6 Financial Skills To Master Before You Graduate

admin June 25, 2018
Updated 2019/12/02 at 11:04 AM
Basic financial skills

So you are about to leave school? Yes, you must have learned and played and had a lot of happy time, but now you have to face the music. It’s time to join the working population. Academics might be necessary, but it is time to learn so much more than just that. There are intricate attributes that you need to embrace to help you achieve so much more in life. Even if you are no graduate, this skills will help you achieve financial freedom, if used accordingly. Here are six basic financial skills you should learn before joining the labor market.

Basic Financial Skills Every Student Should Master


  1. Basic budgeting

If you cannot make a necessary budget and stick to it, you will run a substantial risk of making money and not seeing its purpose.  You will have stress filled lifestyle filled with late bills, saving as an afterthought as well as no strategic investments. To avoid having such lifestyle, you should consider setting up a budget plan from this moment and practice until you have mastered these basic financial skills. Apps that can help you achieve this include the Mint app.

  1. Living within your means

If you do not believe this, I will put it to you that this is a skill you must master. Making expenses much more than you make is a bad habit that will hamper you on having a business in the future or utilizing your salaried income efficiently. Also, you will never have any money to spare to take advantage of investment opportunities when they arise. Try to make a realistic budget that takes note of all aspects of expenses and stick to it.

  1. Paying your bills on time

You should note that paying your bills on time will have a lot of impact on your whole financial outlook. Avoid paying late fees now, and so you will be able to avoid paying late fees when you have a business enterprise or having a working salary. By doing so, you can make the right investments because you truly understand your financial worth and yes, you will become a more responsible adult

  1. Negotiating

When I researched school regions, it was observed that students found it very hard to negotiate prices; and more often were ashamed of it.  It should interest you to know that the Negotiation is an art or a financial skill; that would be required if you were to have a career in finance.

Therefore, whether that is your field of choice or not, you shouldn’t think twice about learning this basic financial skill. Negotiating is a skill that will help you save much more money over time and get quality services and products at a reduced price. It is a powerful tool that will help you negotiate the right salary with your potential employer, get the best resources for your given business idea and overall build the right pathway towards financial freedom.

  1. The Simple act of saving

By now you must have heard about the simple principle that says “Save before you spend.”  More often we have overlooked this smart principle because it is, in fact, challenging and almost impossible.

But this “little” principle can have a significant impact on your financial freedom. Attain a dogged determination towards saving and more saving; you will earn more that way. But you should understand one little reasoning; Simply keeping huge money in a bank for no such reason is foolhardy, you must use cash to find money. So save and invest; and make more then save some more and make much more investments.

I hope you found this article useful and you would adopt and master these basic financial skills

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