Creating Folders And Grouping Your Apps On Your iPhone

admin May 14, 2018
Updated 2020/12/06 at 7:27 AM
Creating Folders and grouping your apps on your iPhone.

What is a folder? It is basically a container for storing files. In this case, creating folders on your iPhone is one awesome way to condense clutter especially on your home screen and make it simpler to access your files specifically when grouped into a folder according to those that perform similar functions e.g. photo editing apps into a folder called “Picture Mix”. Let’s get started creating folders and grouping apps on your iPhone. Firstly, you need to learn to insert at least two apps into a folder

Creating Folders And Grouping Your Apps On Your iPhone

  1. Tap and hold any desired app until all apps on the home screen start shaking
  2. Next, drag one of the apps over any other app on the home screen. When the initial app seems to merge into the second one, take off your finger off the phone’s screen, this creates the folder.

III. If your iPhone runs iOS 4 – 6, you will see the two apps and a name for the folder in a thin band across the screen while if your phone is running iOS7 and higher, the new folder and it’s suggested name will take up the complete home screen.

  1. After creating folders, you can edit the name of the folder by simply tapping on ‘the name’ and edit to your desired title using the onscreen keyboard.

N/B: Apple configured the iPhone exquisitely to suggest a suitable name to any new folder you create based on the classification of apps that are grouped into the folder. So if your apps come from the Business category of the App Store, Business would be suggested as the folder name automatically. You are to decide if you will go with the suggested name or edit to a choice title.

  1. To add more apps to the folder, tap “wallpaper”, to minimize the folder and then drag other desired apps into the new folder following the procedures in step I.
  2. Save your changes, after adding all desired apps by clicking the “Home Button”. (Similar to the procedures when you’re rearranging icons on your home screen)

VII. If you wish to edit an existing folder, tap and hold the folder, until it begins to shake. Tap it again, the folder will open and the apps contained in it will fill the home screen.

VIII. You can now edit the folder by tapping on the text or add more apps by tapping, holding any and dragging into the folder.

  1. Do not forget to click the “Home button” to save your changes.
  2. To remove an app from a certain folder, tap to open the folder, then tap and hold the app to be removed until every app starts shaking, and then remove your finger from the home screen. Simply drag out the app from the folder onto the screen and click Home button to save the changes.

I hope this helps and creating folders and grouping apps on iphone can be easily done

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