David Spunt Biography & Net Worth

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David Spunt Biography & Net Worth

David Spunt Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name:David Spunt
Real Name:David Spunt
Birth Date:N/A
Birth Place:
Ohio, United States
Marital Status:Married
Profession:Journalist, Correspondent
Years active:N/A
Net Worth:$400,000
Last Updated:2021


American journalist David Spunt is filling in as a Washington D.C.-based reporter for FOX News Channel (FNC) presently. He joined the FOX News organization in December 2018 after having worked with various organizations where he gained valuable work experience. For four years starting from 2014, Spunt served as a lead correspondent for CBS 3 Newsgroup in Philadelphia, covering state issues and neighborhoods in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Also, before joining CBS, he spent a period of two years in Charlotte, North Carolina, working as a reporter and columnist at WBTV-TV. David has bagged nearly a decade of experience as a journalist and has now grown in fame, particularly among the audience and followers of Fox News. He has worked as a DC correspondent since 2018 after occupying various positions at media houses like WRBL-TV, CBS, and more.

Before we go on with David Spunt’s biography, occupation and net worth; here are some quick facts about the American journalist:

  • Spunt is a news reporter and DC Correspondent for Fox News
  • He was born and brought up in Ohio State, in the United States of America
  • He had great parents and was raised right considering the decent childhood he has had and all the career support as well, even though he hasn’t revealed anything regarding his family
  • He has been married for several years now and according to sources, his wife gave birth to their first child in 2018
  • A tip-notch reporter, David is said to receive a salary of around $90,000 every year
  • He owns a net worth of $400,000 and continues to work hard to excel in his profession
  • He is unavailable on Instagram but has profiles on Twitter and Facebook
  • The journalist, David Spunt, is an alumnus of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, from which he graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in journalism and political science
  • Prior to joining Fox News, he worked for some other media houses, some of which are CBS 3, WBTV, Charlotte, North Carolina, and CW Philly in Philadelphia.

David Spunt’s Early Life & Education

David was born and brought up in Ohio, the United States of America. Even though he hasn’t revealed much about his parents and siblings, or any family member for that matter, there’s evidence he had a wonderful childhood and enjoyed all the good things a boy his age would need in terms of shelter and education. He attended a decent high school in his neighborhood in Ohio before proceeding to Miami University, Oxford, Ohio where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Journalism and Political Science.

David Spunt Net Worth
David Spunt

Career & Personal Life

David’s professional life started as soon as he graduated from college. He sought for jobs in his locality before landing his first-ever position as a reporter for WAFB-TV (CBS) . He then advanced to WRBL-TV (CBS) in Columbus, Georgia where he spent the next two years of his life working as the lead reporter for 11 p.m. new cast.

For four years until 2018, David worked as a lead newscaster for 11 p.m. newscast for CBS 3 news. He moved to the Fox News Channel in December 2018 and has been filling in as a Washington D.C.-based correspondent since his arrival.

Personal Life & Family

While talking about Spunt’s current relationship status, the hardworking American journalist is a married man. Although he has always fought hard to keep the identity of his wife away from the media just like he does with those of his family and family members, it has been established that the husband and wife have been happily married for a bit more than five years and have been enjoying a perfect matrimonial life without any issues in their marriage. According to online sources, David and his wife welcomed their first and only child back in 2018. He has also kept his kid away from the prying eyes of the media, and the best we can do is to respect his decision to keep all these things anonymous.

David Spunt Net Worth

Even though he hasn’t tasted the feeling of winning any awards or prizes in his career, it can’t be over-emphasized that David Spunt’s career has been a long experience of many surprises in the journalism sector. From starting his career as a reporter at WAFB-TV (CBS) before advancing to WRBL-TV (CBS) in Columbus, Georgia where he spent two years before joining his current employers, Fox News Channel, Spunt has definitely gathered enough experience in his professional journalism career and has also made a sizeable fortune as well.

As at press time, David Spunt’s net worth is approximately $400,000, whereas his salary is $90,000 annually.

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