Christina McLarty Net Worth, Biography and Career

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Christina McLarty Net Worth
Christina McLarty Net Worth

Christina McLarty Net Worth  $3.5 million

Popular Name:Christina McLarty
Real Name:Christina West McLarty
Birth Date:N/A
Birth Place:United States
Marital Status:Married
David Arquette (m. 2015)
Profession:Journalist, Actress, Producer
Years active:N/A
Net Worth:$3.5 Million
Last Updated:2022


There are several known cases where a person’s significant fame often overshadows their achievements. Though Christina McLarty is a known American journalist and news anchor, she rose to prominence after her marriage to David Arquette.

For those that don’t know who the man is, David Arquette is a professional wrestler who also happens to be an actor and film director. His marriage to Christina has done so much for the journalist’s publicity as it made her more famous by putting all the media attention on her.

Apart from being known as the wife of American actor David Arquette, Christina McLarty, born as Christina West McLarty, is also known as an actress and local broadcast journalist.

Before she reached celebrity status, she worked for some years in her hometown Arkansas as a ground journalist. Her work led her to interview several high profile people including Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton before she found her way into the entertainment industry.

Christina worked for CBS at their Los Angeles office. She has also worked for Entertainment Tonight as a correspondent. Later on, she donned the role of an entertaining actress when she appeared in CBS’ soap opera ‘The Young and the Restless’.

Her time in front of the camera was short-lived as she quickly moved on from broadcasting and acting, and ventured into other things still within the entertainment industry.

Currently, Christina is busy as a filmmaker. She worked as a co-producer alongside her husband to produce the documentary “Survivor’s Guide to Prison” that was released in 2018.

We have prepared all the details there is to know about Christina McLarty and her life, so come with us as we take you through this article.

Christina McLarty’s Biography & Career

Christina West McLarty was born in the United States as the first girl child in 5 generations in her family. Before her birth, her mother expected that she would be a boy and planned to name her Christopher.

She was an avid skater during her childhood years. There’s nothing she loved more than running and skating, and she would also spend her free time reading books and journals.

The most defining moment in her life was when she bumped on an interview between Peter Jennings Bill and Clinton, and it increased her ambition to study journalism and work in the field.

McLarty attended New York University where she graduated with a major in journalism and English. As soon as she completed her college education, the ambitious journalist began her career in the field of her dreams and started her journalism stint by working for Hilary Clinton as an intern in her press department.

She claims that this as the greatest internship she had experienced as she ended up learning so much. When she was a reporter in Little Rock Arkansas, she returned to interview Hillary Clinton and also collected useful details from the experience.

McLarty worked extremely hard during her time at the University to build a solid portfolio for herself. She joined the ACB affiliate in Arkansas and worked there as a general reporter for some time before shifting her focus to Los Angeles where she moved to, and found a place in show business.

Christina McLarty first appeared as a host, correspondent, and producer on KTVT and KTXA from 2004 to 2006. Since then, she has worked for a number of esteemed companies including CBS and Entertainment Tonight.

Early in her career in 2005, she was cast in the reality television series ‘Gimme the Mike’, a singing show where she had to contend with other participants for the title.

Later in 2011, she appeared in the hit television series ‘The Young and the Restless’. Although the show became successful, her acting career failed to take off so she decided to continue pursuing her career in broadcast journalism instead.

For McLarty, her most famous stretch was when she joined Entertainment Tonight as a correspondent and was offered a golden opportunity to interview a long list of celebrities and hold conversations with them.

She interviewed and clicked photographs with celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Will Arnett, Miley Cyrus, Tyra Banks, Robin Williams, Chrissy Teigen, and Robert De Niro. It was while carrying out her routine that she met her future husband, actor and producer David Arquette.

Christina later moved to the CBS bureau in Los Angeles and worked there as an anchor for a while. After her marriage and the arrival of two children, she decided to take things slowly and back down from actively working as a journalist.

She has since moved into the world of films particularly as a producer, and has even worked with her husband to produce the documentary “Survivor’s Guide to Prison” that was released in 2018.

Personal Life & Family

According to her marital records, the beautiful journalist Christina McLarty was first associated to Joe Francis in civil domestic partnership. She married him at his ranch in Mexico in 2010. However, things did not go as they both expected and in less than 4 months, the couple called things off and said their farewells.

After several months of dating actor and producer David Arquette, she got pregnant and bore him a son named Charlie West Arquette in April 2014. The couple dated for four wonderful years before they decided to tie the knot in April 2015 in Los Angeles. Two years after their marriage, their second son Alexis Gus Arquette was born in March 2017.

Her work aside, McLarty is a great wife and mother who dedicates most of her time to her husband and kids. She is also a lover of pets and keeps a couple of them in their home. The actress loves cooking as well, and her specialties are banana pudding and fried chicken.

Christina McLarty Net Worth

McLarty has worked as a journalist and news anchor. She has also worked as an actress and film producer at different stages of her life. Although all of her combined efforts so far hasn’t won her any notable awards or honors, she has accomplished a lot on her own and has been able to amass considerable fame and fortune from her work.

Christina McLarty net worth is approximately $3.5 million according to online reports. Although she has never mentioned anything about her salary or any other means of income apart from the aforementioned, we believe that she makes a decent sum every year after carefully analyzing the roles she had played in the media over the years.

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