A Guide To Dressing For Different Body Types

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph June 22, 2023
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A Guide To Dressing For Different Body Types

A Guide To Dressing For Different Body Types

Many of us have collections of Pinterest boards or folders filled with styles we adore but struggle to pull off. Even after purchasing the outfits, they just don’t seem to work for us. We often attribute this to not having a slim figure, stepping out of our comfort zone, or finding other simple excuses. However, I’m here to inform you that the key to dressing better lies in understanding how to complement your body shape instead of working against it.

Today, we will delve into the significance of proportions and explore which styles effortlessly suit different body types, ensuring you look fantastic every day. Let’s begin by discussing the most common body shapes. Nevertheless, being aware of your body shape empowers you to select clothing that enhances your appearance.

The shape of a woman’s body primarily depends on her genetics and skeletal structure. Although exercise and hormone levels can have some influence on body shape, it is largely predetermined by one’s skeletal structure and the natural distribution of fat and muscle. Therefore, it is advisable to work in harmony with your body shape rather than trying to alter it significantly. In case you’re unsure about your specific body type, you can measure your hips, waist, and shoulders to accurately determine it.

The Female Body Shape

Let us carefully explore the different female body types before diving into the topic.

Body type Inverted Triangle:

If your upper body is larger than your lower body and your shoulders are wider than your hips, you likely have an inverted triangle body shape. Typically, there is not much distinction between your waist and hips. Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, and Rene Zellweger also have this body shape.

To flatter your figure, avoid necklines like boat-neck or Bardot, as well as tops with big straps, halter necks, large shawl collars, or bold patterns on the upper half. Instead, choose clothing items that draw attention to your lower half, such as an a-line skirt or wide-leg trousers.

When it comes to jeans, boyfriend jean is the ideal choice for someone with an inverted triangle body shape.

Rectangle Body Shape:

The rectangle body shape, also known as the “athletic” body shape, is characterized by a straight shoulder line and hips, lacking a well-defined waistline. In this body type, tops and bottoms are typically worn in the same size. Renowned celebrities such as Kate Hudson and Gweneth Paltrow have this particular female body shape.

To enhance the appearance of a waist, there are several strategies suitable for individuals with a rectangle body type. Opting for belts worn around the waist, mid-waisted trousers, and belted jackets can create the illusion of a defined waistline.

Conversely, it is advisable to avoid outfits with vertical silhouettes, such as straight jackets paired with straight trousers, as they offer a little definition. Utilizing softer fabrics can be beneficial, as they can be easily belted and draw attention to the waist area.

Your body shape is well-suited for a wide range of pants styles. You can opt for either loose-fitting or snug ones, and, in fact, pants that accentuate your curves can enhance your figure. For the most flattering look, mid-rise jeans would be a good choice as they emphasize your waist. Additionally, consider using a belt with your jeans to further accentuate your waistline.

Body Shape Regular Triangle or “Pear Shape”:

A triangular or pear-shaped physique is characterized by a broader lower portion, indicating that your hips and thighs are likely wider while your upper body is narrower. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and JLo both possess pear-shaped figures. Despite Kim K’s efforts to present herself as having an hourglass figure, her hips actually align more proportionally with a pear shape.

To enhance this body shape, it is advisable to focus attention on the upper body. This can be achieved by opting for prints or vibrant hues for your upper half. Additionally, selecting wider necklines like boat necklines or sweetheart necklines can help create the illusion of broader shoulders.

To create more fullness in your upper body, consider layering your tops. It’s important to find shirts that are the appropriate length, ideally reaching the widest part of your hips. Avoid extremely long or extremely cropped shirts. Think of them as starting points, and as you become more familiar with your body, feel free to experiment and develop your own successful outfit combinations.

If you’re comfortable with it, a padded or push-up bra can enhance the appearance of your upper half. Remember that it’s crucial to wear a properly fitting bra regardless of your body shape.

