Andorra Banks : How To Open A Bank Account There

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Andorra Banks
In this article, we’ll be talking about the Andorra banks situation Compliance with the rules and the  Know Your Customer  procedures that these banks implement.This  is necessary for your future banking connection when choosing the domain  for your business and individual interests.Since the banking industry is at the foundation of the nation, this issue is made all the more crucial in a nation where the finance and insurance sectors account for about 20% of GDP.The banking industry is one of the most important factors when deciding whether to invest in when relocating to a foreign nation.Access to and trust in local banks are necessary to develop and carry out any activity in that country.It could be opening a basic current account to handle regular periodic expenses as a resident, operating a business there with a business account.Transferring finance, or to make the required investment for a non-profitable ApartmentIn this article we’ll be talking about the country’s banking system, accounts, and transactions which can be done inside this Principality.

Banks in Andorra 

The position of cash on the high seas has decreased since the global economy opening and the taking effect of the various exchange of information treaties,such as the fully automated interaction of CRS information, despite the fact that offshore banking used to play a significant role in the Andorran economy.As a result, existing foreign capital must adhere to global anti-money laundering regulations, certifying Andorra bank as a secure and thriving financial hub.The Andorran financial system consists of 5 banking groups, 8 financial services for investment management companies,34 insurance agencies.4 monetary institution for wealth management18 of these are outposts of international insurances, 1 specific credit company.operating legally in Andorra. The 5 banking groups are:


A bank specializing in providing private banking services was formed in 2001 as a result of the merging of both Andorran banks, Banc Agrcol and Banca Reig (formerly known as Andbanc).Its founding dates back to 1930 with the formation of Forces Hidroeléctricas de Andorra (FHASA).In 2010, after obtaining a license in Luxembourg and establishing the company Andbank Luxembourg, it was able to be the first Andorran bank with a deposit account of the European Union.Spain has been home to it since 2011. It employed 1,167 people and managed about 22 billion euros internationally in 2016.

Banc Sabadell d’Andorra

The 51% of one’s property comes from Banco Sabadell, which  controls the bank effectively.Banco Sabadell and a group of Andorran businessmen formed the bank in 2000. It had assets of about 1.6 billion euros as of 2017.Banc Sabadell d’Andorra, the smallest banking institution in Andorra, provides a full range of financial services, that  includes private banking, business and retail banking, and brokerage services.

Crèdit Andorrà

It was established in 1949 and is another financial organization inside the Principality of Andorra.In addition to insurance, it concentrates its efforts on commercial banking services, private banking, and global asset management.The main Andorran banks, which now own it, use the universal service model to offer a variety of services, including retail, corporate, and private banking, property and wealth management.While also providing insurance and financial consulting. And over 5 billion Andorran properties were managed by it in 2018.

Mora Banc

The two Andorran banks Banc Internacional d’Andorra and Banca Mora trade under the name Banc Internacional d’Andorra – Banca Mora (BIBM or bibm).The two are referred to as Inter-Mora or BIBM (styled internally as bibm).The combined bank accounts for little more than 30% of deposits and just under 30% of net domestic banking assets in Andorra.Under the MoraBanc brand, Mora Banc and morac bank Gorup, SAU collaborate and provide their financial information and other information in a consolidated format.In terms of assets, Mora Banc, SA is Andorra’s third-largest bank.With 2 583,87 million EUR in total assets in 2015, the bank had a 17.93% market share. The bank’s net profit in 2015 was 34,89 million euros.The company Fitch rates is Mora Banc Grup, SA. The bank’s long-term credit grade from Rating is quality and good credit.Participating in Andorra’s deposit guarantee program is Mora Banc Grup, SA. Accounts up to 100,000 EUR per bank and depositor are covered under this program.The company’s head office is located in La Vella, Andorra.

Vall Banc (formerly Banca Privada d’Andorra)

The Banca Privada d’Andorra, now known as Vallbanc (BPA), was established in 1957.Following the incident in 2015, BPA was rebranded as Vallbanc. J. C. Flowers & Co.purchased Vall Banc in Andorra, a financial organization that specializes in private banking services, in 2016.With the management of about €2 billion in assets, Vallbanc is currently attempting to refresh its image and exhibit transparency and clarity.Both domestic consumer banking and foreign wealth management services are provided by Vall Banc.Its RSI digital macro system, presently utilized by 75 banking firms and has a very high rate of customer satisfaction, will be the new home for Vall Banc’s technology infrastructure starting in 2021.This platform, with more than eight million users and processes 5,000 million transactions annually on average, is the ideal choice for medium-sized banks like Vall Banc.since it enables them to compete on an equal footing with major organizations. Additionally, all user information is protected.Since Vall Banc’s beginnings, innovation has always been at the heart of the company’s operations.Currently, BlackRock’s Aladdin platform, the most sophisticated risk identification and portfolio design tool, is solely used by Vallbanc, the sole banking organization in Andorra.In the upcoming months, Vall Banc may expand cutting-edge services and applications at the rate desired by its clients, who hold a key position in the bank’s digitization.Its head office is in Avenida carlemany, SA.

Requirements needed for creating an account in Andorra banks

The criteria for creating an account in this country are comparable to those around the globe. You might need to present: when opening an account in Andorra.
  • A passport or comparable national identification card issued by the government.
  • If your means of Identification does not include your current address, you will need to provide proof of it, such as an electricity bill or bank statement.
  • A recommendation letter from your existing bank.
  • Evidence of economic activity is required for both full-time employees and self-employed people.
  • Evidence of the source of the asset.
  • Original documentation is advised. Any copies without them might need to be verified in order for the Andorran bank to recognize them.

Factors to consider before opening an Andorra bank account

In Andorra, there aren’t many uncertainties once it comes to banks.The Andorran banks have been modernized, both for business image and for its customers, and the principality is becoming more and more collaborative into the European monetary system.


This complex formula essentially asks what proportion of a bank’s total deposits are retained in liquid assets, such as cash.How many customers would be pleased if they all tried to take money from the bank. In terms of stability, Andorran banks are generally seen as being in better-than-average standing.They continue to maintain liquidity ratios that are above average and surpass the capital standards imposed by the government of Andorra.


What kind of consumer due diligence must a bank perform? What information must be reported? Are deposits protected by a governmental organization?Can a bank access capital from the central bank or even other money resources to satisfy its customers exceptional needs, should be considered before opening an account in Andorra bank.And also, if  the  capital standards imposed by the government of Andorra.Because of the stronger relations that resulted from the money arrangement Andorra struck well with the EU in the 2010s, banks in Andorra are fairly comparable to other nations in Europe in terms of laws.Some of them are fairly complicated, but one of them affects individual depositors: savings up to €100,000 are insured by a centrally-managed fund.The European Central Bank is not accessible to banks in Andorra. That has both a positive and a bad side.On the one hand, this means businesses lack the safety net to help manage significant systemic shocks, but that also implies they must proactively plan for these gloomy days with more cautious management.

Exchange of currency in Andorra

The Euro has been Andorra’s designated currency for banking transactions ever since in  2002.Because of a 2014 agreement, Andorra is now permitted to produce Euro coins featuring Andorran designs in a range of denominations.Business owners in Andorra that recognize other currencies are extremely rare because all of its immediate neighbors do.This is because many of its neighboring countries use the Euro. It is therefore preferable to convert some of your local currency into euros before coming to this country.In Andorra, major credit cards including American Express, Visa, and MasterCard are generally accepted.The majority of enterprises have a worldwide perspective because tourism is a key sector for the Andorran economic growth together with finance, making it relatively simple for newcomers to relocate there.

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