Ashton Kutcher Net Worth, Career, Age, Wife & Kids

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Ashton Kutcher Net Worth
Ashton Kutcher Net Worth

Popular Name:Ashton Kutcher
Birth Name:Christopher Ashton Kutcher
Birth Date:7th February 1978
Birth Place:Iowa, USA
Marital Status:Married
Spouse:Mila Kunis (m. 2015)
Children:Dimitri Portwood Kutcher And Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher
Net Worth:$220 Million
Last Updated:2022


Ashton Kutcher is an actor, producer, and entrepreneur. He started his acting career playing Michael Kelso in the sitcom That ’70s Show.

He made his film debut in the rom-com Coming Soon, trailed by the parody film Dude, Where’s My Car? which was a hit. In 2003, Kutcher moved into romantic comedy, showing up in that year’s Just Married and My Boss’ Daughter.

Also, in 2003, he created and produced the television reality prank show Punk’d, filling in as host for the first eight of its ten seasons.

Kutcher subsequently showed up in a lot of comedies such as Guess Who, A Lot Like Love, What Happens in Vegas, and No Strings Attached in 2005.

He featured Walden Schmidt on the sitcom Two and a Half Men. In 2013, Kutcher played Steve Jobs in the anecdotal film Jobs. He likewise featured as Colt Bennett in the Netflix TV series The Ranch.

The actor is also a businessman and made smart investments over the years. Kutcher is a co-founder of the venture capital A-Grade Investments. Read on as we give more details about Ashton Kutcher net worth, biography, and many more.

Ashton Kutcher Childhood

Christopher Ashton Kutcher was born on February 7th, 1978 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Ashton Kutcher read biochemical engineering at the University_of_Iowa but dropped out and moved to New York City to pursue modeling, which soon prompted little success in photo shoots and on the runway for Calvin Klein.

He actually has a twin sibling named Michael who was birthed with a cerebral paralysis.

With many ambitions in his heart rather than a career as a fashion model, he made another career change and moved to Los Angeles to try acting.

A fruitful audition allowed him to advance onto the well-known FOX sitcom That 70’s Show as breakout character Kelso, the job that soared him to fame.

Ashton Kutcher Career

His work on That 70’s Show made him a hot comedy star in Hollywood. During the run of the episodic show, he featured in Dude, Where’s My Car with Sean William Scott in 2000, Just Married with Brittany Murphy in 2003, and the Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner revamp Guess Who in 2005.

It was during this time that he showed up in another comedy series revamp: Cheaper by the Dozen, and he attempted to branch into serious roles by starring in The Butterfly Effect – a sci-fi time travel dramatization – in 2004.

In 2003 Kutcher propelled what might turn out to be his greatest contribution to mainstream society with the MTV unique show Punk’d.

He produced and facilitated the show, which featured him orchestrating an assortment of elaborate shrouded camera tricks on his VIP friends, and he parlayed his prosperity with the show into the production of other MTV unscripted TV shows like Beauty and the Geek, The Real Wedding Crashers, Adventures in Hollywood, and a game show called Opportunity Knocks.

In 2006, Kutcher needed to downsize to fewer appearances on the last season of That 70s Show because of planning conflicts with his role in the action drama The Guardian, rather than showing up as a “guest star.”

In 2010, he was back on the big screen in Killers, playing a professional killer in the action comedy that he produced. The next year, he was thrown into the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men to supplant Charlie Sheen after the latter’s startling ejection from the show.

The show stayed mainstream and this ended up being an extremely lucrative activity that contributed more to Ashton Kutcher net worth, as it generated an estimated $20 million for every season.

A year after the end of Two and a Half Men, Kutcher got another television deal, the Netflix production The Ranch, where he assumed the lead role for a total run of 80 episodes.

He’s likewise been seen and heard on everything from the animated sitcom Family Guy to the reality competition program Shark Tank. Also, in 2017, he showed up on the mainstream unscripted television dating competition show The Bachelor.

Ashton Kutcher has also solidified himself in the realm of funding. Through his Venture Capital firm A-Grade_Investments, Ashton has made early interests in new companies like Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, and a host of others.

As indicated by one report, Ashton and his team transformed $30 million worth of ventures into $250 million in resources.

Furthermore, he possesses a Los Angeles Italian eatery called Dolce with his ex That 70s Show co-stars, Danny Masterson and Wilmer Valderrama.

Age, Weight, and Height

Ashton Kutcher is currently 43 years old, weighs 80kg, and is 1.89m tall

Ashton Kutcher Net Worth

Ashton Kutcher net worth in is an estimated $220 Million. Ashton Kutcher who is a former comedian has a total asset of $220 million.

Throughout the years, Kutcher’s income has been on the increase. For example, in 2013 and 2014, his yearly pays were $24 and $26 million respectively. Additionally, his joint venture with Vicarious was around $40 million.

Kutcher purportedly earned $750,000 per scene of Two and a Half Men following a year’s contract as the star. His ability to manage ventures has made him one of the world-driving business minds.

Several business magazines, for example, Forbes composed articles about him as a splendid financial specialist, through the development of his firm.

Personal Life

Ashton Kutcher wedded actress Demi Moore in 2005, The couple separated around six years later. In 2012, he began dating Mila Kunis, one of his former co-stars on That 70’s Show. The duo wedded in July 2015.


The actor has maximized his time in the limelight and ventured into other businesses in order to solidify his status as a bankable star. Ashton Kutcher net worth will definitely continue to grow as he is still a hot commodity in Hollywood.


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