Co-passenger reveals the details of the attack on Abuja’s ‘one chance’ victim prior to her death.

admin October 7, 2023
Updated 2023/10/07 at 10:20 AM

According to Kike Okere, a co-passenger of Greatness Olorunfemi who tragically lost her life in an attack by ‘one chance’ operators in Abuja last week, she has provided a detailed account of the incident.

Ms Olorunfemi, who worked as a community developer, was taken to the Maitama General Hospital after being pushed out of a moving vehicle along the Katampe-Kubwa road.

Ms Okere, a journalist who was also present during the attack, explained that both of them were physically assaulted by the criminals who demanded their ATM cards and mobile phones shortly after they entered the vehicle.

During a press conference organized by the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), Ms Olorunfemi’s account was shared, narrating how one of the operators of the “one-chance” gang moved and positioned himself between the two women as they approached the bridge connecting Maitama and Katampe.

Ms Okere further stated that the male operator, after driving around town, opened the door and pushed Ms Olorunfemi, causing her to lose her balance and fall from the vehicle.

Shockingly, even after she had fallen to the ground, the operator proceeded to run over her with the car. Unfortunately, Greatness Olorunfemi, the victim of this “one-chance” incident in Abuja, lost her life as a result of being thrown out of the car.

She recounted, “On that dreaded day, I finished work at around 5 p.m. amidst heavy rainfall. I sought refuge at a Total Filling Station. Afterwards, everyone scrambled to find transportation to their respective destinations. Normally, we would find vehicles near the NNPC tower to travel to Kubwa.”

“To my dismay, there were no vehicles available, only one heading to Dutse. Suddenly, a vehicle arrived, offering a ride to Kubwa. There was already one passenger inside, a gentleman in the front seat and another in the back. Due to the looming rain, we swiftly boarded the vehicle.”

“As soon as the vehicle set off, when we reached the Masalachi (Mosque) junction, Greatness noticed that the door was not securely locked.

She requested the driver to stop so she could lock it, as I had boarded before her and she was seated beside me. As she turned, she realized that the door handle was missing. This immediately caught my attention.”

Once we turned to acknowledge the driver, we discovered that his sunglasses were already on and tinted. The individual in the front seat nonchalantly pushed his chair back and unveiled a lengthy firearm, while the person seated next to me brought out a smaller gun. They mercilessly attacked the two of us, swiftly confiscating our bags, phones, and ATM cards.

While they assaulted me for possessing a security pass, my companion, Greatness, was sobbing and pleading for help. They relentlessly struck her, showing no remorse.

They took her ATM card first, although they collected all of our cards. They demanded her PIN number, and she truthfully disclosed it.

They also asked me for mine, and we complied with their demands. I am unsure whether or not there was any money in her account. I genuinely do not know what transpired. All they said was, “We are not looking for you.”

Despite having us in their vehicle, the assailants continued to search the town for additional victims.

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