Cryptocurrency Course With Certificate For Beginners and Advanced

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Cryptocurrency Course With Certificate

Do you need a cryptocurrency course with certificate? Financial Slot got you covered.

In today’s article, I will take you through the 7 top online crypto courses to take from beginner to professional level.

Cryptocurrency is one of the smartest ways to earn good money. Monster Insights shows that the average salary of a crypto marketing manager is $127k.

So, check this out, in the US, a person works 52 weeks a year. They can earn an average of $51,168

This is the reason you should dabble in it, of course you know that it is vital to have a good knowledge of crypto before getting started on it.

Don’t fret, after reading this post, you can start one/all the courses and watch yourself grow to become a crypto guru.

Firstly, What do you know about cryptocurrency?

What is Cryptocurrency: All You Need to Know

Cryptocurrency is a method of payment that can go around without a major central financial authority like the government or bank.

Cryptocurrencies do not follow a traditional regulatory framework, instead, they are created with the use of several cryptographic methodologies and these methodologies are what help investors to sell, buy, or trade crypto smoothly and safely.

Cryptocurrency is a fundamental part of the decentralized monetary network operation.

It is a financially based blockchain formed on neutral ground and essentially makes use of digital tokens to carry out transactions.

Being governed by no bank or authority, Cryptocurrency is sustained through a computer network of machines or nodes by a peer-to-peer community.

To make a career in cryptocurrency, you need to learn more and stay updated about the technical side.

Now, you can say you have a grasp of what cryptocurrency entails. Let’s get into the top crypto courses for both beginners and advanced.

Cryptocurrency Course With Certificate For Beginners and Advanced

We have here 7 online courses on cryptocurrency. check out

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies is a well-organized course on Coursera provided by Princeton University. This course is the best for beginners.

It starts by analyzing the crypto ecosystem.

Course Outline

-Introducing Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

-Bitcoins Decentralization, how secure are they?

-Bitcoins Mechanics (blocks, transactions, script, and peer-to-peer network), price determinants

-Ways to use and store Bitcoins

-Bitcoin mining (Bitcoin miners, how they function, miner’s business model), and the impact of Bitcoin miners on the environment?

-Improving Bitcoin’s anonymity/privacy in various ways and its role in Silk Road and several other hidden marketplaces

-Understanding the Bitcoin platform and its future

This course is delivered by Arvind Narayanan, a renowned instructor from Princeton University.

This course is a top cryptocurrency course that explains all you should know about Bitcoin.

The Complete Cryptocurrency Course

the complete cryptocurrency course

This is another cryptocurrency course with certificate. It has five courses and is one of the top-rated and trusted courses by businesses worldwide.

The Complete Cryptocurrency Course gives you a complete insight into cryptocurrency and blockchain as well as investing, mining, and a lot more.

This course is offered by Udemy and it encompasses five various courses that cover different aspects that relate to crypto.

They include:

-Investing in Cryptocurrency, things to note about wallets, mining, as well as cryptocurrency exchanges

-Blockchain concept and creation of a variegated cryptocurrency portfolio

-Introducing 10+ cryptocurrencies, over 5 exchanges to leverage as well as 5+ wallets to store cryptocurrencies

The course includes the following as well:

-A certificate of completion

-24 hours on-demand video

-Lifetime access

-Six informational articles

-Five downloadable resources

The Complete Cryptocurrency Course is delivered by the award-winning MBA professor, author, and venture capitalist, Chris Haroun.

The best part: this course is a detailed excel spreadsheet consisting of more than 30 cryptocurrency exercises.

These will guide you through a lot about cryptocurrencies and crypto investment.

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert (CCE)


The Certified Cryptocurrency Expert CCE delivered by Blockchain Council is another cryptocurrency course but for an advanced-level certification.

This course certifies you for a blockchain discipline of circulated ledger technology from a vendor-neutral aspects

The 4 hours crypto online course covers:

-Cryptocurrency trading basics

-Techniques for optimal trading decisions

-Blockchain Introduction

-Technological infrastructure for powering blockchains – Everything you need to know

-Introducing crypto mining

-Crypto market and stock market comparison

-Introduction to crypto exchange & trade process

-Crypto training – Fundamental analysis

-Different aspects of crypto taxation and legalities

Note that this course is one of the best online cryptocurrency courses because it is flexible. Participants can study and complete the course at their own schedule and pace.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Introducing Digital Currencies

an introduction to digital currencies

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: An Introduction to Digital Currencies is an online crypto course provided by Wharton on Coursera.

