Birdman Net Worth, Career and Personal Life

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Birdman Net Worth
Birdman Net Worth

Popular Name:Birdman
Birth Name:Bryan Christopher Brooks
Birth Date:15th February 1969
Birth Place:New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Marital Status:Single
Children:Brian Williams Jr. And Bria Williams
Profession:Rapper, Record Label CEO, And Entrepreneur
Net Worth:$130 Million
Last Updated:2022


Birdman (otherwise called Baby), is an American rapper, record executive, and entrepreneur. He is the fellow benefactor and public face of Cash_Money_Records which he established with his older brother Ronald “Slim” Williams in 1992. Birdman discharged his eponymous debut album in 2002 and has gone on to drop four independent studio albums in total.

Aside from his performance vocation, he is likewise a part of the hip-hop couple Big_Tymers, alongside producer Mannie_Fresh. Alongside his rapping and several songs with the Big Tymers, Birdman has dropped a collaboration album and various songs alongside rapper and ward Lil_Wayne, whom he discovered and took under his care at the tender age of nine.

Birdman’s wealth was also enhanced by his investment in YMCMB (Young Money Cash Money Billionaires), a combination of the previous “Cash Money” and Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment. Birdman has likewise established the project and hip hop group “Rich Gang”, shining the spotlight on artists like; Rich HomieQuan and Young Thug.

Birdman Early Life

Birdman was born Bryan Christopher Brooks on February 15, 1969, at Charity Hospital in New Orleans to Johnnie Williams and Gladys Brooks. For almost a month after his birth, he did not have a given name, so many individuals around him then simply addressed him as “Baby”, a nickname he retains to this day.

Williams did not sign the birth certificate. This prompted Bryan to take his mother’s surname at birth. As a child, Brooks and his family lived on top of a bar, which was claimed by their father. His mother, Gladys, took ill and died in 1975 when Bryan was just five years old.

After their mother’s death, Birdman and his siblings Kim, Ronald, and Ray were taken in by their uncle and spent two or three years in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, trailed by two years in foster care upon their return to New Orleans.

After their father Johnnie discovered that they were in the foster home, a long fight in court took place in the mid-’70s which eventually finished with Johnnie and his wife Patricia gaining full custody and Bryan’s name changing to Bryan Williams.

He then lived in the Magnolia Projects in Central City, New Orleans, where he built up a strong bond with his step-brother Eldrick Wise. While living in the Magnolia, Williams and Wise started committing robberies and sold heroin before getting arrested at the age of 16.

At 18, both were again arrested for tranquilize possession and sentenced to three years in Elayn_Hunt_Correctional_Center. Williams served a year and a half before he was acquitted.

Birdman Career

With their strong voices, Bryan and Slim became popular in the nightclubs of New Orleans. What’s more interesting is that, in 1992, they started their own label, Cash Money Records. To achieve this, they had to crest up artists from neighborhood nightclubs.

That year Cash Money Records dropped their first album, “The Sleepwalker”, featuring a neighborhood rapper named Kilo G. In 3 years, Cash Money Records became a popular independent record in New Orleans, shooting up Birdman net worth. Bryan and slim later hired a few artists including Lil Wayne, B.G, Turk, etc.

In 1998, with the new artists, Cash Money Records signed a contract with Universal Records worth $20 million. That year Birdman and Fresh formed a group, Big Tymers, and dropped their first album, How Ya Luv That? which was a gigantic accomplishment for them.

Later Big Tymers dropped a few hit tracks; Hood Rich, Get Rool On, #1 Stunna, Still fly, etc. Numerous melodies from the group were certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. Birdman’s first major album was dropped in 2002, which sold over 500K copies just in the United States and positioned number 24 on the Billboard 200.

In 2006, Lil Wayne and Birdman did their first collaborative album named Like Father, Like Son, which positioned at number 3 on the Billboard 200 and was certified gold by RIAA. His third independent album 5* Stunna also positioned at the top position on the Billboard chart.

Later on, Birdman released many hit singles and solo albums just as collaborative albums with other popular rappers like; Drake, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, etc.

Age, Weight, And Height

Currently, Birdman is 52 years old, weighs 84kg, and is 173cm tall.

Birdman Net Worth

Birdman net worth is presently estimated at $130 million dollars. A colossal part of Birdman’s income originates from his Record name and music deals. He additionally makes millions of dollars consistently from brand promotions, commercial advertisements, concerts, and music tours.

Personal Life

Birdman’s mother, Gladys Brooks (August 29, 1935 – January 21, 1975), whom he exclusively alludes to as Ms. Gladys, became ill and died when Birdman was 5 years old. Birdman has made various references to her in his music, including a melody release named after her.

His father, Johnnie Williams (September 20, 1920 – July 13, 1996), possessed various independent companies in the New Orleans territory, including multiple bars and a laundrette. Johnnie was killed in an auto accident in 1996. Birdman has twelve siblings, including Ronald “Slim” Williams.

Ronald is a fellow benefactor of Cash Money Records, alongside Birdman. One of Birdman’s younger sisters, Tamara, was killed in an auto accident in 2006. Because their mother passed on at a young age, Birdman primarily raised his younger sister and alluded to her as his “daughter”. Birdman likewise had a cozy relationship with his step-brother Eldrick Wise, who was killed in an unsolved homicide in 1991.

Birdman has two children, Bryan Jr. (brought into the world in 1997) and Bria (brought into the world in 1998). He additionally built up a nearby, parental-like bond with Lil Wayne, and the two often alluded to one another as father and child.


Before Birdman net worth became what it is today, the rapper had to pay his dues in life generally and in the entertainment industry. Being the 5th richest rapper in the world today, it is no doubt that the rapper has more to achieve in the coming years.

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