Charles Stanley Net Worth, Biography and Awards

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Charles Stanley Net Worth
Charles Stanley Net Worth

There’s a possibility that you already know about Charles Stanley very well, or maybe just a little bit. There’s also a chance that you have never known this person before. In any case, we have prepared this well-documented article with informative details of Charles Stanley Net Worth, Biography, Career, Ministry, Books, Achievements, Marriage, Children, and More facts. Let’s get down to business!

Charles Stanley Early Life

Charles Stanley is a popular American pastor, televangelist, and author. He is the senior pastor of Atlanta Based First Baptist Church. He is the founder and also president of In Touch Ministries. Previously, pastor Charles Stanley served as president of the Southern Baptist Convention for two years (1984-1986).

Born on September 25 1932 in Dry Fork, Virginia as Charles Frazier Stanley to Charles and Rebecca Stanley, Charles Stanley earned the Born-again Christian title when he was 12, and began his Christian minister duties when he was 14.

He graduated from the University of Richmond where he obtained an undergraduate degree, and afterward, the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where he got a master’s degree. He obtained a doctorate in theology at Luther Rice Seminary.

Charles Stanley Career

It was in 1969 when Charles Stanley first marked the register in First Baptist Church of Atlanta and grew into a senior pastor in the following two years. He introduced a religious program of thirty minutes to the church, The Chapel Hour in the year 1972, and the Christian Broadcasting Network started to broadcast the program six years later.

In 1982 he set up his own mission called ‘In Touch Ministries’ and currently, ‘In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley’ is available in 50 different languages, and it is currently broadcast on radio on about 500 channels, about 300 television stations, and several satellite networks throughout the world.

Pastor Charles Stanley has been the host of various television shows including the likes of The Chapel Hour and The Breakfast Club. He has also appeared in other shows including TBN’s Praise the Lord and 19 Kids and Counting.

Besides working as a Pastor, Author, and Christian Minister, Charles Stanley is a dedicated photographer, and several of his owners have appeared in the Christian magazine In Touch.

Charles Stanley Books

Asides from being a pastor, TV show host, and church minister, Charles Stanley is also an author.

He has written many notable books such as The love of God, Making the Bible clear, praise the Lord, and several others, some of which have been listed below:

  • How to Listen to God
  • Confronting Casual Christianity
  • A Touch of His Power
  • Handle With Prayer
  • Success God’s Way
  • A Gift of Love
  • Eternal Security: Can You Be Sure?
  • How to Handle Adversity
  • The Gift of Forgiveness
  • Winning the War Within
  • God is in Control
  • Charles Stanley’s Life Principles
  • Our Unmet Needs
  • The Source of My Strength
  • Things God Has for You
  • When Your Children Hurt

Charles Stanley Personal Life

Pastor Charles Stanley was once married. He married Anna Stanley in 1958 and the couple went their separate ways after nearly 40 years in 2000. Anna Stanley passed on in 2014.

Charles Stanley is the father of Becky and Andy Stanley, with Andy serving as a pastor at North Point Community Church located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Charles Stanley’s son Andy is a father of three children – Allie, Andrew, and Garrett. Andy’s wife Sandra, is a health nutritionist.

Charles Stanley’s daughter, Becky Stanley is married to John Brodersen. Together the couple have three children; Matthew, Jonathan, and Annie.

Awards & Achievements

According to pastor Charles Stanley himself, he has achieved the most admired award in the whole world, which is “the honor of serving God, as well as guiding his loved children towards the proper direction”.

Additionally, his followers can be recognized as a gift that is much greater than any type of award in the entire whole world.

Charles Stanley Net Worth

Charles Stanley net worth is a remarkable result of his success as a photographer, an author, a Christian minister as well as a televangelist whose television shows are extremely popular and viewed by innumerable Americans.

Charles Stanley net worth is estimated to stand at $2 million. His riches have accumulated from the list of books he has written and marketed and also from making and hosting several television shows.

In the meantime, pastor Charles Stanley is the host of the television show In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley. Hosting this show which is well-perceived by millions of Christians in the United States of America has been serving as a great source of income for the well-renowned pastor and televangelist.


Charles Stanley is a recognized Christian pastor, author, and televangelist. His works are well perceived around the world, and through his devotion to Christian theology, he gives his congregation and listeners a sermon of peace and egalitarianism. His ideas turn around universal law and an almighty. He is followed by an uncountable number of Christians all over the world.

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