5 Simple ways to make your braids last longer

admin June 15, 2018
Updated 2019/11/24 at 6:12 PM

Braids take a lot of time and money to make and no one would want to spend money and time making a braid to see it fall apart in two weeks.

These are simple ways to ensure that they last way longer than they use to, therefore helping you enjoy them for a long time definitely getting your money worth.

5 Simple ways to make your braids last longer

Always keep your braids moisturized

Our hair is also a living organism so it needs moisture to survive. The best moisture that can be given to the hair is water so make sure to always carry a spray bottle containing water with you to spray your braids at all times. This helps your braid to look neater and much healthier as water prevents dryness of scalp. Also make use of a natural sealing product while moisturizing your braids, natural sealing products such as Shea butter or apricot castor oil, almond and coconut oil are much better while sealing the hair. These products do not clog your hair pores like the grease and gels. Excessive gels and unnatural oils can make it difficult for your hair pores to breathe and absorb moisture.

Use a head wrap or bonnet to cover your braids while sleeping

Covering your braids with a satin head wrap or bonnet at night helps the edges of your hair to look fresh; it also protects your hair roots from drying out. If a head wrap or bonnet is uncomfortable for you, you can make use of a satin pillowcase. You can also use both the head wrap and satin pillowcase at the same time,  so if your head wrap or bonnet goes off while sleeping,  the pillowcase is there to help prevent damage.

Wash or steam your braids once every two weeks

Excessive buildup of sweat, dirt and every other thing is very bad for the hair because your hair needs to breathe, make sure to wash your braids every two weeks. If the use of water and shampoo directly to the braids is too stressful for you then you can try dry washing it with the use of a washcloth, water, and shampoo, wiping the scalp down in sections. Do this and your braids will be looking neat and smelling fresh all through. No one enjoys a stinking braid.

Avoid constant style ups

Everyone loves and enjoyed to style their braids, however constant style ups especially style ups that pull on your hair tightly and continuously such as ponytails can be very harmful to the hairline. Learn to limit style ups to 3 or 4 times a week or even less, not every day for a neater and healthier braid. 

Redo the edges of your braids

After a couple of weeks, the root of your hair grows out so rather than going to your hair to rebrand your entire braid, you can just redo the hairlines of your braid especially upfront of your face, this gives your braid a newer and neater look, it also helps your hair grow healthy as you are not constantly tugging on your hair.

Please, avoid wearing your braids for far too long no matter how long you want them to last as this can also cause great damage to your hair.  The maximum recommended time to wear them is two months.

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