7 Best Ways To Making Purchases Online Without A Credit Card

admin August 24, 2023
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Making Purchases Online Without A Credit Card

If you are allowed to select between making purchases without a credit card and making use of a credit card for an online transaction, you will probably select the use of a credit card due to the ease and benefits that are attached to it. 

One of these benefits includes the privilege to make payment for products that you need but are currently unable to pay for it.  As good as this may sound, in the long run, it results in so many negative habits such as;

Encouraging Irrelevant Purchases.

Since there is an alternative to make payment for goods, you may not take your time to weigh your options properly before spending and at the end up with products you don’t need and would you have probably not purchased had it been you had no credit card option.

This means that if the use of your credit card is not put under check, you may become addicted and unable to control your spending and purchasing unnecessary products.

Accumulated Interest

If you are unable to meet up with the minimum remittance on your credit card at the due date, you will have accumulated interest which by the time you calculate the total amount paid for the loan and accumulated interest, will exceed your regular income. 

This is not healthy for you and this is the more reason you need to opt for the best ways to making purchases online without a credit card.

Annual Fees For Credit Cards

The annual payments you make for acquiring a credit card will keep robbing you of some other relevant things that you could have saved the money for.

Victim Of Fraudulent Activities

The use of credit cards exposes vital information about your account to third parties and in unfortunate situations may be used to defraud you of your earnings. You may also end up paying for products that won’t be supplied, damaged, or fewer quality products. With the available ways to make purchases online without a credit card, you will be able to trade more safely.

In this article, seven avenues through which you can make purchases without a credit card will be extensively discussed. Some of these secrets will not just help you to avoid some of the risks that are attached to the use of credit cards.

Ways To Making Purchases Online Without A Credit Card

Below is a list of the seven alternatives to credit cards for online purchases.

Use Of GCash

This is an electronic wallet that can be used for online transactions. Here is the step-by-step guide for you to make online purchases using GCash.

  • Go to GCash dashboard and select ‘pay bills’
  • Select the category of your bill payment
  • Select the biller and type in your account details and the amount to be paid
  • Select ‘confirm’
  • You will receive a confirmation of the transaction.

Use Gifts Card

This is a type of debit card that can be used to make purchases online without a credit card. To use a gifts card for online transactions, you must load it with money that will be able to cover your purchases.

Payment On Delivery

This is one of the best means of making purchases online without a credit card. It is not just convenient but the safest and also helps to minimize the activities of online fraudsters.

 This payment is preferred by customers who have lost trust in online trading. It makes them free to place their orders since they will not be making payment until the products are delivered.


This is an online currency that may be used for completing online transactions. This makes it another means of trading online without using a credit card.

One of the cryptocurrencies that can be used as a means of exchange is Bitcoin. Bitcoin can be traded on social media platforms and it will eradicate the concerns of providing sensitive account information online because It is a currency that assures security and anonymity for a digital transaction.

For you to make payment for online transactions using bitcoin, the following steps are required.

  • Copy the Bitcoin address of your online merchant 
  • Paste it into the appropriate field in your wallet
  • Type into the payment box the amount of bitcoin and select send. Your transaction will be completed in a split of seconds.

Payment Over-the-Counter

This is a safe means of payment and a good alternative when you are in search of ways to making purchases online without a credit card.

 Some online stores like Shopee have some designated centers where payment can be made over-the-counter by customers. It is therefore important that you search for the accredited centers for payment to complete your transactions.

Prepaid Cards

This has similarities with debit cards. It can be used to making purchases online without a credit card. Examples of prepaid cards are Visa Prepaid Card and Arome.

Bank Transfer 

This is a direct deposit from a customer’s bank account into the merchant/s account. For you to employ bank transfer as a means of payment for an online transaction, the following steps will be taken.

  • A checkout process will be completed  and the customer selects payment by bank transfer
  • The customer enters the merchant’s account details along with the reference code
  • The customer states the amount to be transferred into the designated account


Final Thoughts

The ways to making purchases online without a credit card have been properly listed and discussed above. Note that these points are valid for you if you trying to control your spending habits,  maximize your earnings, purchase your needs and not just wants(wants are unlimited) and most importantly, save you from the heartache of accumulated debts.

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