16 Top Best Money Management App You Should Try

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Best Money Management App

Money managing can be tedious. Help yourself with this list of the best money management app!

Financial planning is the most effective way of controlling your money. It has to do with three vital elements such as a well-organized financial goal, a realistic budget, as well as real-time tracking.

Budgeting helps you to control your finance and stay committed to your financial dreams and goals. Real-time tracking enables you to make the right money actions at the right time.

Money management is easier said than often done because it requires devotion and many people have an issue with that. Do not be one of them. cultivate the habit of tracking your finances. Start now and you’ll be glad you did.

What is a Money Management App?

A money management app is an app created for business and personal financial transactions, to track spending reports, balance budget, review financial data daily, weekly as well as monthly, and control your assets.

Top Best Best Money Management App

Here are the best apps for finance management.


This is one of the top free famous and effective expense trackers on Google Play. AndroMoney provides cross-platform support for iOS as well as the web.

Features offered by this app include budgeting functions, multiple accounts, support for more than one currency and backs up to excel as well.

Download: AndroMoney


Mint is another great app for both personal and business finance management. It is a replacement for the former app known as Mint Bills.

Mint is developed by Intuit, the same company that developed TurboTax. This app has numerous amazing features.  You can manage and pay your bills, budget, get reminded of your unpaid bills, and many more.

It syncs with your bank account, so you can make payments comfortably.

Download: Mint



Wallet is on a mission to help you bring your tumultuous financial status under control. It helps you balance and track your expenses.

It links together to your bank account. Wallet has account-sharing features so couples can use this app with ease.

Like other finance apps, wallet supports multiple currencies. It also supports cloud syncing, warranty tracking, shopping lists, templates, etc.

It is among the best money management app and its interface is beautiful and worth a look

Download: Wallet

Financial Calculators

To manage your finance to reach your future financial goal, you need to make use of Financial calculators. It is a money management app great for budgeting,

Financial Calculator helps you figure out a lot of things. For example, it calculates loans so you can see check your payments and interest.

There are about three or four dozen calculators on this app in total. These calculators vary from a home buyer to fixed vs adjustable-rate as well as a return-on-investment calculator.

These calculators will not manage your money, but with them, you will certainly avoid most bad decisions on upcoming purchases. It’s one of the budget apps you must have.

DownloadFinancial Calculator



SuperSplit is one of the most-used apps for finance management. It allows for easy splitting of expenses among colleagues, friends, and flat-mates without causing an issue in the relationship.

Expenses like trips, rent, food, movie, etc. can be tracked by supersplit. The best part about supersplit is that payment reminders are sent to the group when due and everyone can make payment without having to be told.

Download: Supersplit


Are you looking for the best money management app to track your finances properly? Goodbudget is your go-to app.

It is designed to track your daily personal expenses. This finance management app helps you stick to your budget, finances, and pay bills.

Goodbudget enables you to control your spending behaviour as it consistently reminds you of your bills when due.

Download: Goodbudget


Expense Manager

Expense Manager is one of the top best money management apps you should try. It is all simple, intuitive, and stable.

It is a budget tool that helps budget properly and you keep track of your expenses.

Download: Expense Manager 



Walnut is an end-to-end finance control app with which you can manage your transactions with ease. This app records your expenses through your cards, ATMs, mobile wallets, Internet, and net banking.

The app gets to capture data from your SMS and groups the expenditures according to their nature. Walnut reminds you about due bill payment also.

You can as well manage shared expenses among family and friends enabling bills to be settled within the app.

Download: Walnut



Capturing bills, purchases, and other expenses are easy with the Monefy money management app.

This app is not only an expense tracker, but it is one of the best money-saving apps.

However, Monefy helps you stay in shape financially by comparing your expenses to your budget planner and income. This way, you can tell if your overspending or not.

Your banking app

Your banking app is also a pretty decent finance app. You can achieve financial balance with this app.

It allows you to transfer money, view your balance, pay bills online, check recent transactions, and do more.

Most banks have greater features than others. However, they seek to achieve the same goal. If you need a basic budgeting tool, you can simply use their banking app.

Companies that make use of credit cards have official apps also. They play the same role as banking apps.

Official banking apps auto-pay your bills for you, download bank statements and do other things.


My Finances

One of the best money management app is My Finances. With My Finance, your future expenses can be planned, you can manage more than one account, and can view your finance history.

This app is wrapped up in a bright-colored Material Design interface. Secure your financial goal with My Finances today!

Download: My Finances

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is almost like writing your budget down on a piece of paper. As cliché as this may be, It helps too.

It is free and recommended. All you have to do is fill in the rows and columns with your expenses, income, savings, and other data and you can track what you spend, save, and budget every month.

Google sheet is much more simple to use and it is the best for those who are great security conscious.



Here is another finance management app for you. With YNAB, you can track your expenses, budget, pay bills and do more.

Download: YNAB



The free version of EveryDollar is simple to use because you don’t have your bank accounts synchronized.

You record all the monthly incoming and outgoing money manually

EveryDollar can help you set a reminder for payment of bills and categorize items in your budget.

Download: EveryDollar

Personal Capital

Although Personal Capital is primarily for investment, its free app is created with helpful features for those hoping to track their spending and budget.

Download: Personal Capital



Pocket Guard is among the best money management app for money-minded people.

Like other apps, you can connect your bank accounts, loans, credit cards, and investments and track bills.

You can check the amount of money spend after setting aside funds for necessities, bills, and goals.

Download: Pocket Guard

Why Must You Use Finance Management Apps?

These apps are tools that are useful to help you devise a personal financial strategy. The greatest advantage of using a money management app is to help you make sure that your budget is achieved.

With these apps, you can track your expenses and control your cash flow daily, enabling you to get closer to your financial goals.

How To Identify The Best Budget Apps

The above money management apps are great and they allow users to:

  • Connect various types of financial accounts
  • View their categorized expenses and open custom categories.
  • Expense sharing option (with friends, family, and partners)
  • Capture bills and give reminders about upcoming due bill dates.
  • Get access to the app through both the desktop and mobile app.
  • Decision to plan finances ahead versus tracking transactions of the past.


With the above-mentioned 16 top best money management apps,  your financial future and goals are covered.

Make your choice and pick any app that resonates with you and get started.

This post has not only listed financial apps but has shown how to identify the best budget apps.

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