Benefits of Eating Eggs And Exceptional Things You Do Not Know About Them

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benefits of eating eggs

If you cannot have breakfast without Eggs, then you are not alone. Eggs are the single most delicious food that can be whipped into an array of dishes, whether it is hard-boiled, scrambled, poached, mixed into backed dishes and many more. There are several benefits of eating eggs. Eggs are protein-packed food gotten from birds. However, a lot of them are obtained from Chicks. It is estimated that a lot of people all over the World consume an average of 4 eggs a day and contrary to your expectations. Eggs are a lot healthier and protein rich. Read on to learn more about it.

Picking a Healthy Egg

When you visit the grocery store to purchase some eggs, you will notice that there are a lot of color differences in some eggs. Sometimes, you may come across freckles or spots on its body; this does not mean these eggs are deficient or unhealthy. Egg color differences are just genetics and have nothing to do with nutritional value.

Also, Egg yolks come in an assortment of colors ranging from deep orange to white and to almost red. The richness of the egg yolk depends only on the level of feeding done with the hens which produced them. However, this does not also affect the protein or fat content of the egg in any way but preferably in the level of micro-nutrients found within the egg.

Benefits of Eating Eggs

Aged Eggs

The tricky part is picking an unhealthy, aged egg. It is quite challenging to do this, and it is crucial you do so due to the health dangers it poses to you. One excellent way to know a fresh egg from an aged one is by placing it in a bowl of cold water. Eggs are generally porous; therefore if your egg sinks to the base, it is safe to eat. If your egg floats, then it may be dangerous to ingest it. When you store eggs, do so in the main section of your refrigerator.

The Size of your Egg may matter only a bit

Contrary to popular notion, Eggs size does not matter so much when it comes to nutrients; the size only matters a lot when you need extra consistency in your some baked dishes such as a cake, or souffles. When it comes to nutrients, A larger egg may offer you more nutrients, but a smaller egg also provides you with just enough nutrients and calories.

Surprising Benefits of Eating Eggs

Eggs contain a high amount of nutrients

For many years due to the cholesterol content of the Egg Yolk, Eggs have been singled out as a great contributor to several forms of a heart ailment. There are so many benefits of eating eggs and more studies have shown that a proper diet with Egg is indeed a healthy diet. This is because a single egg can give you access to 70 calories, high-quality protein, Zeanthin (an antioxidant for eye health), lutein, Vitamins D, Riboflavin, A, B12, phosphorus, and folate.

Also, Eggs contain choline which is necessary for function in Adults as well as the development of the brain of a foetus during pregnancy.

Can be part of a Weight loss regimen

Eggs can be incorporated into a healthy diet plan to help you manage your health properly. This is another of the benefits of eating eggs. With just a large Egg, one has access to about 70calories and six grams of proteins. This is crucial because consuming a lower amount of calories is essential to losing weight. So by replacing a massive serving of meat with a single hard boiled egg gets rid of a lot of calories from your diet.

Excellent as a snack for fitness

Combine a hard boiled egg, with fresh fruits or whole grain crackers as a superb post-exercise snack. It helps to rebuild and repair your muscle tissues with the right dose of amino acids. It is also excellent when losing weight.

A source of Vitamin D

Naturally, the body gets a lot of Vitamin D from sun exposure and some foods. However, meeting the daily requirement can be quite tricky. However, adding Eggs to your diet especially at breakfast can supply more Vitamin D. This is one of the benefits of eating eggs.One large egg yolk can give you access to 41 units of Vitamin D which is about 10percent of the daily dose of Vitamin D an Adult needs.

An excellent source of Omega – 3

Omega-3 is essential for your heart as well as your blood pressure. It is also quite good for healthy skin. Therefore, with eggs, you can have an excellent source of these kinds of fats.

The Bottom Line

There are immense benefits of eating eggs. Although some studies have said that Eggs contribute to the levels of cholesterol, more studies have linked this actually to emanate from lifestyle problems. In fact, The Keto diet is a diet that utilizes a lot of Egg Recipes and has been backed by many studies for its healthy and stable format of helping you lose weight. Therefore, the problem all lies in your ability to achieve balance in your meals. It is often advised that for an Adult, you have a low carbohydrate meal, paired with moderate amounts of proteins and a higher expanse of fruits and vegetables.


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