Davido’s explanation on why his dad detained his promoters and supporters

vincity May 27, 2023
Updated 2023/05/27 at 1:51 PM

David Adeleke, alias Davido, a Nigerian artist, has provided an explanation for why his rich father, Adedeji Adeleke, ordered the arrest of the show’s organisers and spectators.

Despite the fact that the incident happened a while ago, Davido said in an interview with Mo Gilligan of Channel4 on the Lateish Show that his father was passionate about business and education and couldn’t stand for his son to live without a degree.

When Davido’s father learned of an event at which he was scheduled to appear, he would, according to Davido, call for the police to assault the venue and take away any fans they could find in addition to the event’s organizers.

“I came from a household where school, education, and business are priorities, so over time, my decision to pursue music was like a battle. My father always sends the cops to whatever performance he learns I’m doing. The promoters and fans are detained by him. He has a camera following me everywhere I go.”

He did, however, acknowledge that his father’s choice was influenced by the fact that he skipped school in the beginning of his musical career.

He also talked about how his passion for music once drove him to flee his family’s $60 million mansion and spend the night at a friend’s studio.

On Tuesday, May 22, 2023, Davido made this revelation during a REAL 92.3 FM interview that quickly went viral.

The singer of “Unavailable” continued by claiming that his great musical career was formerly credited to his dad’s fortune.

“What was difficult for me was coming out of a wealthy background,” he said. People initially assumed the youngster was bad because of the rumor that his father was wealthy, but after a few albums, they realized the boy was genuinely talented.

People enjoy the elegance of the grass and the “I was down, but now I’m up story,” but I’ve never actually been that low.I was staying at a friend’s studio after fleeing our $60 million home in Nigeria because I knew they wouldn’t allow me to go once I got back home.

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