10 Essential Clothing Every Woman Should Own

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When it comes to picking the right clothing to stock your wardrobe, there’s so much you can get out there in the market. Trends are awesome but how do you stock up on all sensible and practical wears; that ensure you are ready to get partying at any moment. Well, we have 10 most essential clothing that should grace your Clothes wardrobe whether you are on a budget; or just need to make a sense of your closet

Essential Clothing In Every Woman’s Clothes Wardrobe


  1. Little Black dress

Every woman’s favorite is that beautiful little dress that serves for all occasions. Whether you wish to go to your friend’s birthday party, picnic or that office luncheon, this dress can serve all that and more, giving you that sweet sassy look. It’s perfect for every skin tone and can be worn by all shapes and sizes.Its a must have clothing every woman should own.

  1. Black Con Skirts

You cannot do so wrong with a pair of con skirts. It is a classic and timeless piece that can serve as part of your formal attire to the office as well as paired up to go to any other occasion. This little Black skirt gives you a nice formal look and in addition a nice sexy undertone, thereby serving as a great boost to your confidence

  1. White T-shirts

A white T-shirt is a must have for every woman, While retaining that radiant look, it is also very comfortable. It also looks good on jeans, skirts as well a pair of black tights. White is such a great colour and will make you look good not minding your confidence level.

  1. Neutral Cashmere Cardigan

Cashmere cardigans are your savior on a rainy day. While keeping you warm, it’s practical clothing that gives you a soft feminine look and can be teamed up with a blazers, skirts or shorts.

  1. A pair of Jeans

Jeans are timeless and elegant bringing out those lovely butts and ensuring you look really good. Jeans should be part of the clothes wardrobe. You can choose any style that works for you from the array of jeans that exist such as flared jeans, distressed or skinny jeans.

  1. Silk Blouse

A nice plain Silk blouse is a great addition to your closest. It’s so chic and elegant and can be used to achieve whatever attire you wish. You can go for a dark pair of trousers to achieve a professional outfit or a can be paired with a more colourful accessories for that simple dinner outing. Whatever works for you, silk is your best bet to go for.

  1. A Statement Piece

A great statement Piece is your best friend and “confidant”. With the right statement piece, you will look good even when you have personal challenges. It’s so good; it makes your eyes sparkle at all times. Everyone’s statement piece is quite different, ensure to pick that which molds your face and gives you sparkles at all time.

  1. A pair of Heels

The Perfect completion to any attire is a nice pair of heels and it should be part of clothes wardrobe. Whether you wish to wear a pair of Jeans or a nice beautiful dress; heels are there to give your legs a nice long definition. All you have to do is pick any one that works for you, whether it’s a pair of pumps, stilettos or strappings.

  1. Black opaque Tights

Tights are a beautiful and a must have for every woman. It gives you a nice trim look as well as making your legs look endless. You can pair this up with a pair of blazers and is quite great with whatever shoes you wish to wear.

  1. Black Blazers

Blazers give you a confident sassy look; a pair of black blazers is more beautiful and practical and should be part of clothes wardrobe. The right black Blazers can be paired with any outfit such as tights, skirts, jeans; and can be a perfect cover to your strapless gown. Find that perfect tailored black blazers that works for you.


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