Budget Travel Destinations For Solo Adventurers

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Mary Joseph July 24, 2023
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Budget Travel Destinations For Solo Adventurers

Are you eager to get started? I suppose you are. You are prepared to travel a great deal more this year. Being active requires being cost conscious. We have thus conducted research on the best low-cost locations for lone travellers for you.

We have looked at suggestions from other publications, rejected many of them because they did not satisfy our safety standards, and then put everything through a solo travel filter to get our top 5 cheap locations each year. Compared to many travel blog posts, we take safety much more seriously.

Please be aware that our recommendations are mostly based on research. These places are not recommendations we personally support because we haven’t been to any of them.

Criteria For Budget Travel Destinations


Naturally, your home currency will determine how affordable a place is for you. If you reside in Canada or another nation where the value of the currency is now low relative to almost every other Western currency.

However, unless otherwise noted, the majority of the data presented below are provided in US dollars since the majority of us are aware of our exchange rates in reference to the US dollar.

Transportation Expenses:

The expense of transportation is crucial, especially if the journey is brief. That cost is less important if you’re planning a month or two at a location because it will be spread out over a longer length of time.


The majority of the analyzed destination listings for cheap travel omitted this data. We’ve chosen to offer it here even though it has to be put in context. We selected places for this list with a maximum caution level of “exercise a high degree of caution.” For additional information on what this means, check out the section on comprehending government ratings.

Will It Be Intriguing And Enjoyable?

A fantastic vacation spot provides access to exciting activities, a new culture, or both. For each recommendation, we’ve provided you with a very quick summary of the other.

Basics For Picking A Cheap Destination

Go Away From The Masses:

If you avoid popular destinations or decide to visit during the shoulder or off-peak seasons, you’ll save money. Supply and demand, plain and simple. The demand increases as there are more visitors, driving up prices.

Visit Areas That Have Seen Hardship:

Destinations that have suffered from monetary or natural catastrophes, including storms, tend to be less popular and appreciate tourist dollars. This lowers prices and increases the value of your tourist dollars. It may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to a popular location when it is completely empty.

Budget Travel Destinations For Solo Adventurers

South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach:

South Carolina's Myrtle Beach

Anyone searching for a beach trip that is both restful and exciting may consider Myrtle Beach. Despite the fact that the beach is undoubtedly the major attraction, the area also has a 1.2-mile boardwalk with amusement park rides, a wide selection of stores and restaurants, and a ton of local attractions.

There are places like Brookgreen Gardens, Hopsewee Plantation, and Myrtle Beach State Park for visitors who want to venture a bit farther than the boardwalk.

Market Common, a bustling neighbourhood with stores, restaurants, and entertainment options, is another enjoyable destination for the frugal single traveller to check out.

Enjoy window shopping, look around the neighbourhood shops, or unwind in the park and greenery. Free activities including art festivals and outdoor concerts are frequently held at the Market

The Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Collection in Myrtle Beach is a hidden gem for those seeking more culture. You can visit a number of art exhibitions presenting local and regional artists for the most part without paying admission. The museum also provides educational courses and events for people of all ages.

Whatever you choose to do, a solitary traveller will love exploring Myrtle Beach.

Florida’s Panama City Beach

Florida's Panama City Beach

In Florida’s panhandle, Panama City Beach is a well-liked holiday destination known for its extensive, sparkling white-sand beaches and its well-liked amusement parks. Solo travellers will have lots of chances to experience everything the beach has to offer.

While adjacent Shell Island is host to St. Andrews State Park, which has more beaches and nature trails to explore, dolphins and sea turtles can frequently be seen from the coast.

A solitary tourist should use two wheels to navigate Panama City Beach. Take a bike that you can rent and explore one of the many bicycling routes and paths, including the Conservation Park Trail, to take in the seaside charm at your own leisure.

You can also visit the expansive natural reserve known as the Beaches of Panama City Conservation Park, which has miles of biking and walking trails. Bonus: The park usually doesn’t charge for admission!

A thriving marina and top-notch seafood eateries may be found in Panama City’s historic St. Andrews neighbourhood, which is located directly across the water.

