List of Top 20 Best Secondary Schools In Lagos State

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20 Best Secondary Schools In Lagos State

Best secondary schools in Lagos for your kids is what this article will explore. In this short post, we will reveal all the best secondary schools Lagos has to offer your children.

Discovering a good secondary school for your child/ward can be quite challenging, and you can never trust a school’s outward look.

Top 20 Best Secondary Schools in Lagos Nigeria.

It is important that your child get the best education for proper development. Therefore, we bring to you in no particular order the best secondary schools you can find in Lagos

  • King’s College

The King’s College was founded in early 1909 and since its inception admits only males. It is an international giant and has seen many years while boasting of several state of the arts architecture available to provide your child the best education.

  • Vivian Fowler Memorial College

The Vivian Fowler Memorial College is a secondary school for your girl child. It was founded in 1991, and has since then remained one of the most prestigious girl’s schools in Africa.

  • Day Waterman College

Day Waterman College is another great school not just in Nigeria but in Africa as a whole. It is actually found in Abeokuta but is less than an hour drive from Lagos.  It sits on 35 hectares of land area providing well ventilated environment to ensure that your child has all round education, not just academically but also with respect to sports and recreation among others.

  • St Gregory’s College

St Gregory’s secondary school was founded in the year 1928 and remains among the best secondary schools in Lagos. It is a Catholic Missionary school based in Obalende, around Ikoyi Lagos. The School admits only boys and remains among the best Christian secondary schools.

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  • Greensprings School

The Greensprings School was founded in 1985 and is a conglomerate of all school programs from Kindergarten to Tertiary educations.  This school also provides programs for the IB (International Bacculerate) program . It is a school for both your male and female children and has two campuses, one at the Mainland and another at the Island.

  • Chrisland College

The Chrisland College is part of the Chrisland Schools and has several branches across Nigeria. It is one of the best schools in Lagos and was founded in the year 1987. It is a full time boarding school located in the Alimosho LGA here in Lagos and provides a comprehensive mix of Nigeria, British and American curriculum.

  • Dowen College

Doewn College is among the best Secondary schools in Lagos and caters to both male and female children. This secondary school is a day and boarding facility and fully incorporates an International curriculum. It is located at the Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

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  • Queen’s College

Queen’s College is a government owned secondary school with full boarding facilities. It was founded in 1972 and is situated in Yaba, Lagos as well as several other cities around Nigeria. It is an all-girls college and is actually fondly called a Sister college to the King’s college.

  • Ifako International Secondary School

The Ifako International Secondary School is part of the Ifako International Schools and was founded in 1974. It is quite a great school and gives effective academic and moral upbringing to your child

  • NOBEL Algarve’s International School, Lagos

The NOBEL Algarve’s International School, Lagos was founded in the year 1981, it is a international school based mainly in Portugal and exposes your child/ward to the best education from kindergarten to secondary education.

  • Kingsfield College

The Kingsfield College was founded in the year 2006 and remains one of the best secondary schools in Lagos, despite been quite young.  It runs a co-educational day and boarding facility and provides the Cambridge international Examination program in its curriculum to prepare your child for tertiary studies at any university abroad.

  • Albesta Academy

Albesta Academy is a Christian day and boarding school was founded in 2006. With strict regards for Christianity, the Albesta Academy provides comprehensive education to your child or ward in the British curriculum. It is situated in Lagos, about 400 meters from Eleko junction.

  • Lagoon Secondary School

The Lagoon secondary school is one of the best secondary schools in Lagos and is exclusively for your girls only. It was founded in 1995 and at first was situated in Surulere but is now situated in Lekki ( since April 2001). It is one of the highest private institutions with the largest amount of students (well over 500 hundred), it is a fully dedicated Christian school.

  • British International School

British International School Lagos was founded in 2001.  It is a multinational educational system and caters to students of different cultural backgrounds. It is operated by a Nigerian royal family based in is among the best secondary schools in Lagos and provides academic studies imbibed with a comprehensive mix of the Nigeria and British curriculum.

  • Ronik Comprehensive School

The Ronik Comprehensive School is based in Ejigbo and remains among the best secondary schools in Lagos for boys and girls. It provides day and boarding house facilities and ensures to give a comprehensive mix of international and Nigeria curriculum to give an all-round education to your child.

  • Estaport Secondary School

The Estaport Secondary school is an arm of the Estaport Schools and is among the best secondary schools in Lagos. Estaport Schools founded in the year 1985 but the Secondary school arm was inaugurated in year 2000 and caters to both the boy and girl child. It is located in Soluyi, Gbagada area in Lagos.

  • St. Francis Catholic Secondary School

St. Francis Another school is a catholic missionary school and  was created in 1990. It is controlled by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) of the North-West Africa Province. It remains one of the best secondary schools in Lagos and provides comprehensive academic and spiritual education for your child/ward.

  • Ikenna Stars Academy

The Ikenna Stars Academy is located in Igbede in Ojo LGA here in Lagos . Founded in 2004 , it remains among the best secondary schools in Lagos state. It is known best for its dominance in major inter schools competitions around Lagos. It is a school for your girl and boy child and runs a co-educational day and boarding facility.

  • Grange School

Grange School is a day and boarding school in Lagos and was founded  in 1958. It remains one of the best secondary schools in Lagos and admission into this school only takes place by oral interview as the school  admission is strictly for individuals with solid background.  The Grange school at first was only a primary institution but added a secondary school in 1998. It caters to a British Curriculum so your child has the best education necessary.

Getting the best secondary education is very important as the mid years are often filled with turbulence. Ensure you make a great choice of school not just with respect to your pocket size but with the notion that Educating your child is an important investment.

I do hope you found this article interesting, if you need any more information please place a comment below.

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