How To Apply For Canada Student Visa From Nigeria

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How To Apply For Canada Student Visa From Nigeria

Want to study in Canada? I think it will be best we quickly give you an overview of this great country. Canada is the largest country in the North America and second largest in the world. It is one of the world’s wealthiest countries, vast landscape, unique blend of cultures and a major tourist destination. Canadians primarily speak French and English. Having known a little about this wonderful country lets know its basic requirements and procedures in having the Canada student visa.

How To Apply For Canada Student Visa From Nigeria

Required Documents for Canada student visa

  1. Original acceptance letter from the Canada school that you got admitted into. Include your student permit application to this acceptance letter.
  2. You must provide proof of not having any criminal record.
  3. You must provide a proof of being in good health and mental state of mind
  4. Proof of tuition and accommodation fees payment.
  5. Letter of explanation, stating your purpose of travel, duration, contacts
  6. Evidence of your previous travel history.
  7. Two recent individual passport images with your name, signature and date of birth written at the back of the photographs. This picture should effectively be uploaded into the online application site.
  8. An international passport having at least two blanks visa pages, having about six months validity after your proposed period of stay.
  9. Each case may require additional papers and information at the consulate.
  10. Evidence of financial capacities for the program cost and your expenses throughout your study duration. this may include your original bank statements for the past four months, Canadian bank account in your name, proof of student /education loan from a financial institution,
  11. You must provide proof that you would like to return to Nigeria after your study period elapse.
  12. Application form: download the application form and family information form, accurately answer every questions on both forms and write N/A for any question that is not applicable to you.
  13. After filling the required bio- data info. Submit the online visa application, after that, print the application receipt and attach your picture on it. Endeavor to sign on the ideal area and take your application invoice with other required files to the consulate office. For small kids, both parents need to authorize the application invoice.
  14. You will receive a letter confirming that you have been booked for an interview appointment from the embassy. When you attend the interview at the embassy or consulate office, the consular officer will determine if your credentials and purpose of traveling suit your visa type.
  15. Applicants under 18 years; if your are traveling without parent or any guardian, you will be required to provide original birth certificate for sighting and a copy of the birth certificate, a notarized letter of consent dully signed by parents or legal guardian authorizing the Consulate General of Canada to issue a visa for the applicant.

Note that a valid Canada Student Visa and travel document alone does not grant you access to study in Canada. Much of your fate will be dependent on the border services officer findings.

For better clarification on Canada Student Visa, may choose to contact some Canada Consulate Offices by calling these numbers: +11-234-9461-2900 for Abuja, +11-234-1271-5650 for Lagos and +234-806-399-7054 for port Harcourt.


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