Bill Lawrence Net Worth, Biography, Career, Wife and Kids

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Bill Lawrence Net Worth

Bill Lawrence Net Worth  $200 Million

Popular Name:Bill Lawrence
Real Name:
William Van Duzer Lawrence IV
Birth Date:December 26, 1968
Birth Place:
Ridgefield, Connecticut, United States
Marital Status:Married

Megyn Price (divorced)

Christa Miller (m. 1999)
Profession:Television Producer, Screenwriter, Director
Years active:1993 Till Date
Net Worth:$200 Million
Last Updated:2022


Bill Lawrence is an American television producer, screenwriter, and director. He is the creator of the popular American television series ‘Scrubs’, and co-creator of several hit shows including ‘Cougar Town’, ‘Spin City’, ‘Ted Lasso’, ‘Ground Floor’ which aired on TBS, and the short-lived animation ‘Clone High’, in which he also played a voice role of the leader of the shadowy beings. Bill is credited to have also written for many other notable shows, including ‘Boy Meets World and ‘The Nanny’. He is the owner of Doozer, a film production company where he makes some of his films. It is from this profession of his that he makes his income, which today, has been accumulated to a decent figure leading the producer to be described as rich and successful. We’ll be discussing details on Bill Lawrence’s biography and profession, as well as every other aspect of his life that has contributed to his success and status as one of the leading producers and directors in the film industry.

Bill Lawrence’s Early Life

William Van Duzer Lawrence IV is an American by Nationality. He was born in Ridgefield, Connecticut, United States on December 26, 1968. His great-great-grandparents William Van Duzer Lawrence I and Sarah are the namesakes of the Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, New York. He attended the College of William and Mary where he studied the English Language, and graduated with high grades.

Bill Lawrence’s Career

After graduating from College, Bill started on the journey of his career immediately and secured a writing job as a staff writer on the ABC sitcom ‘Billy’ which was short-lived. His next job was for the shows ‘The Nanny’ and ‘Boy Meets World, both short-lived as well. He moved on to scouting for other opportunities and landed the role of a writer for the short-lived 1996 sitcom ‘Champs’.

His big break came when he landed his first show as a creator. It was the multi-camera sitcom ‘Spin City’ which aired on ABC. He co-created this show with the creator of ‘Champs’ named Gary David Goldberg. The series which lasted for six seasons originally starred Michael J. Fox as the deputy mayor of New York City. The show consisted of 145 episodes and was successful enough to win four Golden Globe Awards and a Primetime Emmy Award.

In 2001 Bill Lawrence created the single-camera sitcom ‘Scrubs’ and it went on to achieve tremendous success. Premiered in 2001, the show ran for 9 seasons in total, 2 on ABC and 7 on NBC. It was a great show in the end as it received critical acclaim and a total of 17 Emmy Award nominations. The series Scrubs produced 182 episodes in total and has been successful in syndication.

Up next, Lawrence co-created the 2002 sitcom ‘Clone High’. It was an animation created for MTV with Chris Miller and Phil Lord. In 2005, he combined with Garrett Donovan and Neil Goldman to create the unsuccessful WB pilot ‘Nobody’s Watching. He worked with Kevin Biegel and created the single-camera sitcom ‘Cougar Town’ which ran for three years starting in 2009 on ABC and then moved to TBS in 2013.

Lawrence was involved in the making of three shows in 2013. The shows were made into series: ‘Undateable’, ‘Ground Floor’, and ‘Surviving Jack. Additionally, he went on the road with four of Undateable’s cast members on a tour to promote the show. He owns a film production company, Doozer, which is a wordplay on ‘Duzer’ his middle name.

Personal Life & Family

This gifted television producer was first married to American television actress Megyn Price. However, they dissolved their union when things were not going on well for them. He married again in 1999, to actress Christa Miller this time around, and they have been together since then. Their marriage has produced three children to date. His wife, Christa, has been cast in many of his projects including ‘Cougar Town’, ‘Clone High’, and ‘Scrubs’.

Lawrence was involved in an airplane crash on July 21, 2017. It took place in New York City and involved his family. However, everyone aboard survived the crash unscathed.

Bill Lawrence Net Worth

A gifted and dedicated screenwriter, producer, and director, Bill Lawrence net worth has accumulated to over $200 million as per various findings. He made his money from creating and co-creating many television shows and animated series, many of which attained critical and commercial success, and also won many awards from multiple nominations.

Lawrence has achieved so much through his profession and is now regarded as a successful and accomplished filmmaker. He and his beautiful wife Christa Miller preside over a very remarkable real estate portfolio. They own server homes and have sold some others, including a mansion in Malibu’s Point Dume area which they sold for $21 million in 2017. Their primary residence at the moment is a $7.6 million house in New York City.

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