Bill Cosby Net Worth, Career and Personal Life

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Bill Cosby Net Worth
Bill Cosby Net Worth

Celebrated Name:Bill Cosby
Birth Name:William Henry Cosby Jr.
Birth Date:July 12, 1937
Age:83 Years Old
Birth Place:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Height:1.83 m
Weight:84 kg
Marital Status:Married
Spouse (Name):Camille Hanks ( 1964 – Present)
Profession:Stand-up comedian, actor, author, and musician
Net Worth:$400 million
Last Updated:2022


Bill Cosby is a very popular entertainer (actor, stand-up comedian, musician, and author). He began his career in the 1960s as a stand-up comedian in San Francisco. After this, he was cast in the show I Spy. Then from 1969 to 1971, he had his own sitcom titled “The Bill Cosby Show”. Bill Cosby net worth is estimated to be $400 million.

In 1972, Bill created, hosted, and produced an animated television series titled “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids”. He used the character of Fat Albert which he had developed during his comedy shows. The show was very successful but ended in 1985.

During this period, he was featured in a series of movies. In 1984, he began the Cosby Show which was widely received by people, though ended in 1992. It was rated as the number-one show in the United States during the period. Some of the shows he has produced, hosted, or featured in are “A Different World”, “Kids Says the Darndest Things” and “The Cosby Mysteries”.

However, problems arose in the mid-2010s, when different allegations of sexual assault were brought up against him. Bill Cosby was accused of rape by 60 different women. Some of the charges against him were sexual battery, child sexual abuse, rape, sexual misconduct, and drug-facilitated sexual assault.

He, however, denied every charge. Since those incidents occurred decades ago, they all expired due to the statute of limitations. However, in 2018, he was found guilty of aggravated three counts of indecent assault and was sentenced to three to ten years imprisonment. This article is going to enlighten you on so many things you may not have known about Bill Cosby.

Bill Cosby Childhood

Bill Cosby was born on the 12th of July, 1937 to Anna Pearl Hite and William Henry Cosby Sr. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother was a maid, while his father a mess steward in the American Navy. He has three other brothers and is of African American descent.

He attended Mary Channing Wister Public School and was the captain of the track and field and basketball team. In addition to that, he was the class president. He liked joking around in school rather than studying. After this, he also attended FitzSimons Junior High School where he continued sports and acted in plays.

Furthering his education, he went to Philadelphia Central High School where he also continued in sports. He later attended Germantown High School where he failed the tenth grade. Cosby enlisted in the Navy as a hospital corpsman in Virginia, Canada, and Maryland. He also worked with the Navy and Marine Corps in physical therapy.

He received his high school diploma by doing other courses and won a scholarship from the track and field to study at Temple University. While in school, he was part of the football team and majored in Physical education. He started working as a bartender at a club earning tips by cracking jokes for customers. It was at this moment he decided to take his talent to the stage.

Bill Cosby Career

The major source of Bill Cosby net worth is his career as an entertainer. While he was working as a bartender and doing his comedy on stage, he was discovered by Carl Reiner.  He appeared on many shows at the beginning of his career. One of those shows was The Ed Sullivan Show in 1948.

His breakthrough came in 1965 when he appeared in the film I Spy 1965 playing the role of Alexander Scott.  He won several Emmys for his performance and then in 1969, he was cast as a teacher in The Bill Cosby Show.

Then in 1972, he created a cartoon titled “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” which was a comedy based on his high school friends. Some of the successful movies he starred in are “Let’s Do It Again” in 1975, “Mother, Jugs & Speed” in 1976, “California Suite” in 1978, and lots more.

In addition to his comedy and acting career, he also has a music career. He released many comedy albums with songs like “Little Old Man”.

The Fat Albert series stopped in 1984 and Cosby Show commenced that same year. The show was rejected by ABC but accepted by NBC. It followed the life of a white-collar family and became a huge success and big hit in the 1980s.

It broke viewing records and launched Bill’s reputation on television during that time. Some of the lineups that followed the show were “Hill Street Blues” in 1981, “Family Ties” in 1982, and “Night Court” in 1984.

In 1987, he produced the series “A Different World” which was about a black college concentrating on young people’s education. It was a follow-up to Cosby’s show. The creation of this had a huge impact on the show which had about 70 million viewers.

However, when another competition “The Simpsons” rose in 1989, the show had no choice but to concede to it in 1992. Since the show ended, Bill has not been able to do much as an actor. Although he tried his hands on several productions, none could match his success with the Cosby show.

Age, Weight, and Height

Bill Cosby was born in 1937 on the 12th of July and he is currently 82 years old. He is 1.83m tall and weighs 84 kg.

Bill Cosby Net Worth

Bill Cosby was one of the highest-earning celebrities on the planet, during the period of his career. The creation of the Bill Cosby show turned him into one of the wealthiest people in the entertainment industry.

He was earning approximately $4 million per episode on the show. The show has generated a total of $1.5 billion from syndication for the past two decades. Bill owns 20% of whatever profits come from the show which means he has earned at least $300 million from the syndication deals.

Bill Cosby net worth is approximately $400 million. Another contributor to his fortune came from different endorsement deals, comedy shows, and tours. According to reports, he grossed about $11 million in 2014 from his comedy tours.

In addition to all his fortune, he also has properties in Beverly Hills and Pennsylvania. His mansion in Beverly Hills is worth almost $80 million. Bill and his wife are also collectors of exquisite art. They own pieces by Rembrandt, Picasso, Matisse, Thomas Hart Benton, and Renoir. Their collections are worth about $150 million.

Personal Life

Bill Cosby got married to Camille Hanks on the 25 of January 1964 and they have been together since then. The couple has 5 children together whose names include Erika, Erinn, Ennis, Ensa, and Evin. Their son Ennis was murdered in 1997 in Los Angeles, while he was changing a flat tire. Tragedy struck the family again when their daughter, Ensa passed away in 2018 due to renal disease, while she was waiting for a transplant. Cosby has three grandchildren.

Bill Cosby Scandals

Hannibal Burress, a comedian did a routine, describing the improper sexual behavior of Bill Cosby. The video went viral and many women came forward saying they were assaulted by him. Some of these incidents were as far back as 1965 across the United States and Canada.

Cosby has denied all the allegations against him, maintaining his innocence. Even during interviews, he has refused to talk about some of these allegations. Despite maintaining his innocence, many organizations have cut the ties they had with him. Most of the awards, accolades, and titles he has won have been revoked.

His popular show has been revoked from syndication by many organizations and honorary degrees presented to him by Universities have been rescinded. All the allegations leveled against him were too old so they could not charge him.

However, he was found guilty, based on another incident that occurred in 2014. A Toronto woman accused him of aggravated indecent assault and he was sentenced to 3 – 10 years imprisonment and ordered to pay $25,000. However, in 2019, his verdict was upheld on appeal.


That is all there is to know about Bill Cosby net worth, biography, and the scandal that rocked his entire career. The allegations levied against him have ruined his reputation in several ways. However, he still remains one of the richest celebrities in the entertainment industry.

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