Canada’s Whistler:

Canada's Whistler:

Blackcomb Mountain, which consistently ranks as the location of the region’s best ski resort, is home to magnificent mountain ranges that draw over 3 million tourists a year.

There are many chances for hiking, camping, or simply spending a day in nature in June, even though you can even go skiing. Additionally, you can fill your day with bicycling, water activities, and bungee jumping.

Visit Lost Lake, a tranquil and lovely location close to the village. There are picnic spaces, walking pathways, a sandy beach, and stunning views of the lake. Swim, sunbathe, or just take in the peace and quiet of nature.

The paths around Lost Lake are accessible for free, and you may rent bikes to explore them. Or take a stroll through Creekside Village, the lively centre of the city. Take in the lively ambience while window shopping, observing people, and people-watching.

Live music performances and ethnic festivities are frequent free events and festivals held in the hamlet throughout the year.

Local festivals and races, such as the Creekside Film Festival, Whistler Village Beer Festival, Whistler 50 Relay, and Whistler Ultra Marathon, all take place in the fall. It means that this quaint village has something to offer everyone.

Colorado Town Of Breckenridge

Colorado Town Of Breckenridge

Breckinridge, Colorado, is a paradise for skiers and snowboarders in the wintertime, and there are always plenty of opportunities to hit the slopes thanks to the more than 350 feet of snow that fall there each year.

If the slopes aren’t calling your name, meander across the Breckenridge Historic District and take in the beautifully maintained Victorian architecture. Explore the stores, galleries, and museums that highlight the town’s fascinating history.

Without spending any money, it’s a fantastic opportunity to fully experience the local culture. When you wish to spend some time in civilization again, you can enjoy the many bars and restaurants in the downtown area.

The city offers many chances for hiking, ziplining, biking, and even whitewater rafting in the summer. Spend some time at Carter Park, a stunning park with recreational opportunities right in the middle of the city. It’s a great place to unwind, enjoy a picnic, or just soak up the sun in one of the most beautiful settings in the nation.

Colorado’s Steamboat Springs

Colorado's Steamboat Springs

The Yampa Creek Core Trail is a great place for people to go cycling and hiking in the summer. It provides skiers with another fantastic atmosphere in the winter. The greatest time to go if you’re on a tight budget is late March or early April, right towards the end of ski season.

In addition to the slopes, summertime activities like fishing, kayaking, and tubing are plentiful. Ice climbing, dog sledging, and snowmobiling are all available in the winter. And after a long day of activities, the Strawberry Hot Springs offer a pleasant, soothing swim.

Florida’s Orlando

Florida's Orlando

Orlando may have several well-known theme parks, but that isn’t the only reason it attracts so many tourists from across the country. If amusement parks are your thing, Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort are both accessible and because you’re travelling alone, you may spend a little extra to escape the queues with VIP admission.

Along with the theme parks, the city is home to numerous top-rated golf courses, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, and the Mall at Millenia. not to mention the lively downtown area of Orlando.

Idaho’s Ketchum

Idaho's Ketchum:

Ketchum, located one mile south of the renowned ski resort of Sun Valley, provides a ton of access to the outdoors as well as a ton of fantastic pubs, restaurants, nightlife, and shopping. Cycling, horseback riding, fishing, and hiking are all excellent outdoor pursuits.

Ride a bike or go for a stroll along the Wood River Trail, which passes through beautiful scenery. Take advantage of the trail system in the winter to go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.

Additionally, you may check out the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, which frequently offers free events and exhibitions. Hiking Bald Mountain is another way to enjoy the natural splendour that surrounds Ketchum.

In Ketchum, there is also a thriving art scene. Take some time to browse the area’s art galleries, which frequently feature a wide variety of works of art, such as paintings, sculptures, and photographs. Even better, several galleries include free or inexpensive workshops or artist presentations, making for a full and affordable cultural experience.

It’s the kind of charming retreat that enables visitors to meet the people who call the area their home.


Solo travel doesn’t have to be expensive or lonely. In actuality, a solo trip can be advantageous for any budget traveller, especially for independent travellers. Self-reflection, personal development, and the ability to make new friends are all opportunities that come with travelling alone. Therefore, don’t let the myth that solo travel is isolating or expensive discourage you from setting out on an exciting adventure that fits within your means and enables you to make priceless memories.

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