Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know In order To Look Good With Little Resources

admin June 19, 2018
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beauty hacks

Beauty hacks are many, but these are my favorites yet. Been beautiful is a lovely part of our being Women; big or small. These beauty hacks will ensure you always look good even when you have so little resources at that time.

Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

  1. Getting rid of Dark Circles

Dark circles can be quite a nuisance when you have a beautiful little occasion on the way, and with no concealer, it can seriously be a big problem. Well, no worries, all you need to get rid of these dark circles, all you need do is use a bit of red lipstick. All you need do is merely dap a bit of your lipstick using your concealer brush around your dark circles before applying your setting powder

  1. Making a New Lipstick Palette

When you are done with most of your lipstick, do not throw away the last sticks, you can make a collection of this used lipsticks, melt it using a bit of heat. And then place it into an empty lipstick palette, or you can mix up and get some new collection of colors.

  1. Whiten your Armpits

You can grate a potato or use a slice of it. Then use it to rub on the armpits, use it at least twice a day for at least week. This may not irritate your skin, but some skins are entirely different. Potatoes contain an active lightening agent; an enzyme called the catecholase. Potatoes can also help reduce stretch marks as well as wrinkles.

  1. Turning your ordinary Shampoo into a descriptive mix

Your regular shampoos will wash your hair, with a clarifying blend you will have the perfect shampoo that will clean deeply, exfoliate the scalp and help rejuvenate your hair.

All you have to do is; make a mixture of your regular shampoo with:

  • ½ cup of Baking Soda
  • Four drops of essential oil
  • ½ of potato starch
  1. Lengthen lashes with baby powder

We all love an extra length on the lashes, but consistently using false lashes can be quite damaging to the eyes. Sometimes it is necessary to use something else that will give you the lashes you yearn for.

All you need do is just:

Apply the first layer of mascara and then dust some baby powder over it. Next, add the next layer mascara on the top. Wala!!, you got extra-long and thick with no added fuss.

These are my favorite beauty hacks yet, what are yours?



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