50 Best Service Based Business Ideas

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Best Service Based Business Ideas

Do you wish to know the 50 best service-based business ideas? This article is just what you require. So let’s begin! Many people around the world are in constant search of how to get things done faster, better, and at an affordable rate.

So, this allows you to develop special service-based business ideas. It is even better you focus on a particular one and deliver excellent services to your clients.

Therefore, that skill of yours can be put to work and make an extra income for you today.

However, this article aims to show you the 50 best service-based business ideas that you can venture into and make a good income for yourself.

Read on!

Best Service Based Business Ideas

1) House Painter

Paints bring brightness and life to a house. So, as a house painter, you have to consider the requirements of your clients and make sure you deliver the best.

2) Male Salon

Some areas have a huge demand for male grooming, which goes beyond just barbing. So, you go beyond just barbing of hair, and offer extra male grooming services like bronzing, wet shaving, and skincare.

3) Make-up Artist

You can exploit this niche with your make-up skills. Models need to look great, brides need that amazing appearance on their special day, and lots more, so just give in your best to make that lady look perfect.

4) Skin Care Therapist

As a skincare therapist, it is your duty to wax, cleanse, laser, and exfoliate your client’s skin and body parts. You have to treat and reduce lines and wrinkles on the skin of your clients.

Though, in some states, like in the U.S, you will need to have a license to practice.

5) Hairdressing

Another work of artistry, where you need to style and make people appear wonderful with various hairstyles. With your knowledge of hairstyles and coloring, you will be able to interact with different sets of people as you make a nice income.

6) Fitness Instructor

By spending time at the gym, instructing people, and making them get the desired body shape they crave, you can make a good income for yourself. With your fitness knowledge and an effective fitness website, you can organize your classes and give quality fitness instructions to your clients.

7) Gardener

If you are good with nurturing and maintaining plants, you can use your skills to help people in love with natural greens, create or recreate their evergreen compounds. This is a great way to earn.

8) Home Organizer

Some people find it stressful to keep their homes in proper shape. If you are good with organizing a messed-up home into an organized one, then you are in for some great income.

9) Home Decorator

Are you good with interior designs, colors, and aesthetics? Then you might be sitting on a gold mine. Most people love their homes to always have that exceptional look of perfection. Deliver that great beauty to their home and make cool cash for yourself.

10) Baby Consultant

Some parents find it hard to understand their baby. Parents want their baby to live to their highest potential; you can make it happen for them as a baby consultant. You can make them understand how to make their baby eat, sleep, laugh, and others.

11) Cleaning Services

If you are good with dusting, mopping, and vacuuming, you can make some cool income from it. Cleaning services do not need much capital to start. So, you can start now to earn by cleaning people’s homes.

12) Dry Cleaning Services

As a dry cleaner, you just need a washing machine, steamers, stain removers, and some other items to commence. You also need great determination to offer quality services to your clients.

Use biodegradable plastic bags to serve your customers and encourage eco-friendliness.

13) Repairs of Bicycle

Lots of people use bicycles to go to work or to keep fit. So, if you have the skill to fix bicycles you can make good cash from it. Because bicycles have issues from time to time and so you make money by inspecting and fix them promptly. Be versed in your repairs, don’t just fix the regular bicycles, also fix racing and mountain bikes. You can also engage in refurbishing services too.

best service-based business ideas

14) Real Estate Consultancy

As a real estate consultant, you will help clients, purchase and sell their properties. You can also offer special services like lease management, assets, and market analysis. You can charge hourly or set flat rates.

15) Brand Ambassador

As a brand ambassador of any company or organization, you will work as a paid spokesperson to your targeted audience to encourage them to buy the company’s products or services.

Most celebrities take on this role, but if you have a huge social media following, then you can also be a brand ambassador and earn good money from it.

16) SEO Strategist

So many businesses and professionals require an SEO strategist who can drive huge traffic to their websites. As an SEO (search engine optimization) strategist, you can use your skill to make your clients’ websites rank higher on search engines such as Google. That’s how you earn greatly.

17) Proofreader and Editor

Many writers do not have the luxury or patience to go through their write-ups. So, as an editor, you critically check for grammatical errors and look for ways to improve your client’s work. While your proofreading skills would help sort out typographical errors that can affect the work. Your demand is always high, so your income.

18) Technical Writer

A technical is not just a common writer. As a technical writer, you make quality research and arrange your facts in a way that can be easily understood. You will be writing various types of technical writing such as medical, scientific, and financial documents, and many others. The income you will earn is good.

19) IT Service Support

Lots of companies around the world are always in search of people that can offer IT service support. It requires you to collaborate your communication skills with your specialized technical and computer knowledge. It is a job that gives you great income and flexibility.

20) Computers Technician

If you can fix computers, scanners, printers, and other computer-related equipment, to make good earnings. You have to make sure that this equipment is always in good working condition. Your services would be needed by businesses and individuals around you.

21) Software Installation Services

People are always in need of the latest software and sort for whom to install them. Here you will run diagnoses, configuring & updating software, and ensure that the computer programs in your client’s computer function properly.

22) Data Analyst

As a data analyst, companies and individuals would most times require your analytical and difficult problem-solving skills, to help them make serious decisions. The data that you compile and interpret is what the company or individual pays you for.

23) Carpentry Services

As a carpenter, you will need to be very dedicated to delivering the best to your clients. You might be called to fix a broken table or chair, a leaking roof, or even build a fresh roof, and so on. Put your heart to it and you will reap great income.

service-based business ideas

24) AC Fixer

A cool room can be so refreshing after taking a long walk under the sun. So, if the AC in a room is not cooling properly, is your job to fix it. You can also handle installations alongside other services.

