs

The health of a pet is very important and insurance is the best as it makes it easy the pay bills.

Petplan offers insurance to pet owners. This insurance varies depending on the type of pet involved but it is very valid.

The Petplan covers 90% of the veterinary bills and any pet owner who bought the Petplan insurance can visit a licensed veterinary clinic in the US or Canada.

Petplan has a pet affiliate program for people who are interested in earning by promoting the Petplan insurance which is needed by most pet owners.

Petplan gives their affiliate $25 per sale made by a customer through the affiliate’s link. They also have the standard duration of cookie which is 30 days.

This is a rather competitive sector of the pet niche but affiliates still have higher chances of making sales as the brand is already known by many.

Pet Care Supplies Affiliate Program

Pet affiliate programs

Health care of any pet is of great priority. Pet owners frequently take their pets to veterinary clinics for routine check-ups. Although this is crucial to the overall health of the pet, it might cost a lot.

As a brand that focuses on health products for pets, Pet Care Supplies brings the hospital to you at a cheaper price.

These products are cross-checked by a licensed veterinarian and are delivered depending on the dog’s health.

They offer home delivery services and this gives them the ability to check up on your dog and run some tests which can be paid for at a minimal cost.

The pet affiliate program anchored by the brand is recommended for affiliates who have knowledge of healthcare.

They have a long cookie duration which lasts for 60 days and this is above the 30days standard. They offer a commission rate of 8% to affiliates.

Pet Care Supplies is a popular brand in which affiliate product promotion can easily attract sales as they have an advantage of popularity over other health brands.


Owning a pet is one thing most people cherish a lot. Being an affiliate for pet affiliate programs has a lot to offer. Aside from the monetary benefits, you get to connect customers with trusted pet service providers.

As an affiliate for the pet programs, you’ll learn about the varieties of pet products, devices, accessories, and even software you had no prior knowledge about. So, in case you decide to get a pet one day, you won’t be totally clueless

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