A group of 10 teenagers are now facing charges of murder due to their involvement in the fatal beating of a fellow classmate.

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Busy Bee November 22, 2023
Updated 2023/11/22 at 3:47 PM

In Las Vegas, a tragic incident unfolded as a 17-year-old high school student lost his life in a prearranged fight with 10 classmates aged between 13 and 17. The altercation, sparked by a dispute over a pair of headphones and a vape pen, occurred in an alley near Rancho High School after classes had concluded for the day. According to police homicide Lt. Jason Johansson, the victim, Jonathan Lewis Jr., was not originally intended to participate in the fight but accompanied a friend who had items stolen.

The fatal beating on November 1 was recorded on a cellphone and widely circulated on social media. Johansson characterized the video as “very void of humanity,” depicting the victim preparing for the fight by removing his shirt, only to be swarmed by the 10 students who proceeded to kick, punch, and stomp on him.

In response to the incident, eight of the students were arrested on suspicion of murder by Las Vegas police and the FBI on Tuesday. As the suspects are under 18, their identities were not immediately disclosed.

Las Vegas police have been unable to identify the two remaining students involved, who will also be charged with murder. Images of the teenagers have been released, and the public is urged to help identify them.

Following the tragic incident, a small memorial with flowers and eight candles was placed against a fence in the alleyway where the victim, Lewis, was fatally attacked as students left campus after classes on Wednesday afternoon.

Rancho High School principal Darlin Delgado assured parents in a letter this week that support and resources were available for both students and staff affected by the incident, acknowledging its impact on the school community.

Scott Coffee, a deputy public defender in Las Vegas with 28 years of experience, commented on the unusual circumstance of having numerous co-defendants of such young ages facing murder charges in a single case. Coffee emphasized that involvement in such activities comes with risks for the youth, but he also questioned whether there was intent to kill.

In a recent development, a family court judge ordered four students aged 16 or older to be transferred to the adult court system. Hearings will be scheduled to determine whether those under 16 will also be charged as adults. Coffee highlighted the need for a thorough examination of each defendant’s level of culpability as the case progresses through the legal system, considering factors like leadership within the group.

While the initial charges were similar for all students involved, Coffee emphasized that the outcomes might differ. Following the brawl, a passerby discovered the severely beaten and unconscious teenager in the alleyway, carrying him back to campus where 911 was called by school staff.

Lewis suffered critical head injuries and other severe wounds that led to his hospitalization for a week until his eventual demise. The coroner’s office in Las Vegas officially categorized the brutal assault as a homicide.

Jonathan Lewis Sr., the victim’s father, did not respond to interview requests on Wednesday. However, on a fundraising page established to assist with funeral and medical costs, he conveyed that his son was assaulted while defending a friend.

“Our son is a compassionate, gentle young man with a champion’s heart and a radiant, loving energy that draws people toward him with affection,” reads the content on the page.

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