Top 10 Best Paying Healthcare Jobs, Descriptions and Salaries

Joseph Kanu
Posted Joseph Kanu March 8, 2023
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Best Paying Healthcare Jobs
Best Paying Healthcare Jobs

Without a doubt, the healthcare system, in general, plays an essential role in our society because, in addition to helping people suffering from various ailments, healthcare professionals also spearhead the prevention of illnesses from arising in the first place. 

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It won’t come as a surprise to many that healthcare is a growing field with some of the highest-paid professionals. Doctors and surgeons earn obviously high salaries, nevertheless, there are plenty of other healthcare roles in which people can earn a good living. 

Since you’re searching for the best paying healthcare jobs, Busytape presents you with the top 10 best paying healthcare jobs, their descriptions and salaries, and by the time you’re done reading this article, you would know which one best suits you.

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Below are the top 10 best paying healthcare jobs:

1. Physician or surgeon

The first on our list are physicians and surgeons. Physicians and surgeons are healthcare professionals responsible for the diagnostics and treatment of illnesses and injuries in patients. They examine patients, take note of their medical histories, carry out diagnostic tests, and thereafter prescribe medications. 

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These professionals may assess and provide advice on preventative healthcare, including the improvement of people’s diet, nutrition, or exercise regimen. Physicians and surgeons work in clinics and hospitals. In the case of surgeons, they carry out operations on patients to treat injuries and diseases, maybe resulting from a car accident, cancer, or disability. 

As a requirement for becoming either a physician or a surgeon, pre-med students would undergo studies in biology, physical science, or other healthcare-related fields. The least duration for medical school is four years, in addition to residency, which can last between three to nine years, depending on your specialization

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Physicians and surgeons can also earn Doctoral degrees, like a Medical Doctor (MD) or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) degree. They receive a median salary of $208,000 and above.

2. Podiatrists

Podiatrists are healthcare professionals who look into the foot, ankle, and lower leg. They provide medical and surgical care for the aforementioned parts of the body, they diagnose illnesses or injuries that patients may have sustained. 

Podiatrists can carry out surgeries to treat fractures and thereafter prescribe inserts to improve mobility. One doesn’t need to be told that the feet are the foundation for the rest of the body, most importantly for movement.

Senior podiatrists hold a Doctoral degree; a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) degree from an accredited college of podiatric medicine, which takes four years to complete, however, a college degree is required to become a podiatrist. They receive $145,840 as the median salary.

3. Dentists

The second on our list is a group of healthcare professionals known as dentists. Dentists are healthcare experts who look into all that concerns the teeth, gums, and other parts of the mouth. Dentists carry out diagnostics and treatment of any dental issues that may arise, including advising on proper care and diet for the improvement of dental health.

The typical day-to-day tasks of dentists would include the removal of decay from teeth, filling cavities, examining x-rays of the teeth, gums, and jaw, and prescribing medications, night guards, or dentures. 

A major driving force of any aspiring dentist is that he or she must be detail-oriented, honest and trustworthy, and easygoing. Dentists should care about educating patients about teeth and how important teeth are to their overall health. 

Top dentists across the world hold Doctoral degrees, like Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD), while others are licensed by the state. Dentists receive a median salary of $163,220.

4. Pharmacist

Pharmacists are responsible for dispensing prescription medications to patients and also advising them on the safe usage and storage of those drugs. At various drug stores and pharmacies, pharmacists also conduct health screenings, administer immunizations and flu shots and advise patients on diet, exercise, and management of stress.

Some very beautiful traits for pharmacists all over the world have to include kindness, good memory, and the ability to manage the business side of the pharmacy. Pharmacists receive a median salary of $128,570 in addition to the money they make from the sales of drugs.

5. Nurse Practitioners

This group of health care professionals, nurse practitioners, alongside nurse anaesthetists and nurse midwives, are different types of “advanced practice registered nurses” (APRNs), who are responsible for the coordination and provision of care to patients. 

