8 Ways To Relax After A Stressful Day

admin April 28, 2018
Updated 2019/11/26 at 5:54 PM
Best Ways To Relax

You need to make relaxation a part of your day as it helps to reduce stress and offers so many health benefits, including improved heart health, enhanced immune system, better cognitive skills, improved brain health (stress can destroy brain cells), and easier weight maintenance.When you are on vacation, it’s easy to find best ways to relax. You buy a drink, sit by the pool, and enjoy your day without any problem.

But, at home, it is difficult to relax, particularly after a busy day at work or with the family.
A day filled with meetings, deadlines, appointments, and chaos can be very stressful.

8 Best Ways To Relax After A Stressful Day

• Deep breathing

Take a deep breath, hold it and let it out slowly. Count to 10 as you let out your breath. Feel the tension and stress going out as you breath. Repeat 3-10 times, as needed.

• Self-massage

Massage your shoulders, head, neck, lower back. It helps a lot. You can get your partner to do it for you, even better. Another best ways to relax technique is to tense up and then relax every muscle in your body, one at a time, from your toes to your head.

• Take a walk

When you find yourself in the middle of stress, try to take a walk around the building. You can also do the deep breathing and self-massage mentioned above as you do so. It’s a perfect method for letting go of tension and letting yourself re-focus.

• Meditate

You don’t need training to have a short, relaxing meditation session. Simply sit in a quiet place, shut your eyes, relax, and focus on your breathing.
Concentrate on it entering your body, and then going out. When other things come into your head (they will, definitely), just acknowledge them (don’t force them out) and let them leave, and then focus on your breathing.
Perform this for as long as possible, and then take two or three cleansing breaths, and get up refreshed.

• Read

Throw yourself on the couch with a good book. Try an adventure novel or a high school romance story. Novels like John Grisham or William Gibson. Try Terry Pratchett or Ann Patchett, for that matter. Also Try Stephen King. Just get lost in these writers’ world. Reading is one of the best ways to relax.

• Disconnect

Turn off your phones, shut down the computer, just shut off the outside world for a little while. These “agents” just boost your stress level. Just go offline and ignore the online world!

• Be Old-Fashioned

Engage in things reminiscent of your grandmother’s era.
Slow down by growing potted herbs, doing some knitting or writing letters. Avoid eating fast food. Instead, set aside an evening to cook up a delicious meal for your loved ones.

• Drink Tea

There’s absolutely nothing more revitalizing than a hot cup of tea. To really enjoy the experience, brew a pot from loose tea instead simply dunking a tea bag in a cup. Take it without the sugar.
These are great best ways to relax, get over the day’s stress and refuel yourself.

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