DJ Arafat Biography | The Life and Death of the iconic DJ Arafat

Chidera Onyeagubor
Chidera Onyeagubor August 16, 2019
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DJ Arafat Biography

Want to know more about the Ugandan DJ Arafat Biography. Here it goes

When life gets snuffed away, it’s time to look back and celebrate the gift of those precious years. DJ Arafat remains always in our hearts.

Dj Arafat Early Life

Dj Arafat is more famously known by all as Le Yorobo, Yorobo 55000 volts. His full name is Ange Didier Houon. He was born on the 26th of January 1986 in Abidjan to his singer mom, Tina Glamour and sound engineer father, Houon Pierre.

Dj Arafat is a Ugandan Dj and Musician, he was aged 33 years at the time of his death on the 12th of August, 2019.

You can say that Dj Arafat has been in the music scene since his cradles. Dj Arafat has a massive audience among French-speaking western and central African countries. He began his career as a musician and DJ in the clubs of the Rue Princesse in Youpougon, one of Abidjan’s night life district. After some years, he left for France to enhance his musical career. There he overstayed his visa and was detained in a prison in France as an undocumented migrant.

DJ Arafat Music

The singer is a symbol of the througn African music. His music is a blend of Fast Percussion, deep bass and hip-hop style vocals. He was fondly known for his love for motocycles. And most recently, released a hit song he titled “Moto Moto” which was released in May. He has had multiple motorcycle accidents over the years. One of this fatal accidents happended in 2009 and that was serious, almost costing his life. However, 10 years later, he had a terrible accident that sealed it.

DJ Arafat has done many collaborations with singers across the world. His most recent collaboration is the song Ko Le Baje with the likes of Xcellente and Iyanya. One of his most recent tracks is the remix of the song Pandoukoule and the hit track with Naza, Ventripotent. His debut song that got him to the limelight was titled Hommage A Jonathan which was about the death of his friend with the same name. This debut video was the first of many which rapidly brought Arafat to the limelight.

DJ Arafat has released over 11 music albulms. He as being described by BBC as the King of Coupe Decale which means Cut and Run.

Was DJ Arafat Married?

It is important to note that DJ Arafat is not married to his long time girlfirnd, Carmen. But they have two kids together, namely Male Houon and Lachoina Houon. He also has two more boys with another lady, Ezekiel Houon and Owen Houon.

DJ Arafat Songs

  • Moto Moto
  • Enfant Beni
  • Zropoto
  • Kpangor
  • Dosobad
  • Yele Yele
  • Digital
  • Gbinchin Pintin
  • Sao Tao
  • African Tonik
  • Ventripotent
  • Pandoukoule
  • Naughty by Davido ft Arafat
  • J Martins ft DJ Arafat – Touchin Body

How did Dj Arafat Die?

The Singer had late that  night gone for a show. But at 8am, the world lost an icon for ever. In a CCTV footage, the star was seen performing stunts on his motorbike prior to his demise. This video was posted a few hours after his death.

A different video gave a different clause to the entire equation. He star was witnessed, although not clearly,  speeding on the road before hitting a car which had just joined the main highway in the Angre Nieghborhood. These sad event took place on the Sunday, 11th of August, 2019

Through the video footage, he was highly speeding at the time of hitting the other car. The impact from that jam was so intense that the superbike was destroyed completely. The rider, DJ Arafat and the Car owner, Denise Laffafiette were instantly rushed to the hospital in Abidjan. Denise Laffafiette has since been pronounced as stable, although she is still hospitalized.

DJ Arafat died after being admitted to the hospital from a skull fracture around 8am on 12th of August.

After the news of his demise was released that morning on the 12th of August, 1,000 fans assembled in the Cocody suburb near the hospital chanting “Arafat cannot die” . The Police struggled to control the crowd in the area. Some of his fans also gathered at his house, singing some of his hits.

The singer was widely known for his dislike for journalist and most of which stated that the dislike was mutual. It was so strange that his death happened after colliding with a journalist car.

DJ Arafat Awards

DJ Arafat as a true icon in the music industry. In 2016 and 2017, he was awarded the best artist of the year. He also won in 2016, two Watsup TV Africa Music Video Awards.

He is a famous legend of Ivorian Music. His music has been an tremendous force hitting across Africa.


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