Cuban Doll Net Worth, Career and Achievement

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Cuban Doll Net Worth

Cuban Doll Net Worth   $1 million

Popular Name:Cuban Doll
Birth Name:Aaliyah Keef
Birth Date:12 May 1998
Birth Place:Dallas, Texas, United States
Marital Status:Single
Profession:Social Media Star, Rapper, Entrepreneur
Years active:N/A
Net Worth:$1 million
Last Updated:2022


Cuban Doll is an American social media star turned singer who went from acquiring tons of followers for posting jaw-dropping videos and photos on her official Instagram account to uploading many song videos on YouTube channels and other platforms.

Be it her choice of hair color or dress sense, everything about Cuban is eye-catching. With millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms, she is one of the most adored social media personalities. Here’s everything there is to know concerning Cuban Doll’s net worth, biography, and rise to stardom.

Cuban Doll’s Early Life

Cuban Doll, alternatively referred to as Aaliyah Keef, was born in Dallas, Texas, United States, on 12th May 1998. There’s not much available about her childhood days, but she has revealed she has two brothers who just like her, faced many hardships after her mother was thrown in jail when she was 15 years old.

From her early years, Aaliyah was always interested in signing and rapping and grew up having many friends who were rappers.

Cuban Doll’s Career

Cuban grew up listening to American musicians like Aaliyah and Chief Keef. She grew up having rapper friends and spent time with singers and rappers but never really tried music until 2017.

Before starting her music career, Aaliyah already recorded fame as a social media star. She became popular on Twitter after accumulating thousands of followers then she created an account on Instagram where she started to upload her personal videos and pictures.

In no time, she amassed over a million Instagram followers and started to promote products and brands on her page, boosting Cuba Doll’s net worth. In 2017, her popularity expanded further as she started recording and uploading her songs on her Instagram and YouTube pages.

Cuban Doll gave her music a good shot when she started recording in 2017, and her songs accumulated a decent number of views. Many of her songs including “Transporting” and “Bankrupt” have gathered millions of views so far. One of her hit songs, titled, ‘‘Let It Blow – ft. Molly Brazy’’ has accumulated over 9 million views on YouTube.

While her talent and singing skills are one of the main reasons for her success, her peculiarity too has contributed to her success in social media. Be it her choice of hair color or dress sense, everything about Cuban is flashy and striking.

On the side, Cuban Doll is an entrepreneur. She sells official Cuban Doll merchandise and apparel. Her website also sells cool iPhone cases with reasonable price tags.

Cuban Doll’s Songs

The following are some of her best songs for which she has become renowned for.

  • Let It Blow
  • Bankrupt
  • Drug Dealer
  • Racks Up
  • Pu$$y Worth
  • Made It Now
  • Brazy Baby
  • Ain’t Bout It
  • Rap Bitch
  • Don’t Like Me

Awards & Achievements

While there are no recognizable awards on the ground for this personality, Cuban Doll has achieved quite a lot for herself. Her greatest achievement in life so far is that she made it from a struggling teenage girl to a renowned social media sensational, and recognized rap artist. She also has her own business which is quite enough for anybody to satisfied with.

Personal Life & Relationships

Cuban Doll has always been linked with rappers and singers starting from her childhood days when she started making friends. In her relationship record, she was with Tadoe in 2018. She has also been linked to Offset of the Migos, and also rapper Kodak Black.

Although she has been involved in some unpleasant controversies including the incident with fellow rapper Rocky Badd which led to a drop in her career after she was dropped by her record label, Cuban Doll has always tried to maintain absolute professionalism throughout the years of her career.

Age & Physical Features

Cuban Doll has a slim body build. She is easily recognized for her flashy and striking choice of hair color and dress sense. She also wears tattoos that are hardly hidden from the eyes of the public. The 23-year-old weighs around 48kg and has a height of 170cm, and is well known for her psychedelic hair and brown eyes.

Cuban Doll Net Worth

Cuban Doll’s money comes from her music career. But before that, she records income from promoting products on her social media channels where she garnered millions of followers. She’s also into other small businesses which make up Cuban Doll’s net worth, so detailed below is how much she earns and how she makes her wealth.

Salary & Earnings

Cuban Doll is an entrepreneur. She sells official Cuban Doll merchandise and apparel and also sells iPhone cases on her official website. However, the main bulk of her wealth stems from her music and social media career.

While making money through her music as an active singer and rapper, Cuban Doll rakes in a significant sum of money annually from being popular on Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms. She started her social media career by posting hot pictures and videos of herself, which led her to witness a huge following that has turned her fortune around, as she now makes money from advertising products and brands to her tons of followers.

It is estimated that the model cum singer makes between $500-$,3000 a day from all her social media platforms combined, so it’s easier to see how she has been making her money in the last two years.

Assets, Houses, Cars, Wealth

Cuban Doll lives in Dallas. While there are no details about the cost of her house and car, she definitely has to live within her means and spend according to her bank balance which continues to increase every day. Cuban Doll’s net worth has been estimated to be $1 million.

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