Beautiful Natural Places To Visit In Nigeria If You Want A Feel Of Nature

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Beautiful Natural Places

Beautiful Natural Places abound all over the country but advancement in technology has made a lot of us forget that apart from visiting beautiful hotels and malls, watching great movies and playing cool video games, Nature still provides the best sites for fun, recreation and all round enjoyment. Want to go on a vacation in Nigeria, here are some of those beautiful natural wonder sites you would be happy you paid a visit to.

Beautiful Natural Places To Visit In Nigeria


Formerly known as the Obudu Cattle Ranch, the Obudu Mountain Resort is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful natural places in Nigeria.

Located on the Obudu plateau in Cross River state, Nigeria, the ranch is one of the most visited tourist           attraction in Nigeria, visited by both Locals and foreigners alike. Indeed, if you are a Nigerian or just visiting the country for the first time and you have not visited the mountain resort ; you are missing out on a very fascinating site of nature.

The resort features a water park, golf course as well as great accommodations for tourists.

Ever rode on a cable bus? If your answer is no, you need to be in obudu right now to ride on those cable buses soaring above a great view of wildlife and mountains alike.

The canopy walkway is one you should also be looking forward to walk on when you visit the resort. It gives you a great experience of canopy life and a great view from the top.

If you happen to visit the resort in the month of November, then you could take part in the Obudu mountain race, which takes place every year in the month of November.

Having access to the ranch requires a meagre sum of just 200 Naira ; while accessing some other parts of the ranch could also attract a few sum, but the experience is definitely worth it.

When next you plan on going for a vacation either alone or as group, the Obudu mountain resort should be the first on your list.

Beautiful Natural Places
Obudu Cattle Ranch


Officially known as the Yankari National Park, the Yankari game reserve is arguably the most popular game reserve in the country and one of the beautiful natural places in the country.

The game reserve is located near Gagi river in the south central part of Bauchi state, Nigeria.

The tourist centre of the park is known as the Wikki Park. The camp is named after and built beside the Wikki Warm Spring which is one of the best elements of the park. Unwinding in the warm water in the cool of the evening, leaves an everlasting sense of enjoyable fulfillment.

The wikki camp provides a restaurant, bar and conference center as well as accommodation for tourists.

The camp also features a musuem containing various animals and hunting  artifacts and also serve as a conservation centre.

One cannot talk about the Yankari game reserve without talking about the main reason for the reserve in the first place. The park contains a large variety of wild life including over 50 specie of mammals. Yankari is recognized as having one of the largest collection of elephants in west Africa. There are also more than 350 bird species in the park. Other animals present in the park include the west African lion, African buffalo, water-buck and a host of other wild animals.

If you want to get a feel of what wild life might actually be about, with a more detailed emphasis on personal security, then the Yankari Game Reserve is waiting for your visit.

Beautiful Natural Places
Yankari Game Reserve


Carved craftily by the blessed hands of mother nature, Olumo Rock is located in the ancient city of Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria.

Historically, Olumo Rock was used as a stronghold by the Egba people who were the early inhabitants of Abeokuta in the 19th century, during warring periods.

Today, Olumo rock is one of Nigeria’s most fascinating tourist centres.

With a height of 137m at it’s highest point, the rock is made up of several caves which can size a handful of humans conveniently at a time. Olumo Rock is one of the beautiful natural places to visit in Nigeria

In 2006, the site was renovated and upgraged to meet high tourist standard. So, you not only go there now to see the rocks, but also, a museum, various exquisite restaurants and a water fountain.

Also, a thing to note is the ancient Itoku market, just outside the Olumo rock premises. This market is the home of indigenous tye and dye in abeokuta. Here, you see various traders displaying their various beautiful attires to the admiration of both locals and foreigners alike.

Lastly, you can’t visit olumo rock and not get to dance to the famous tune of the gods, the Sekere drum, famously known as the ‘talking drum’. Indeed, Olumo rock is a place you need to visit if you ever have a need to clear off your head and have fun.

Beautiful Natural Places
Olumo Rock


Known to the people of Idanre as ‘Oke Idanre’, the Idanre hills is located about 24 kilometers southwest of Akure, Ondo state capital and is one of the beautiful natural places in the country.

Worthy of note is the fact that it takes 620 steps for one to be able to climb from the foot of the hill to the top.

Listed among the UNESCO World Heritage sites, the hills include such cultural sites as the Agbooogun footprint; Owa’s palace, shrines, Belfry, Old court and the Thunder water fondly called ‘Omi Apaara’. It is said that the Agbooogun footprint could fit into the leg of anyone who set their foot on it. I bet you want to see this.

Also worthy of note is the great Iraye tree, rooted just at the entrance of the ancient city of Idanre. Once you set your eyes on this tree, you  can now get prepared to take the great steps leading to the hill.

If you are a lover of mother nature and want a feel of natural wonder sites, with a touch of culture like the icing on a cake, then the Idanre hills is the place for you.

Beautiful Natural Places
Idanre Hills


Ever wondered where the great idea of a cold and warm shower came from? Then, you need to pay a visit to the Ikogosi Warm Springs.

This one in a million nature’s finest work of art, is located in Ikogosi, Ekiti state,south western Nigeria. Unarguably, the Ikogosi warm spring is one of the most outstanding beautiful natural places in the country. It is said to be the only one in the world with the features it possess.

What makes it so distinct is the fact that the warm spring meets another cold spring at a confluence and yet, each maintain its own thermal properties. Unbelievable you say? Then, you have to pay a visit to the Ikogosi warm spring the next time you have time available for a vacation.

Accommodation facilities are available for tourists very close to the spring, and apart from the transport fare you spend getting there, you don’t have to pay a dime to gain access to the facility.

Also worthy of mention are the swimming pools, exquisite traditional restaurants, a wide variety of green life and a host of others present at the resort.

Want to have a warm body bath and you can not afford the expenses of a jacuzzi? The Ikogosi warm spring awaits your visit.

Nigeria is a beautiful place crafted by mother nature her self. Apart from the ones mentioned above, Nigeria is a home to other beautiful natural places too numerous to mention. When next you feel like going for a vacation, you can start with those great natural wonder sites listed above and i assure you, you would want to pay a visit to these places a second time.

Beautiful Natural Places
Ikogosi Warm Springs

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