How To Apply For Brazil Student Visa From Nigeria

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How To Apply For Brazil Student Visa From Nigeria

Are you a Brazil intending student or a parent whose wishes is for the children to study in Brazil? If yes, then this article is specifically designed for you. Just try to read this post to the end as we intend showing you the easiest and most genuine way to get Brazil student visa all by yourself without having to pay anyone. At the end of this post, you will realize the whole process was really not so difficult as many fake traveling agents make it seem.

Before you proceed in applying for Brazil student visa, there are some basic documents you must have and these are;

How To Apply For Brazil Student Visa From Nigeria

Required Documents for Brazil Student Visa

  1. One recent individual passport image on white background. The required photo dimension is 2 X 2 images. This picture should effectively be uploaded into the online application site.
  2. An international passport having at least two blanks visa pages. Note that the recommended web pages at the end of the ticket do not count as blank web pages.
  3. After filling the required biota data info. Submit the online visa application, after that, print the application receipt and attach your picture on it. Endeavor to sign on the ideal area and take your application invoice with other required files to the consulate office. For small kids, both parents need to authorize the application invoice.
  4. If you are applying through agencies, staff members, relative or any form of third party, you will be made to present proof of home within the territory of the consulate office you are using.
  5. Each case may require additional papers and information at the consulate.
  6. Photocopy of airline ticket, print out of itinerary.
  7. Copy of a letter of acceptance from an accepted Brazilian organization.
  8. Evidence of finances for the program duration.
  9. Applicants under 18 years; if your are traveling without parent or any guardian, you will be required to provide original birth certificate for sighting and a copy of the birth certificate, a notarized letter of consent dully signed by parents or legal guardian authorizing the Consulate General of Brazil to issue a visa for the applicant.

Other things you need to know about Brazil Student Visa

  • Endeavour to have your own committed traveling insurance before leaving Nigeria.
  • You will be required to sign up with your regional branch of the Federal Authorities within 21 days of your arrival to Brazil. If not, you will be charged a tax daily for the 21 day and this may hinder you from getting a visa extension or renewal
  • Colleges in Brazil don’t provide students with accommodation. You will have to reside in a private accommodation. It is much easier to get an accommodation when you get to Brazil with the help of the school authorities. During the visa application, you can enquire from the intended school.
  • Brazil has some records of being one of the most harmful locations for students. But this has been improving with some preventative measures.

One of the Brazil consulate’s office addresses in Nigeria is:

324 Diplomatic Drive,

Central Business District,



You can also reach them via:


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