Clint Walker Net Worth, Biography and Career

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Clint Walker Net Worth

Let’s talk about Clint Walker Net Worth, Biography, Career, Achievements, Marriage, Children, Life, and Death in this article.

Clint Walker is a late American actor. He is most renowned for his role as a cowboy in the TV series Cheyenne which was a massive hit in the 1950s and 1960s. Clint appeared in many Hollywood movies and also in several TV series which were successful. For that reason, Clint Walker was regarded as one of the stars who took the television and cinema craze of the 50s and 60s to the next level.

Clint Walker Biography

Clint Walker was born on May 30, 1927, in Hartford, southwestern Illinois as Norman Eugene Walker to Paul Arnold Walker and Gladys Huldah.

He grew up taking any work he could get. He worked as a golf caddy, Mississippi River boatman, and carnival roustabout after he quit high school at 16. When he was 17 years old he joined the Merchant Marine. When the war was over he worked his way across the country, including taking jobs in the Brownwood Texas oil fields, and wound up in California, where he served as an undercover agent for a detective agency (private) on the Long Beach waterfront.

After some time he worked as a security officer at Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. While working there, he met several Hollywood stars who told him that his physique, size, and good looks could serve him well in the acting world and that he should do well by going to Los Angeles to give Hollywood a try.

Clint Walker met actor Henry Wilcoxon, from whom he knew about director Cecil B. DeMille. From that point, Clint Walker found himself playing the role of a Captain of the Guard in The Ten Commandments (1956). The film when seen by someone from Warner Bros found out that the actor was bound to a contract with producer Hal B. Wallis. Clint Walker’s contract was bought up, and he was given the lead in Cheyenne.

Clint Walker Career

Clint Walker almost started the western craze on television single-handedly in the 1950s as Cheyenne Bodie in the film Cheyenne (1955). The series was a massive hit that spawned numerous other western series, from Warner Bros and many other studios.

However Clint Walker was not satisfied with the way and manner his career was being handled by Warner Bros  — they would allow other contract players to make movies, for example, but he was not allowed to — and that ignited a dispute which ended up with the actor moving away from the show.

Eventually, the disagreement between him and Warner Bros. was settled, and Clint completed the show which ran from 1955 – 1963.

When the show was over after eight years in 1963, Clint Walker started getting supporting parts in features, with his biggest and most successful being The Dirty Dozen (1967). He featured in the well-received The Night of the Grizzly (1966) and also in None But the Brave (1965).

In 1976 he played the lead in Baker’s Hawk and put in a great performance as a villain in the television movie Scream of the Wolf (1974). His acting career was the major source of Clint Walker net worth.

He lived out the rest of the active days of his career making films, all of which have been listed below.

Clint Walker Movies

  • Ten Commandments – 1956
  • Yellowstone Kelly – 1959
  • Gold Of The Seven Saints – 1961
  • Fort Dobbs – 1958
  • Sam Whiskey – 1969
  • More Dead Than Alive – 1969
  • Night Of The Grizzly – 1966
  • None But The Brave – 1965
  • Maya – 1966
  • The Great Bank Robbery – 1966
  • Baker’s Hawk
  • Deadly Harvest
  • Send Me No Flowers – 1964
  • The Dirty Dozen
  • Pancho Villa – 1973
  • White Buffalo – 1977
  • Centennial Cameo – 1978
  • Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women – 1979
  • Hysterical – 1983
  • Jungle Gents – 1954
  • The Golden Viper – 1985
  • History of Transportation In Oklahoma – Narration (on & off camera) Documentary
  • The Gambler Returns  – 1991
  • Deadly Harvest – 1977
  • Snowbeast – 1977
  • Killdozer – 1974
  • Scream of the Wolf – 1974
  • The Bounty Man – 1972
  • Hardcase – 1972
  • The Phynx – 1970
  • Yuma – 1970

Clint Walker Marriage

Clint Walker was married thrice. Each of his three marriages lasted approximately two decades.

His first marriage was to Verna Garver in 1948. Their union produced one daughter, Valerie Walker (born in 1950). Twenty years later their marriage ended in divorce.

In 1974, Clint Walker married for the second time to Giselle Hennessy, who later died in 1994.

In 1997, he got married to Susan Cavallari and took up residence in Grass Valley, California.

He has only one child, Valerie Walker who was born in 1950 in his marriage to Verna Garver. His daughter became one of the first female airline pilots.

Clint Walker Net Worth

Before his lifelong career of acting, Clint Walker served the US Merchant Marines which he joined at the age of 17. He later went on to do several odd jobs, including working as a hotel security, and also as a nightclub bouncer.

Clint Walker had a net worth of $4 million at the time of passing away. Most of Clint Walker Net Worth was earned primarily from his cowboy role in Cheyenne, the 1950s TV series in which he starred for eight years.

Clint Walker Death

In May 1971, Clint Walker narrowly evaded death in a skiing accident in California. He was pierced through the heart with a ski pole when he fell from a ski lift. He was pronounced dead at a hospital. However, faint signs of life were detected by a doctor and the actor was rushed to surgery, and his damaged heart was repaired.

On May 21, 2018, Clint Walker died of congestive heart failure, nine days before his 91st birthday.

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