Danny Koker Net Worth, Biography, Wife and Career

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Danny Koker Net Worth
Danny Koker Net Worth

Popular Name:Danny Koker
Real Name:Daniel Koker
Birth Date:6 January 1954
Birth Place:Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Marital Status:Married
Korie Koker
Profession:Television Personality, Entrepreneur
Years active:1980 Till Date
Net Worth:$15 Million
Last Updated:2021


One of the most asked questions among fans of the show ‘‘Counting Cars’’ is “what is Danny Koker net worth 2020?”. We’ve got you covered on all there is, concerning the “man of many professions”. He is probably best known to many for his reality show ‘‘Counting Cars’’ where he customizes classic motorcycles and cars.

The popular show usually aired on History Channel takes place in his shop known as ‘’Count’s Kustoms”. Besides this, the car enthusiast engages in a wide range of businesses which also contributes to his wealth.

Danny Koker’s Early Life

Danny Koker grew up in Detroit, Michigan, though he was born in Cleveland, Ohio on 6 January 1954. His father who worked with the Ford motor company gifted him his first car when he was at the age of eight.

This would explain how the love for vehicles begun at such an early stage. The family, keen on creating a business empire, bought the Las Vegas television station, Channel 33. It was on this station that Danny began his television career.

Danny Koker’s Career

Danny “The Count” Koker owns a shop that mainly exists for the fixing and restoration of motorcycles, automobiles, and motor vehicles specifically. The name of his shop is “Count’s Kustoms”.

He relocated to Las Vegas in the 1980s and founded his company. After his family bought the Las Vegas television station, Channel 33, Danny began his television career in the year 1990.

Koker is a self-taught mechanic. His family worked for the Ford Motor Company. Aside from having a big collection of cars, he loves to locate and collect more motorcycles and cars he converts into classic automobiles. He is always looking out for cars, and has made on the spot purchases on many instances.

While he loves classic vehicles, he never likes newer vehicles and rejects to work on them. Even though he enjoys working on automobiles, the repairman would not want to work on new car models, and so far, be has not revealed his reasons for such a decision.

Danny Koker has ran his repair shop for over 15 years before he launched his show. Prior to the show’s launch, he appeared on the show “Pawn Stars” as a motorcycle expert. He has also appeared on another show similar to “Pawn Stars” as an expert, titled “American Restoration.”

Apart from appearing on his own show “Count’s Kustoms” as a television personality, Danny is the owner and manager of several profitable businesses, such as Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill, and Count’s Tattoo Company. He is also the head of “Count’s 77”, a known Las Vegas hard rock band.

Danny Koker also appears in the reality television series, “Counting Stars.” This show which was produced in Las Vegas, pays focus on the dealings and activities of Counts Kustom. The series which was first aired on August 13, 2012 is currently in its seventh production.

Television Shows

The reputable repairman and television personality has appeared in the following reality television shows:

  • Count’s Kustoms
  • Pawn Stars
  • American Restoration
  • Counting Stars

Personal Life & Family

He is married to Korie Koker who co-owns his business. His wife has noted that her husband believes her abilities and trusts her decisions, and she is completely involved in everything in their business. According to her, the couple are great business partners, and have always worked as a unit in everything including their business ideas.

Age & Physical Features

Danny Koker is currently 57 years old His height is 189cm and his weight is 92kg.

Danny Koker Net Worth

The part-time rock star’s wealth draws it’s source from his company. He also makes a good amount of income from appearing in several television shows. He is the owner and manager of several profitable businesses, including Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill, and Count’s Tattoo Company.

He is also the head of “Count’s 77”, a known Las Vegas hard rock band. He also partially owns the television station, Channel 33 in Las Vegas.

Salary & Earnings

Even though Danny earns a decent amount of money, the 57-year-old still rides the 1965 Cadillac he remodeled how he wanted it. He is known for his undying love for ancient automobiles.

He has, however not limited his dealings to automobiles. He also runs several businesses that are totally different from motorcycles and cars. His Television station, restaurant, and tattoo parlor are also doing well, and indicates his versatility.

Houses, Cars, Lifestyle

The car enthusiast is an owner of 58 cars and over 70 motorcycles whose combined worth is quite a sum. His dream car is a Lamborghini Miura SV from 1972 which he came close to owning some years back. However, he hasn’t seen his dream for this vehicle come true. He lives in a luxury house in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Danny Koker net worth is currently pegged at $15 million. All of his earnings are from his wide range of businesses, including notable ventures like appearing in reality television shows, owning a car shop, running a tattoo company, managing a recording studio, and heading a rock band.


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