DaBaby Net Worth, Career, Achievements & Personal Life

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DaBaby Net Worth
DaBaby Net Worth

DaBaby Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name:DaBaby
Real Name:Jonathan Lyndale Kirk
Birth Date:22 December 1991
Birth Place:Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Marital Status:Single
Profession:Rapper, Singer
Years active:2014 Till Date
Net Worth:$4 Million
Last Updated:2021


DaBaby is an American rap artist and songwriter. Born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk in Cleveland, Ohio, he is best recognized for his debut studio album, “Baby on Baby”.

He is the youngest child of his parents and was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. He had a few run-ins with law agencies even as an adolescent.

A graduate of Zebulon B. Vance School in Charlotte, Baby was interested in music right from his childhood days but only started taking rapping seriously in 2014.

He started doing music under the pseudonym “Baby Jesus”, and gained some prominence after he released his first mixtape, ‘’Nonfiction’’ in 2015.

DaBaby got his big breakthrough in 2016 when he released his hit single “Light Snow”. The song earned millions of hits on internet music-streaming platforms.

Over the next years that followed, the rapper continued to release mixtapes regularly, including the ‘’Baby Talk’’ series which became quite popular, and was significant in the build-up of DaBaby net worth in 2020 and international success.

He announced early in 2019 that he had signed a contract with Interscope Records. In March of the same year he released his debut major-label album, ‘‘Baby on Baby”, and it was a commercial success that was met with universal acclaim.

DaBaby’s Early Life

He was born in Cleveland Ohio, United States, on 22 December 1991. Named Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, he was the youngest of the family’s three children.

He has acknowledged his two brothers for influencing his taste in music. Growing up he listened to artists Like Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Eminem, and 50 Cent. Despite liking music as a young boy, he never had any interest in making a career in music.

When he was age 6, his family moved to an indecent locality in Charlotte, North Carolina. This led DaBaby to associate with bad elements from the streets and indulge in petty crimes as a teenager.

The local police booked him many times for crimes like possessing marijuana and driving with a fake. He was sent to prison severally while attending Zebulon B. Vance High School in Charlotte.

By his early 20s, he had started thinking about doing music as a career, but for his upkeep at the time, he did little jobs, sometimes illegal, to earn some money.

In 2014 he passed through a major psychological transformation when he decided to dump the life of crime. He also became more aware of his duties as a responsible member of society.

According to him, he dived into music in order to help people through his music and poetry. He started recording music using the stage name “Baby Jesus” but after considering that it was not appropriate religiously, he changed it to “DaBaby” later in his career.

DaBaby’s Career

In December 2014, DaBaby started working on his debut mixtape and eventually released “Nonfiction’’. He continued working and released other mixtapes, including “Back on My Baby Jesus Sh*t”, “Billion Dollar Baby”, and the “Baby Talk” mixtape series, which were all blockbuster hits.

In 2019 he dropped his debut album “Baby on Baby”, produced by the record label Interscope Records. Soon afterward, South Coast Musical Group hired him and they recorded a contract with him.

His “Baby on Baby” album consisted of 13 songs and featured at number 25 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Throughout the whole of 2019, DaBaby featured in top albums of both the United States and the United Kingdom, including “Cash Hit” by singer Megan Thee Stallion, which reached the very top spot on Billboard Hot 100.

Baby ended the year 2019 as the artist with the most entries (22), featured on the Billboard Hot 100.

DaBaby’s Albums

Not including his numerous mixtapes, DaBaby has released the following studio albums:

  • Baby on Baby (2019)
  • Kirk (2019)
  • Blame It on Baby (2020)

Awards & Achievements

So far in his lifetime, Baby Jesus has not been credited with any official awards but has been nominated severally for his outstanding performances. Some of his nominations are:

  • Best Rap Song, Grammy Awards (2020)
  • Best Rap Performance, Grammy Awards (2020)
  • Song of Summer, MTV Video Music Awards (2019)

Personal Life

Despite the fact that the rapper abandoned the life of crime before starting his music career, DaBaby got into trouble yet again in November 2018, when he was reported to have shot a man to death.

Later reports confirmed that he was attacked first by a robber inside a store and had to shoot him in an act of self-defense. In March 2019, the charges against him were dropped and he walks as a free man.

Concerning his relationship life, the Light Snow crooner has revealed he has been with many women, as explained in many of his songs. However, there’s nothing in the records concerning his current romantic relationship.

Age & Physical Features

Being born in 1991, DaBaby is currently 28 years old. Parts of his body are occupied by different tattoos. He is 172cm tall and weighs 75kg.

DaBaby Net Worth

The decision to abandon crime and venture into music has really paid off for DaBaby who through hard work and dedication to his profession, has now acquired a big deal of wealth.

He has been one of the artists to contend with in the industry since making an entrance in 2014, so here’s what we know about DaBaby net worth and how he has managed to amass such a huge fortune in just a few years.

Salary & Earnings

Baby Jesus has released many blockbuster mixtapes albums, which were worldwide hits. He finished the year 2019 as one of the top rappers and was also nominated for Grammy Awards in 2020.

DaBaby’s wealth has been drawn through his rap career. He also gets paid for performing in live concerts and featuring in the music of other artists.

Having risen to international fame after his singles “Bop” and “Suge” were super hits in many countries, he is now worth several millions of dollars and now commands huge paychecks for appearing in shows.

Additionally, DaBaby has launched a clothing line “Billion Dollar Baby Clothing”. He could also make out big profits with this business in the future.

Houses, Cars, Lifestyle

The rapper is enjoying a happy lifestyle without any disturbances. Since leaving crime behind, he pays full attention to music and shows and does his best to further his career.

Though he lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, there are no details on his house and personal belongings.

DaBaby net worth is $4 million, all thanks to a lucrative music career.


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