The Hour Glass Body Shape:

The hourglass shape is characterized by having shoulders and hips of equal size, accompanied by a well-defined waist. Celebrities such as Beyonce and Dita Von Teese are renowned for their hourglass figures. Nonetheless, Marilyn Monroe stands as the most iconic representation of the hourglass shape.

When you have an hourglass body shape, it’s important to highlight your waist, which is the narrowest part of your body. Avoid wearing loose or shapeless clothing that can overpower your figure and appear unflattering.

If you have an hourglass shape, chances are you have a fuller bust. To create a more modest or minimize the appearance of your chest, consider wearing boatneck or scoop neck tops, and steer clear of high-neck options like turtlenecks.

When it comes to bottoms, opt for pants with angled pockets instead of inseam pockets. This choice will prevent them from pulling across your hips and creating unflattering lines. Another option is to go for pocketless pants, which also help achieve a smoother look.

Due to the inherent femininity in your body shape (as defined by stereotypical standards), you can effortlessly pull off looks such as pairing a cute, playful dress with sneakers. Another excellent choice for showcasing your legs would be a miniskirt.

Additionally, peplum tops or Empire waist dresses would be ideal options for you, as they accentuate your best features and highlight your strengths.

Round Body Shape:

The apple body shape, characterized by a round figure and lacking a defined waistline, is known for having a larger upper body compared to a lower body. Despite having a slim waist and attractive legs, this body shape lacks definition in the upper torso.

When it comes to shopping for clothes, it can be challenging to find the right fit for this body shape. The common tendency is to opt for oversized clothing to compensate for the broader top half. However, it’s important to focus on proportional dressing, which we will discuss in the video below.

In the meantime, it is advisable to choose tops and jackets that are streamlined and simple. Avoid shoulder details or embellishments that draw excessive attention. The goal is to achieve a balanced look, so opt for well-fitted and tailored tops and jackets that are not overly tight.

When it comes to dresses, it’s best to steer clear of form-fitting ones and instead choose a slim-fitting dress that falls above the knee. Pencil skirts also complement well when paired with a loosely fitting top.

If you have a specific body type, straight-leg jeans are the most suitable option for you. They accentuate your amazing legs and provide some definition to your waist. To create a balanced casual look, go for a sweater or top with a looser fit. Since you lack waist definition, wearing tight-fitting clothing both on the top and bottom would create an unbalanced and top-heavy appearance.

A Guide To Dressing For Different Body Types

A Guide To Dressing For Different Body Types

Avoid purchasing or holding onto items that do not fit properly. It can be disheartening when you buy something that is a size too small and find yourself unable to wear it within a week. If you don’t have easy access to a tailor, it’s best to skip such items.

Set Up A Foundational Outfit With The Essentials:

In my opinion, I enjoy experimenting with fresh fashion trends and I don’t limit myself to a single style. Nevertheless, I maintain a collection of essential clothing items in my wardrobe that are classic and serve as versatile components for all my more daring outfits. I have created a comprehensive guide on constructing a stylish wardrobe from the beginning, regardless of your budget. Feel free to explore it by visiting this link.

Do Not Hasten The Process:

Avoid purchasing items solely based on their significant markdowns, refrain from indulging in excessive shopping sprees, and avoid replicating outfits precisely. Engaging in these behaviours can result in losing your personal style and making impulsive choices while building your wardrobe.

Never Give Up:

I understand that it can be disheartening when you experiment with a new outfit or trend and don’t receive the desired reaction. However, mastering a new trend or style often requires multiple attempts. By persistently trying, you will achieve greater success, and as a result, your style will gain more credibility and influence.


I hope this post and the additional information provided assist you in embarking on your style journey. I have complete faith in your ability to succeed, and I commend you for taking your fashion expression seriously. The impact it had on me personally was remarkable, enhancing both my self-esteem and confidence.

In the past, I struggled with insecurity and rarely stood out in a crowd. However, discovering my own fashion sense and utilizing it as a form of communication allowed me to embrace my true self and engage with the world more confidently. Just look at me now, teaching others about fashion – that’s how influential it can be. It’s like having a superpower, so make sure to harness it to its fullest potential!

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