A man raped a woman in the nightclub restrooms and then proudly boasted about it to his friends.

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Busy Bee November 5, 2023
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According to proceedings in court, a man committed an act of rape against a woman inside the women’s restroom at a crowded nightclub. Disturbingly, he then returned to his friends in the VIP area of the club and proudly boasted about his actions. Later, the man even took one of his friends back to the same restrooms where the assault had occurred, which the judge deemed to be a sinister act.

The accused, a university student named Oriaku, attempted to argue that the sexual encounter in the restroom had been consensual and that the woman involved had initiated it. However, he was found guilty of rape after a trial. Upon sentencing, the judge remarked that he had watched CCTV footage from the club and observed the defendant’s demeanor while giving evidence in court, leading him to conclude that Oriaku possessed an excessively high sense of self-importance. The judge subsequently sentenced Oriaku to prison.

Ian Wright, prosecuting told Swansea Crown Court that the rape took place at the Fiction nightclub in Swansea city centre in March this year. Oriaku and a group of other sunglass-wearing males were in the so-called VIP area of the club, and during the evening the defendant and a woman had been kissing. The woman, who was described as “heavily intoxicated”, later went to the toilet and the defendant followed her. In the toilets Oriaku raped the woman in one of the cubicles.

The court heard that after the assault the defendant returned to his friends in the VIP area and then he and one of the group went to the female toilets where they were told “in no uncertain terms” to leave by two women present. During the trial the defendant maintained he had returned to the toilets in order to check on the welfare of the women as she had been “exhausted” by having sex with him. The rape was subsequently reported to the police.

During the court proceedings, the victim shared her thoughts on the attack, emphasizing how it has deeply affected her mental well-being and overall life. She admitted to feeling a strong sense of distrust towards men. Onyedika Benedict Oriaku, a 30-year-old residing in Victoria Terrace, Brynmill, Swansea, was found guilty of rape by a jury and now faced sentencing. It is worth noting that Oriaku had no prior criminal record. His defense attorney, James Hartson, highlighted Oriaku’s clean character, presenting him as a student in Swansea and having experience in the healthcare industry.

Judge Geraint Walters informed the defendant that after scrutinizing the CCTV footage from the club and observing his testimony in the courtroom, he had reached the conclusion that Oriaku had an unjustifiably inflated sense of self-worth. The judge acknowledged that while the woman may have been less restrained due to the influence of alcohol, it did not grant the defendant the authority to determine the boundaries of their encounter.

Furthermore, the judge expressed concern over how Oriaku had subsequently returned to his friends and proudly shared details of his misconduct. Judge Walters regarded the defendant’s explanation for going back to the restroom with another male as utterly unbelievable and characterized this act as malevolent.

Additionally, the judge labeled Oriaku’s behavior in the restroom as truly disgraceful, highlighting the defendant’s lack of remorse for his actions.Oriaku received a seven-year prison sentence and is required to spend two-thirds of that time incarcerated before being granted release on probation to finish the remaining sentence within the community. Moreover, Oriaku will be designated as a registered sex offender indefinitely.

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