Advanced practice registered nurses just like doctors take note of patients’ medical histories and symptoms, monitor the symptoms’ progress, create patient care plans, carry out diagnostic tests, operate medical equipment, and provide or prescribe medicines.

These healthcare professionals may choose to work independently or collaborate with physicians, and much of their work is quite similar to that of registered nurses, however, advanced practice registered nurses have additional training and specializations, and tend to focus on patient-centred care. They earn $123,780 as a median salary.

6. Optometrists

Optometrists are healthcare professionals who are responsible for the assessment of the eyes and other parts of the visual system. Optometrists examine and carry out diagnostics, and treatments of all visual problems, diseases, injuries, and disorders of the eyes. 

This group of healthcare experts can as well prescribe glasses or contact lenses, and some may carry out surgical procedures to correct vision issues and figure out treatments for vision rehabilitation. 

Optometrists would always possess excellent communication skills and the ability to work with precision since the eyes are an essential and delicate part of the human body. Optometrists receive a median salary of  $124,300.

7. Physician Assistants

Physician assistants simply known as PAs, are responsible for the examination, diagnostics, and treatment of patients, assisting physicians, surgeons, and other senior healthcare staff.

Physician assistants, just as their name implies carry out a good number of functions like the physician and registered nurses such as taking note of patients’ medical histories, examining and monitoring their health, running and analysing diagnostic tests such as x-rays and blood tests, and administering treatment for injuries or diseases.

Physician assistants’ attributes should typically include calmness, approachability, collaboration, and adaptation. They receive a median salary of $121,530.

8. Veterinarian

Veterinarians are professionals who provide medical care for animals and in the majority of cases, protection of public health is often incorporated into their work. Veterinarians carry out examinations, diagnostics, and treatment of medical conditions for pets, livestock, and more.

They sometimes perform surgery and dressing of wounds. Usually, people in this field can specialize in pets as a companion animal veterinarian, or in livestock as a food animal veterinarian or food safety and inspection veterinarian.

The set of veterinarians who enjoy working with animals is those who are compassionate problem solvers and decision-makers because their patients cannot communicate with them the way humans can. Veterinarians receive a median salary of $100,370.

9. Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists are healthcare professionals who look into the treatment of patients who are injured, ill, or disabled, helping them in their recovery and gaining the necessary skills for daily living and working.

Occupational therapists also carry out examinations and treatment of patients who may encounter disabilities when performing certain tasks after an illness such as a stroke, while some may carry out evaluations on patients’ homes or workplaces to improve their environment, like labelling filing cabinets for someone with Alzheimer’s disease.

Occupational therapists are usually creative and resourceful in the identification of potential innovative ways the improvement of a patient’s day-to-day tasks. They are usually observant and adaptable to accommodate their changing needs even as the day goes by.

Some occupational therapists hold a master’s degree in occupational therapy, while some have gone far in the field by holding a doctoral degree, and an occupational therapy license which requires passing the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy exam. Their median salary is $85,570.

10. Physical Therapists

Physical therapists are healthcare professionals that help injured people improve movement, manage pain, and increase mobility. Physical therapists most often work with patients with critical or fatal conditions, illnesses, or injuries to provide rehabilitation, treatment, and preventative care.

Physical therapists may be referred by physicians or surgeons, to carry out diagnostics and treatment of patients using exercises, stretching, therapy, and equipment to either reduce or prevent pain. 

The traits of physical therapists are determination, and patience because the recovery process of patients can be sometimes slow and difficult for patients, and they are always supportive, resilient, and sociable.

The educational requirements for this group of healthcare professionals range from the top are a Doctoral degree; a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) from a program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), and the least a college degree in the related field. three years. Physical therapists receive a median salary of $95,620.


Just as we earlier said, healthcare professionals, play an essential role in our world, it will be best to say their roles in our communities, cities, states and even countries can not be over-emphasized, and as such, the figures they earn are well deserved.

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