Atiku Claims Nigeria Bears Greater Consequences Following Supreme Court Decision Favoring Tinubu, not Himself

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Busy Bee October 30, 2023
Updated 2023/10/30 at 7:23 PM

Following the Supreme Court’s judgement affirming Bola Tinubu as President, Atiku Abubakar has declared Nigeria as the biggest loser.

Atiku, who ran as the candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party in the 2023 presidential election and is a former Vice President, made this statement during a world press conference in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, on Monday.

Alongside his Labour Party counterpart, Peter Obi, Atiku had contested Tinubu’s victory in the previous election by filing petitions at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal. However, their petitions were dismissed by the tribunal for lacking merit.

They later appealed the ruling at the Supreme Court but had their appeals dismissed for also lacking merit.

During the press conference, Atiku, who was responding to the recent verdict from the highest court in the country, expressed his concerns. He stated, “When asked about my reaction if my election petition appeal was unsuccessful at the Supreme Court, I answered that as long as Nigeria benefits, the struggle would have been worthwhile.

My intention was to highlight the potential consequences for Nigeria if the Supreme Court legalizes illegal activities such as forgery, identity theft, and perjury.”

He continued, “If the highest court in the land suggests through its judgment that crime is acceptable and should be rewarded, then Nigeria will suffer.

It doesn’t matter who occupies the Presidential seat, the country’s fate is sealed. Additionally, if the Supreme Court allows the Electoral umpire, INEC, to deceive the public and manipulate outcomes corruptly, then there is little hope for democracy and electoral politics in the country.”

It is clear that the repercussions of these decisions will have long-lasting effects on the country, surpassing the current government’s term. I have complete confidence that history will prove me right. We are now aware of the outcome from the Supreme Court.

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