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Disturbing video shows Atlanta VA employee attacking a 75-year-old veteran

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Disturbing video shows Atlanta VA employee attacking a 75-year-old veteran

A disturbing video shows the moment an employee of Veterans Affairs shoved an elderly Vietnam veteran into a door and threw him to the ground.

Phillip Webb, 73, said that he was as*aulted on April 28 at the Department of Veterans Affairs Clinic at Fort McPherson in Atlanta.

Justin Gray, an investigative journalist, obtained a video of the assault.

Gray submitted a Freedom of Information Act request and had to wait over a month and a half to get the surveillance footage, which depicts a VA patient advocate violently hitting and kicking Webb.

Lawrence F. Gaillard Jr., a VA employee, was arrested and charged with the savage assault.

On Monday, June 20, Gray showed to Webb the video of his attack.

Webb said that he remembers little about the assault.

In the footage, it seems that the two men had a brief dispute, with Gaillard putting his finger to Webb’s face. Gaillard assaults Webb by pushing him against the wall, strangling him with both hands around his neck, and then body-slamming the old veteran to the ground, where he stamps on his skull. He then strikes Webb with a second head kick.

Webb said that he knocked on the waiting room door to inform Gaillard that he was going to the restroom. He awaited a discussion on scheduling hernia surgery.

“I guess he got upset because I hit at his door,” Webb said.

Webb was hospitalized for three days with a brain bleed.

Webb said after watching the video of the attack: “He was Mike Tyson-ing me there. I’m just stunned. I don’t know what to say.”

Gaillard is working at the facility, according to the most recent information supplied by the Atlanta VA, notwithstanding his arrest.

Webb said, “It’s dangerous for them to allow him to return to work.”

The VA released the following statement: “We are appalled by the April 28 video showing a VA employee attacking a veteran at the Atlanta VA Health Care System. Contrary to our basic beliefs of treating veterans with the dignity and respect they deserve, this unsettling conduct is incompatible with our treatment of veterans with dignity and respect. We take this matter seriously and will fully cooperate with law enforcement in Fulton County.”

Gaillard was released on bail for the original charges brought in federal court.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office dropped the charges due to jurisdictional issues and transferred the case to Fulton County District Attorney Fanni Willis, whose office is currently in charge.

Watch the video below.

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