Do you have the flair for exploring investments in cryptocurrencies? This course is certainly for you.

The course entails the following:

-Cryptocurrency introduction – Why should you choose crypto transactions as the best alternative

-Bitcoin Rules & Structure: The workings of Bitcoin and how it overcomes various issues

-Understanding Asset and Cryptocurrency Class: throws more light on the various risks and returns gotten from Bitcoin

-Ecosystem Blockchain: makes use of cases in multiple industries

The course is delivered by renowned professors Jessica Wachter and Sarah Hammer.

This course will guide you through developing a detailed framework to have a good knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

bitcoin and cryptocurrenies

Here is another cryptocurrency course with certificate. This course lasts for 6-weeks  and it is a comprehensive program taken by edX.

Course Outline 

With this program, you can study about cryptocurrency as well as bitcoins fundamentals, Ethereum basics, smart contracts, and building decentralized applications.

This program is an aspect of the blockchain fundamentals and it covers:

-Bitcoin Consensus & Protocol: elements of Bitcoin

–Bitcoin History: Starting from Cypherpunk movement to JP Morgan Chase

-Optimizations &Mechanics: A Technical review of Bitcoin

-Bitcoin In Real-Life: Mining, Wallets, and a lot more

-Vulnerabilities: ways to destroy Bitcoin, what you should know about network attacks, and others

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies is delivered by Rustie Lin and Mengyi (Gloria) Wang both from the University of California, Berkeley.

Introduction to Trading with Technical Analysis

introduction to trading and technical analysis

This course spans for more than three months. It is an edX course that gives you the opportunity to study cryptocurrency technical analysis tools with indicators and chart patterns.

This professional online crypto course entails:

-Module1 – Trading Crypto: It analyses the elements of technical analysis and ways to use in it real-life
-Module 2 – Quantitative Technical Analysis: This course breaks down and teaches technical analysis

It is compulsory to complete the both modules spelled out above before qualifying for the edX certification. Above all, you must pass both courses with at least 70%

The course is offered by Michael Carr, from the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF).

Advanced Certificate Programme in Blockchain

advanced certificate programme in blockchain

Upgrade your skills with this Advanced Certificate Programme.  This Blockchain course is delivered by the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B) is specially produced for working professionals.

ACP is a 7.5 month-long online cryptocurrency course with certificate. It encompasses different aspects of cryptocurrency, such as:

-All you should know about Ethereum

-Hyperledger fabric – What does it entail?

Distributed Application Development (Backend development, smart contracts development, & API)

As a candidate, this course offers great placement support:

-Via a virtual hiring drive with over 300 hiring partners

-One-on-one resume review sessions

-One-to-one sessions of mentorship with excellent experts in the industry

-Profile building workshops

-Company-specific support with a top-rated pool of resources

– Granting access to portals for job opportunities alongside 100+ openings

-Availability of experts/ alumni to help with interview preparation

Do you want to become a blockchain developer? Then, you should take this course in order to learn building smart contracts. But, the course is available on an advanced level.

Check out more courses on Coursera



This post on cryptocurrency course with certificate has shown 7 courses one can study in the crypto field and get certified.

Cryptocurrencies courses ranges from beginners classes to advanced ones for high-level participants.

The beginners classes involve basic explanations about how to trade bitcoin and the advanced programmes on the other hand entails more of the high-level overviews of blockchain technology meant for professionals.

This is because there are many cryptocurrency information that helps to understand crypto market as well as its technicalities.

The cryptocurrency courses discussed above will widen your knowledge about cryptocurrency, why it’s worth dabbling into, and why it is a smart decision to make a career out of crypto.

Pro Tip: If you are a complete novice in this field, it is advisable to begin with an introductory course and then go further into taking the advanced classes. This way, you can get better each day.

I hope this article was helpful?  Kindly share your thoughts in the comment area.

Do well to check our blog post for more interesting articles like this.



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