25) Moving and Packaging Services

Many people find it difficult to package their belongings when they are about to move to a new area. This is where your moving and packaging skills are required. Ensure that you bring along your packaging materials such as label makers, bubble wraps, packing tapes, boxes, and so on, to be efficient.

26) Freelance Researcher

As a freelance researcher, you are supposed to make all types of research, whether small or large. Your clients pay you for the time you put in to sort for the required materials and nice reports they need.

27) Bookkeeper

As a bookkeeper, you have to be highly organized. Your job is to monitor revenue, manage account records, take note of spending and invoices, and write financial reports for your clients. This job requires you to be extremely attentive and good at solving problems.

28) Translator

In a place where the market is highly globalized, your clients would require you to use your translating skills to surmount any language obstacles and improve the flow of communication. Communicating the right message is key, and that’s how you earn.

29) App Developer

Do you know that millions of apps are downloaded daily? So, as an app developer who is good with common programming languages and basic software designing, you will have to work on different projects.

30) Online Advertising Consultant

Various markets could be highly competitive, and companies are constantly looking for how to market their products and grow. This where you come in, as an online advertising consultant. Your role is to create advertising strategies for your clients to help them succeed in the competitive market.

31) Social Media Consultant

As a social media consultant, your job is to propagate the business of your clients by running campaigns, increase sales, write posts, and anything to make the products AMD services of your clients spread. And, you will do that through social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

32) Ghostwriting

As a ghostwriter, you write for clients, and your name is not reflected in your write-ups. You need to spot the difference between your client’s voice sounds and how they read. Most ghostwriters earn more than other types of freelance writers.

33) Content Writer

As the world is rapidly going digital, that is how they need for content writers is increasing. So as a content writer, you will create highly captivating and productive content. You will do that through digital marketing, websites, blog post, and white papers. That’s how you earn.

34) Graphic Designer

Most companies are constantly in need of a graphic designer, who can make use of his or her creative skills to drive their business to greater heights. So, it is an opportunity for you to bring those amazing ideas of yours to life and get your problem-solving skills to work.

35) Website Designer

Your technicality in website designing can earn you a nice income if you put it to work. Do you know that most people and organizations are looking for website designers that can boost their online presence? So, begin now to sort for clients that you can work closely with, to build them a potent and rapid working website.

36) Wallpapers Fixing

Fixing wallpapers is a cool way to earn money. Wallpapers now come in 3D formats and they give a room a touch of perfection. It is easy to learn how to install wallpapers. So, you can learn the craft and start making money.

37) Open A Museum In Your Community

Do you love arts and culture? If you do, then you can open a museum in your community, where all the arts and culture would be kept. Before you start, relate with your local government and other higher institutions in your community. You make money from visitors, tourists, grants, and other donations.

38) Running Sports Programs In Your Community

To keep the youths in your community productive and away from crime, you can start running sports programs. You can run sports programs such as tennis competitions, basketball competitions, soccer competitions, and many others. But, you have to partner with your local government, firms in your community, and other highly placed individuals in your community.

As a lawyer who wants to help people in society, you can begin by offering legal aid services to poor people that can’t afford a lawyer. Like most non-profit organizations, you will need to apply for grants from donor organizations and sort funds from philanthropic individuals.

40) Office Support Business

Office support business would require you to give various services to your clients, such as web updating, distribution of fliers, data entering, run errands, and so on. With this kind of business, the more office supporting services you render the more profit you make.

41) Ink Refilling Services

Most companies or organizations do a lot of printing work daily, and they most times run out of ink and need a refill. So, you can start offering quality ink refilling services to clients around you and get handsome rewards.

42) Photography And Video Coverage Services

Photography and video coverage is a very lucrative business you can start. Because, lots of organizations need to display on their publications or website, captivating photo shots of their products. Individuals also need their wedding occasion or that memorable ceremony to have video coverage. So, you can make a great income from rendering such services.

43) Online Marketing Services

Your marketing skills can be put to work, by helping companies market their products and services, online. You earn, mainly on commission and you do not require much capital to start your online marketing services.

44) Freelance Writing

Like most online businesses, freelance writing doesn’t require much capital to start. You need mainly excellent writing skills, a laptop, and the internet. By creating amazing content for your clients, that is how you grow and earn more.

45) Haulage Services

Haulage services focus on transporting goods from one place to another. Many companies like contracting the movement of their raw materials and finished products to haulage companies. So, by running haulage services, you stand a chance to make huge returns.

46) Tax Consultancy Services

Most times many organizations and individuals receive huge penalties for avoiding paying their taxes. That’s why most businesses including small and big find it easier and safer to contract all their tax-related matters to tax consultants. A cool way to make income, though you have to have the required professional certifications and experiences to offer such services.

47) Pet Grooming Services

Most owners of pets don’t know or are not even concerned about the grooming of their pets. All they are after is feed and spoil them. This is where your pet grooming services come into play. You can go to the homes of pet owners and help them go cut or clean up that little shy dog or cat of theirs.

48) Doula

The work of Doula is to serve as an advocate, educator, and mentor for her client, who is mainly a woman that’s about to enter child labor. This is a rapid-growing business because most women these days want their Doula to be present with them even up to and after their child delivery.

49) Yoga Instructor

As a yoga instructor, your responsibility is more than just Vinyasa to Hatha yoga. You have to find ways to improve the well-being of those you instructor and observe them until they transform into mature yogis. That’s how you earn.

50) Car Washing Services

There are lots of cars on the roads and people are mostly stressed after work or don’t have the luxury of time to give their car that proper cleanup. So, you can get a good income by offering car washing services to people, as long as you have the skills and the required equipment.

With these 50 best service-based business ideas, you can start the one that suits your skills and begin to make money from it. Hope the article was helpful. Please, kindly share your thoughts below.


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