Scholarships For African Students Pursuing Degrees In Agriculture

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Mary Joseph February 21, 2024
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Agricultural scholarships for African Students


College students have the opportunity to seek agricultural scholarships and financial aid, as agriculture is a vast and perpetual field. African students can access a variety of scholarships in agriculture, whether they are international or local, spanning from undergraduate to doctoral levels. Detailed information about these scholarships for African students in agriculture is provided on this page.

Importance Of Agricultural Scholarships For African Students

Agricultural scholarships serve as a type of financial assistance granted to students who are studying and aiming for careers in agriculture-related fields.

These scholarships are typically provided by various organizations, foundations, companies, and educational institutions with the aim of aiding students interested in advancing the agriculture sector.

The eligibility criteria, funding amounts, and application procedures for agricultural scholarships can vary widely. Certain scholarships may take into account variables like academic achievement, financial requirements, leadership abilities, community involvement, and other relevant factors.

The financial support offered by these scholarships can range from a few hundred dollars to covering full tuition fees, as well as expenses like books, accommodation, and other related costs.

These scholarships play a crucial role in supporting students pursuing agricultural degrees and seeking to enhance their expertise in this domain.

By offering financial aid, agricultural scholarships contribute to nurturing the next generation of professionals in agriculture, who will tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities in the industry’s future.

Scholarships For African Students Pursuing Degrees In Agriculture

The FCDO Scholarship Program

This initiative aims to support international students who lack the financial means to pursue their studies in the United Kingdom for the academic year.

The scholarships cover a wide range of scientific and technological fields, encompassing agriculture, veterinary science, and forestry.

The CRV AmBreed Global Scholarships

The CRV AmBreed Scholarship, sponsored by CRV AmBreed, is available to both international and local students for their academic pursuits at Massey University.

This scholarship aims to aid students passionate about agriculture by offering them the opportunity to study dairy production systems in Europe. Participants in this program will not only achieve their career objectives but will also gain a deeper understanding of the agricultural sector.

The CSC Joint Scholarship

Are you interested in pursuing an MSc in Agri-food Technology in the UK? Consider applying for the CSC Shared Scholarship to embark on your academic journey in MSc Agri-food Technology for the upcoming academic year.

The University of Lincoln presents a comprehensive scholarship aimed at preparing students for professional success in a critical global industry. This initiative is designed to support international students from Commonwealth nations who lack the financial means to study in the UK on their own.

The Kader Asmal Scholarship For South Africa

 The Embassy of Ireland in South Africa, in partnership with the Canon Collins Trust, is offering the Kader Asmal Fellowship program for postgraduate education in Ireland. This initiative invites South African students who are looking to undertake a Master’s degree at an Irish university to participate in a scholarship program that covers full tuition.

Since 1981, the Canon Collins Trust has supported outstanding graduates, helping them evolve into the future leaders in fields such as law, research, and social activism, while also promoting access to both primary and secondary education.

What motivates you to apply for this scholarship? Participants will have the opportunity to study at some of Ireland’s finest universities. The fellowship provides a comprehensive scholarship, making it an invaluable asset for those looking to further their education in Ireland.

The Australian Native Seaweed Scholarship

The scholarship enables you to focus on your professional goals. As a result, the University of Queensland in Australia has introduced the PhD Scholarship for Diet Diversification using Australian Native Seaweed.

This initiative welcomes both Australian and international candidates, aiming to support them financially with living costs during their Ph.D. studies at UQ. Attendees at UQ will benefit from various opportunities to enhance their personal growth within the digital landscape. Additionally, it encompasses various academic degree options.

Scholarship By Walailak University

If you’re an outstanding student aiming to transform your future, consider applying for the PhD Excellence Scholarship for International Students at Walailak University in Thailand. This award is open to all eligible applicants interested in pursuing PhD studies in the specified fields for the current academic term.

Applicants will have the opportunity to experience a comprehensive and dynamic university life, while also building significant international connections to enhance their knowledge at this institution. The university provides insights into numerous career paths and associated academic programs.

The Ireland-Africa Fellows Scholarship

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Ireland has launched a remarkable initiative called the Ireland-Africa Fellows Programme. This program offers the chance for individuals from specific African countries to undertake advanced studies at distinguished higher education institutions in Ireland. Managed by Irish Aid, an initiative dedicated to tackling poverty, hunger, and humanitarian issues in Sub-Saharan Africa, this program aims to support education and career development. It provides generous funding to cover educational expenses, presenting a valuable opportunity for those selected to enhance their academic and professional pursuits in Ireland.

Scholarship Offered By The African Plant Nutrition Institute

The Africa Plant Nutrition Institute is granting ten scholarships worth $2,000 each to qualified African graduate students pursuing studies in plant nutrition and crop nutrient management. Unlike conventional scholarships disbursed to institutions, these funds are directly allocated to the students, free of any accompanying obligations. Additionally, prior assistantships, scholarships, or awards held by the applicants will not affect their eligibility. Candidates must be enrolled in a degree program at an African institution.

Scholarships Provided By Marshal Papworth

Marshal Papworth offers two scholarship initiatives aimed at empowering students from developing countries to acquire the agricultural and horticultural expertise necessary for fostering sustainable development within their own communities.

The first program entails a one-year Master’s Degree in agriculture or horticulture, pursued at a reputable university in the United Kingdom. The second initiative is a 10-week immersive course designed to provide hands-on training and practical knowledge to rural leaders committed to driving positive change in their communities.

Scholarship Provided By Africa University

Africa University aims to enhance the accessibility of higher education for African youth by offering financial assistance to deserving students who may face financial constraints. This aid, distributed by the University’s Financial Aid Committee, considers factors such as academic merit, financial need, and personal character. It comprises two main forms: financial aid and scholarships.

The MPOWER Financing Scholarship

MPOWER Financing stands out as a top source for financial assistance, including scholarships and loans, catering to international students. Additionally, they extend monthly scholarship opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds. This year, they’re allocating $48,000 to support 36 international students in pursuing their educational aspirations.

Each month, they introduce a new scholarship opportunity for international students to vie for, typically announced on the first day. Subscribing to their student newsletter is advised to stay informed about available financial aid options.


Many students from African and developing countries often lack the necessary funds to afford their education, let alone pursue further studies abroad. Nevertheless, we believe that these agricultural scholarships tailored for African students could help ease some of the financial burden.


























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