“A pregnant woman from Anambra, left helpless, claims that her husband was killed by policemen.”

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Busy Bee November 8, 2023
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I am Dorcas Nwakor, 26 years old, hailing from the Uduwunko Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. I am a mother of three, and my late husband was Chibueze Nwakor. Our journey together began in 2017, and we officially tied the knot in 2018.

The tragic incident that changed my life was unexpected. On that fateful day, my husband went to visit his mother. Around 2 pm, I called him, requesting that he buy some meat from the market when he returned. As evening approached and I prepared to make dinner, I called him again to check on his return plans. However, his phone rang unanswered.

By 8 pm, I grew increasingly worried and called once more. This time, my husband’s younger sister picked up the call and broke into tears. In the background, I could hear the distress of others, yet no one could speak to me. Concerned for his well-being, I hastily dressed my children and headed to my husband’s mother’s residence.

Upon our arrival, we found the place deserted. I inquired with the neighbors who informed me that my husband had been taken to the hospital. When I pressed for more information, they revealed that he had been shot by the police. In shock and confusion, they escorted me to the hospital, where my life took a devastating turn.

Upon arriving at the hospital, I was denied the chance to visit him that night due to my pregnancy, and it was the following morning that I learned of his passing. The police unjustly took my husband’s life. He had not provoked them in any manner; his only offense was being unable to assist them with directions, which is not a crime.

This incident had nothing to do with a criminal investigation, resisting arrest, or any criminal activity. They unjustly killed my husband, making me a widow at a young age and leaving three young children behind. How do I explain to his children where their father went? The divine retribution will fall upon the perpetrators of this heinous act one by one.

Since that moment, I have been in constant tears, feeling lost and helpless. I don’t know what to do, and there is no support coming from anywhere. Look at my children, consider my situation. I am five months pregnant. Where can I turn for help now? Who will assist me? I cannot afford my medical treatment and prenatal care has been discontinued due to lack of funds

. My children are no longer attending school. Even my mother-in-law’s health has deteriorated, and kind-hearted neighbors have been helping transport her. She stopped going to the market, and there is no money to care for her. Even the funds used to take her to the hospital were provided by our neighbors. We are without food, and my children are going hungry, all because of what the police did to us. This is indefensible. We urgently need the assistance of compassionate individuals.

First and foremost, that day marked the most sorrowful day of my life. It was a dreadful day for me. My husband and I shared our lives before his tragic demise at the hands of the police. There are countless cherished memories of my husband. Where should I begin? He was a kind and caring man who fulfilled his responsibilities with utmost dedication. He did not engage in conflicts with anyone, and no one can recall a dispute involving him. He had promised to establish a business for me, and the process had already begun. My husband took care of my mother and siblings. He was a truly compassionate man, and that’s why his absence is deeply felt today.

If you had the chance to know my husband, you would have fallen in love with him. Throughout my time with him, he never quarreled with anyone in the community. We are living witnesses to his goodness, and those who knew him can attest to it. Even in my next life, I would choose to marry him all over again.

I seek justice for my late husband. I implore his assailants to provide a clear motive for his senseless murder. I find myself in a state of helplessness now, as I have no father to turn to; my husband was my sole support. My father departed from my life during my formative years, and it was my husband who provided the paternal care I yearned for. Sadly, he was unjustly taken from us.

I call upon the acting Inspector General of Police, President Bola Tinubu, and the Anambra State Government to intervene in this matter. I also appeal to compassionate individuals to lend us their support. We are in desperate need of assistance to provide for my children. The agony I feel is overwhelming, and I am unsure of what steps to take.

Is this the fate we, as citizens, deserve? I beseech the state government to ensure that the policeman responsible for my husband’s death faces the consequences of his actions. Moreover, I urge the government to provide for us, including my children. Currently, my mother is hospitalized, and I find myself in a state of utter helplessness. Our house rent is about to expire, and the landlord has already started pressuring us. I was reminded of the impending due date. Once I give birth, who will support me?

I implore the government to have mercy on me and my children. The loss of my husband has left a void, taking away the only man in my life, who was both a husband and a father to us.

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