A Jigawa Monarch Faces Accusations of sexual Assault and HIV Transmission on a Young Girl

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Busy Bee November 6, 2023
Updated 2023/11/06 at 11:03 AM

In a letter dated October 16, 2023, Kabiru Abdullah Esq., Senior State Counsel in Jigawa State Ministry of Justice, addressed the Secretary of Dutse Emirate Council, Dutse Emir’s Palace. The letter, titled “Notification of arraignment of Umar Ibrahim (Village Head of DanGulam) on the offence of rape contrary to section 3 (1) (A and D) of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Law 2021,” contained the accusation. However, the monarch refuted the allegation during an interview with our correspondent.

According to reports, there was pressure on the emirate to cover up the matter, despite appeals and the state government’s intervention through the office of the Attorney General in the state.

According to the letter, the village head has stated that he has started a lawsuit for defamation of character against the girl, her father, and a person named Sule Umar from Dangulam village before the Upper Shari’a Court in Gwaram.

The Criminal Investigation Department of the Jigawa State Police Command has reportedly conducted an investigation and found evidence of criminal conspiracy and rape cases against Umar Ibrahim.

The letter states, “I have been instructed by the Hon. Attorney General of Jigawa State to inform Your Highness that a complaint of rape and HIV infection has been filed at the office of the Hon. Attorney General by Ya’u Muhammad, in which he alleges that Umar Ibrahim (Village Head of Dan Gulam) engaged in illegal sexual intercourse with his daughter, resulting in her pregnancy and HIV infection.

After receiving the complaint, the parties involved were summoned for a discussion with the Honorable Attorney General. During this discussion, Umar Ibrahim, the village head of Dan Gulam, revealed that he had filed a defamation case against the girl, her father, and Sule Umar at the Upper Shari’a Court in Gwaram.

The Attorney General decided that the case at the Upper Sharia Court in Gwaram should be transferred to the state CID in Dutse for further investigation. All parties involved were referred to the state CID for the investigation of both cases.

Following the investigation carried out by the police at the state CID, the case diary was forwarded to the Ministry of Justice for legal advice. The legal advice provided revealed that there was a prima facie case of criminal conspiracy and rape against Umar Ibrahim, who, to the Honorable Attorney General’s disbelief, is the traditional leader serving as the village head of Dan Gulam in Gwaram Local Government Area, Jigawa State.

“Considering the aforementioned fact and the impending court arraignment, it is necessary to prevent the traditional leader from being arraigned.

Therefore, the Hon. Attorney General/Commissioner of Justice has instructed me to inform Your Highness of the current state of the case and request appropriate action.”

Meanwhile, the family of the victim is urging civil society and non-governmental organizations to intervene, in accordance with the VAPP Law 2021 of Jigawa State, to ensure justice is served and the girl’s life is protected.

However, the village head denies responsibility for the girl’s pregnancy, asserting that the initial case revolves around a land dispute involving the former chairman of the local government.

“They are attempting to extort me by fabricating a false claim that I impregnated someone. To clarify, I have never encountered or had any association with this individual in my entire life.
I have been living with HIV for the past decade after marrying a widow who was infected. This is the foundation of their accusation that I transmitted the virus to the girl. However, I solemnly declare that I am innocent of such an act.”

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