Atiku seeks permission from the Supreme Court to submit CSU documents against Tinubu

admin October 9, 2023
Updated 2023/10/09 at 10:07 AM

In his attempt to contest President Bola Tinubu’s election, Atiku Abubakar has requested permission from the Supreme Court to submit new evidence from Chicago State University (CSU) relating to Mr Tinubu.

Atiku, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has based this request on the Supreme Court Rules 1985 and the Nigerian constitution.

Atiku’s legal team, led by Chris Uche, filed the application on 5 October, seeking permission to present additional evidence, including a sworn statement from a CSU official regarding Mr Tinubu’s educational records.

Atiku raised concerns about President Tinubu’s CSU certificate submitted to INEC for the 2023 presidential election, claiming it was forged. He argued that Tinubu was not eligible to run.

However, the Presidential Election Petition Court in Abuja dismissed these allegations in September, along with similar allegations brought by Peter Obi of the Labour Party.

The court upheld the election of the president, who represented the APC. Despite this ruling, Atiku and Obi separately appealed to the Supreme Court, seeking to be declared the winners of the election or to have a new election ordered.

Atiku took additional measures to secure a court order in the United States, compelling CSU to release Mr. Tinubu’s academic records.

On October 2nd, a collection of documents was handed over to Atiku as per the directive of Judge Nancy Maldonado from the District Court of Illinois, Eastern Division in the United States.

During a court deposition on October 3rd, Caleb Westberg, the registrar of CSU, confirmed that Mr. Tinubu graduated from the university in 1979. Mr. Westberg also verified Mr. Tinubu’s identity, stating that the individual who graduated from the university in 1979 is the current Nigerian president.

However, when asked about the certificate Mr. Tinubu submitted to INEC, Mr. Westberg refrained from confirming or denying its authenticity. In response to Atiku’s lawyer’s question, he stated, “We were not authorized to determine whether this document is genuine since we do not have possession of it.”

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